E.T. Excavation Ruins Video Game's Biggest Folktale

Hardcore Gamer: If the E.T. game pit was never dug up by an actual excavation crew, we'd still have stories to tell. Much like how Elvis is still alive or that Bigfoot exists, the E.T. blunder would have continued to live on. It would not have been remembered as a terrible game, but rather a timeless legend.

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ValKilmer1520d ago

Although we have closure, I do admit that it's bittersweet. The legend is always more interesting than reality.

MrSwankSinatra1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

video game history has been made.

ShinMaster1520d ago

All I know is, Microsoft/Xbox has potentially ruined AVGN's movie. And that sucks.

diehardmetallicafan1520d ago

@ShinMaster yeah it does suck heaps. but i'm still looking forward to the avgn movie though

Mr Pumblechook1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

Major Nelson in an attempt to prove Microsoft's hardcore gamer credentials has taken a great gaming legend and ruined it. But When the cartridges were excavated did he bury the overstock of Xbones? Hopefully somebody uses Kickstarter to make a documentary to find out.

randomass1711520d ago


Well not quite, the AVGN movie is a work of fiction and based upon the legend. That's like saying discovering new dinosaur bones makes Jurassic Park irrelevant. It will probably still be an entertaining watch regardless.

ShinMaster1520d ago (Edited 1520d ago )

@ randomass171

Right, but dinosaurs weren't a legend. We already knew that Dinosaurs had existed and the story in the movie acknowledged this. They were bringing them back.

The AVGN movie is based around the legend about one game which no one knew whether it was true or not which allowed for huge creative freedom. A legend that unfortunately as of today no longer exists. Nothing happens when you dig up the site. This whole dig has been somewhat anticlimactic.

Aside from that, it'll still be a fun movie though
can't wait.

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Massacred1520d ago

Glad to see it was real.

Bennibop1520d ago

They should have left it well alone and have dug them up a 100 years.

Chespin1520d ago

Why isn't that game cart all dirty? It looks brand new. o..o

ElementX1520d ago

Some were still in shrink wrap and packaging.

Tempest3171520d ago

This actually confused me, because I thought the landfill they chose supposedly crushed the trash daily? At least thats why I thought atari chose that particular landfill

MadSientist891520d ago

should have left it buried.. where it belongs, terrible things will happen to us all.

Agent_00_Revan1520d ago

Suddenly Raiders of the Lost Ark scenes come to mind.

BIB1520d ago

Lol...Video game market crash incoming from the bombardment of gaming remakes and DLC.

Somebody1520d ago

Won't be long before we see some of them filling up eBay and Amazon with horrendous pricing.

randomass1711520d ago

Here it is folks! The worst game of all time, only for $400!

ValKilmer1520d ago

The sad thing is that I'd buy one.

Revvin1520d ago

Microsoft are clearing out space for Windows 8 tablets in that landfill

iain041520d ago

Pure quality post pmsl.

ALLWRONG1520d ago

Yeah MS needed the space because the landfills with all the Sony failed products like PSP's, Move, Walkman, Sony TV's, Viao's and Eyetoy's are full.


Hicken1520d ago

That was an abhorrently bad comeback.

Kribwalker1520d ago

Don't forget about all of Sony's financials from the last 10 years. They are trying to bury those losses out there somewhere

matrixman921520d ago

Im telling you...they were buried there by a local mall to gain publicity for a grand opening.


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