Mass Effect Trilogy Listed For PS4 And Xbox One

Seems that more remastered titles may be heading towards the PS4 and Xbox One as online retailer site, Zmart has listed the Mass Effect series for the PS4.

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Abash1666d ago

I would definitely replay the Mass Effect Trilogy with enhanced visuals and new features on PS4

alexkoepp1666d ago

No they need to knock this #### off. quit remaking games that are several years old. we can still play them just fine on older systems. We as gamers need to boycott this and make sure developers know the money is in new content not stupid remakes.

sardaukarghola661666d ago

When you say we as gamers I guess you're assuming that all gamers are just like you. I for one would love a enhanced trilogy bundle

1666d ago
gigoran1666d ago

For once I agree with alexkoepp.

Milking the cow for a few more dollars. Good for business? Sure. But like the majority of the people that like the ME series i already own them all. I own them on a console that still functions and is still available for purchase. If they think people are going to shell out more money to get some improved visuals... they are right. But that's just because a lot of people are idiots. The same people that buy dlc already on the disc.

URNightmare1666d ago

I never played this series. I played the ME3 full game trial on PS3 and it was good. I'm pretty sure there's more people like me than people like you.

ginsunuva1666d ago

I for one, welcome our new rehash overlords.


Frankly, everyone can do whatever they want, I personally don't care about this and find it to be a waste of the companies time and resources (but since it's EA, they might not have much left to lean on), just sayin', besides I only have myself to worry about.

xHeavYx1666d ago

I haven't played the first and third game, so this is great for me . People who don't care about it could just.... I don't know... Not buy it?

theshonen88991666d ago

I feel the same way about remastered games as I feel about blu ray classics, new model years of cars, or the newest version of the iPhone.

mrmarx1666d ago

eah right.. i was going to play these on pc but now i will get for ps4. i hope they remake red dead redemption,skyrim, and fallout 3 as well

ELpork1666d ago

Gonna guess this is so you can do a save transfer if you haven't played them on PC.

MrSwankSinatra1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

well we need something to tide us over until the new releases, as long as this isn't full price i'm fine.

bigbearsack1666d ago

I would like to play this .

BattleAxe1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

There won't be anything enhanced about it. It's basically going to be the PC version ported to consoles with controller support. You can buy ME 1&2 on Steam for $5 each during a sale, but console owners will probably be paying $40 - $60 for the trilogy on the new consoles.

UnbiasedOpinions1666d ago

Look you are telling the publishers that you are ok with old games being rehashed, we want to push innovation in our industry by not supporting these tactics

ThanatosDMC1666d ago

If it cost more than $20, then no.

MasterCornholio1666d ago

They are still making the next game in the series. Its not impossible to work on a new game and a remake at once.

plaZeHD1666d ago

Agreed. But sadly we are the minority, the rest will foolishly support these fraud business models.
Just look at Xbox Live and how it expanded.

chaos-lockheart1666d ago

I haven't played it even though i have it on pc, guess i will be playing on the ps4.

Yahdaree1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


Boycott...seriously?? If someone is selling something that you don't want, you simply do not purchase it. I don't see the need to get all bent about it.

I love these remakes! I have had Playstations since PS1 but I have had a lot of other things I have been interested in over the years. Some of the games being re-made I won't buy but, I am definitely thankful for others.

Bennibop1666d ago

Yeah I would buy this missed out on me1 and me3 and never finished 2

PCGamingNoobs1666d ago

why should they stop it there is a market, there are kids that missed or couldn't play these games at the time. if anything bring more from further back in the history of video games. its nothing but a good thing for the industry and its not stopping new games being produced.

thejigisup1666d ago


hkgamer1666d ago

well clearly the money is in releasing older games otherwise they wouldn't do it :P

Remakes, or upgrades of existing games is jsut publishers cashing in great games they have published. They normally get a small team who have little experience and cheap to create these games. I think it's good for the industry since it enables these teams to grow. Look at Bluepoint, they were making HD ports then moved on to porting Titanfall for 360. I wouldn't be surprised if they made an original game in the next few years.

bjmartynhak1666d ago

I never played Mass Effect before...

Same for the Metro games. So I'm quite happy with these re-releases.

MWong1666d ago

I just hope it's only going to be $30 ... BioWare has already milked it on last gen (XB360, PS3 & PC). They need to cut us a break on the current gen versions.

tbone5671666d ago

I said this about the last of us. More milkage cometh.

Back-to-Back1666d ago

People like being taken advantage of. Its sad people will spend $60 more dollars for just a few more pixels. Why not spend that $60 on a new experience?

Tei7771666d ago

I am very sure this game isnt coming at the expense of a new Mass Effect. Its either being worked on by a small team within Bioware or being outsourced, either way its a completely optional purchase amongst a sea of new games coming out later this year. I am sure there are plenty of people who havent played this trilogy that would lap this up for everyone else, you will have the freedom to buy something new like watchdogs

gaffyh1666d ago

I'm slightly excited, but would rather play ME4. I would be more excited, but I know these will be no better than PC versions of the game unfortunately.

randomass1711666d ago

I don't know, three games with enhanced visuals and features for $40? Not bad at all. Shame there's no word of a Wii U version though.

ramiuk11666d ago

would prefer newIPs personally.

god of wars
syphon filters
crash B

i would love to be remade though

Blacksand11666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I haven't played 1 or 3 so i'm happy it's coming to PS4. Remakes are good right now, Sony AAA big hitter's will be out next.

maniacmayhem1666d ago

People complaining that they haven't played this series before, really? It's still available and for cheap for the current consoles.

AliTheSnake11666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

This is very happy news for people like me who haven't played Mass effect yet. I was planning to get the Mass effect collection on the PS3. But now this pops up. Nice.
I understand why some people are upset. But I assure you it's not difficult to port games to Next gen with their architectures.

MysticStrummer1666d ago

It's not something I'd buy because I had the ME trilogy and got bored with it before finishing ME2, but I'm sure many would love this.

The market simply disagrees with those who complain about remasters.

jon2005471666d ago

i do not agree with you on that at all the old games need to either be updated or ported over to the new systems

DragonKnight1666d ago

Didn't I say this before? How many people lined up to tell me off for calling this kind of B.S. out.

Hell, even people who normally disagree with me actually saw what I said to be the truth and agreed with me on it.

Now do you see why this is a problem? Tomb Raider and The Last of Us were just the beginning. This is laziness pure and simple. It's a way to milk us all for a quick buck.

And the absolute worst thing about it is that it shows just how many graphics whores there are today. Willing to accept half-a$$ed efforts for the sake of a few more pixels.

Support of these things is supporting a lack of progress. Don't blame those of us who see this in the future when innovation sinks further into obscurity.

starchild1666d ago

If these are remakes with new assets then they will almost certainly come to PC as well, but if they are more or less the same versions with higher resolution, higher framerate and better anti-aliasing (with maybe a few other minor enhancements) then they wouldn't even be equal to the PC versions I already own.

MadMax1666d ago

No kidding, I feel like I got a PS4 for remakes! Already played them all and still own them.

It's sheer laziness on the game developers part! That way they don't have to do a new game and story. Just enhance the graphics!

I feel like we're getting jipped here with all these remakes. Why on earth would anyone wanna waste $60 on the same game they already played and beaten a couple years ago?

What ever happened to The Last Guardian? Frikin remakes!!!

dale_denton1666d ago

don't want it don't buy it, it's that simple.

morganfell1666d ago


Agreed. And they could actually farm the adaptations out to a studio that specializes in this such as Bluepoint.

theDivision1666d ago

Agreed this series was not console exclusive so I see no point in remastering it. I can understand why TLOU was remastered for PS4 I had an xbox360 and now a PS4 so I will be picking it up, but the ME series was out for both platforms so the only reason I could see them for doing this is to add more content or for those who are too young to have played the series (which seems like the market is so small it isn't worth the trouble)

Though with the large number of agrees and disagrees I guess they should sell some number of copies.

magnetite1662d ago

Stop telling Bioware how to make their games or what decisions they should make with their franchise. If they want to release a version of the trilogy on next gen consoles, fine.

Think you get to tell them what they should or should not being doing with their franchise? Or what decisions they should or should not make.

Your post reeks of entitlement.

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Iamnemesis48801666d ago

Loved these game will be getting them for my X1

Trekster_Gamer1666d ago

As would I on my Xbox One....
Can't to see it!

mkis0071666d ago

good to see people still like games regardless if they are brand new or not.

ginsunuva1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

".... replay the Mass Effect Trilogy with slightly bumped up resolution and nothing else on PS4."


Dannyh1666d ago

Never got around to playing any of the mass effects hope this is true

CyrusLemont1666d ago

I wouldn't mind paying to play an improved version of ME1 with a more stable framerate, improved resolution, less loading times, a better inventory system and controls etc. Basically a version fixing all the issues it had when it came out 7 YEARS AGO.

HOWEVER, I would mind paying to play just a resolution/fps upgrade with slightly improved textures Mass Effect 1. In fact, that would just p**s me off. It's one of my favourite franchises, and EA just re-releasing it for a quick cash grab indicates to me they don't give 2 sh*ts about actually making it a quality release. Then again, they already demonstrated that with Battlefield 4. And there's no argument 'it's for people who haven't played it yet'. IT CAME OUT 7 YEARS AGO.

In regards to Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3, there was hardly ANY difference between the PC and console versions aside from resolution and framerate. This kind of remastered edition seems VERY redundant as they were very refined experiences when they already came out, albeit with a sh***y streamlined EA touch. Unless they plan on adding a slew of new features integrating the PS4 touch pad, perhaps more exploration and deeper customisation of some sort; its release is pretty much pointless.

I know I don't have to pay for it, but I WOULD LIKE TO. I want the franchise to be treated properly though, and not be wrecked by EA for the sake of $$$.

ELpork1666d ago

Gonna guess that if they do this it'll be closer to what the PC version looked like. Which compared to the Console ones, is much better to look at.

N7KIRK1666d ago

So don't pay for it if you mind, done deal. it's all settled. Jesus Christ.

Magicite1666d ago

8th gen is a gen of remasters :D, just kidding.

Tsar4ever011666d ago

This could be another one of those typo advertise glitches that happens so often.

But if not, and ME trilogy is coming out for P4/X1? All I can say to that is this, PORT THE PC version! It's the best graphically and also being that the consoles are now pc's, porting it would be next to effortless.

And also, Bethesda mind as well as port over the PC version of "Elder Scrolls V SKYRIM :Legendary Edition" over too! That games needs to be ported *especially to the PS4, why? because of the low grade, lousy, buggy port of the Ps3 version.

Tetsujin1666d ago

I'm gonna be very "upset" if it's a typo and they meant some type of sale on the PS3/360 versions.

To all you people whining about the game getting a potential re-release:

If you don't like the idea, don't buy it; however don't assume you speak for the majority when you scream "I want new games, not HD/remakes of older games" when most of you would go buy it day one if it was ever released.

For all we know the game saves on the games can actually be part of the newer storyline; or at least to play through the game for areas we want to revisit one last time before something new comes out. I'm under the assumption this will have some sort of tie-in with the newer game coming out, and what you did will have an effect on how the new game starts/plays.

Jaqen_Hghar1666d ago

Just fix the framerate and loading times!

thorstein1666d ago

It is available at Gamestop for presale. This isn't a rumor. I would love to see it on PS4 but I don't think it is coming there.

showtimefolks1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

i hope this time all the DLC is part of the package but since its EA we can bet on having to pay for all the DLC

also to everyone complaining about remakes or HD remakes please stop it. Most of the times a smaller development team is doing the porting plus if you are not interested don't buy/play it. There are some games or gaming series that were on ps3/xbox one that i would love to play on ps4/xbox one

stop complaining, there is enough new stuff being released this fall so some of these remakes in summer are a good time kill

jon2005471666d ago

i agree with you they need to do this it would of been nice if they would of put it on the xbox live for the xbox 360 as well

InTheZoneAC1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

well I downloaded the trilogy for the ps3, have played probably 20 hours of ME2, but haven't played the others yet. I have simply way too many games as it is and I find myself playing the same one or two any time I sit down. Finding time for these and others gets harder every time.

I'm fine with the remakes that came out on ps3, but I'm not sure I'm willing to pay for "slightly" enhanced graphics on the ps4, and not for full price if that's what it'll cost.

Like Last of Us, hopefully they'll throw in another discount like 50% off list price if you already have the original download.

Sheikh Yerbouti1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

I feel the same about this like I do timed exclusives that come out more than a year later on a competing console - don't charge over $40 if it was a $60 game and we're cool.

Rodney251665d ago

Super off topic I want a remake of MGS3 arguably the best in the franchise.

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AngelicIceDiamond1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Though I personally might look into this I still think devs are milking last gen gems.

And taking advantage of the fact that neither console is BC compatible so they feel the need to to re-charge us.

That was probably the plan all along actually with both Sony and MS.

Like I said I might look into this myself but I still can't help they're taking advantage of us this gen then they are last gen when it comes to this.

user95589031666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

You're right. But at the same time it gives me at least a reason to replay some really good games. For Xbox at least, it let's me get all the achievements again, and also see what parts of the game are upgraded or changed

The 10th Rider1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

But with the small amount of time you have to play games every day and the sheer number of games that come out: How many of those are actually worth spending time and extra money to replay? Especially the whole Mass Effect Trilogy, lol.

ghostface91666d ago

taking advantage is that a joke stop crying if you dont want to buy it then dont. I will be buying it because I only played the first one and would like to finish the series.

Vegamyster1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )


I didn't see any crying lol, this is why it would have been nice if these current gen consoles (excluding the Wii-U) included backwards compatibility so you can revisit or if you swapped brands play other exclusives you missed out on. This Trilogy is already out on the 360/PS3/PC and can be found here and there at a discounted price, if it comes to these consoles it will probably be a full $60.

randomass1711666d ago

Yeah, there's quite a few remasters coming out for the new consoles. It will only last as long as people keep buying them. Always keep that in mind.

Agent_hitman1666d ago

That's why some people is making a joke about current gen as a Gen of remakes and remastered versions hahahaha..

These publishers are taking advantage of Lack of BC of PS4/X1 to re-release old games and to make more money lol.

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jhpadilla1666d ago

I want those.... with ALL DLC. NOW!!!!!!!