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Pokemon MMORPG is one of the most played MMORPG Games in the world. We've listed out some of the best Pokemon MMORPG games and information/reviews about them.

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Outside_ofthe_Box1271d ago

Will never understand why Nintendo won't make a Pokemon game like this.

Wizziokid1270d ago

I agree 100% not only would an mmo be a massive hit they are also missing the chance to get a full 3D version on the Wii U which would no doubt boost sales..

I have no idea why this isn't happening.

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LKHGFDSA1270d ago

yeah even without the online components would be great.
people have been saying it for years now, they NEED to make a console reimagining of the series.

the Wii U is perfect too, the right amount of power for really nice looking graphics, and it can use the touch screen like the DS & 3DS Pokemon games do.

rodiabloalmeida1270d ago

Nintendo is lost at the moment. That is it.

bass4g1270d ago

It's game freak and the creator of pokemon, not nintendo, that's the problem. He's said on numerous ocations that he wants to keep true to the spirit of the series and part of that is being on handhelds and having people interact in real life. I think it's something about the spirit of adventure or something as well? IMO the most likely way we'd get a pokemon mmo would be if it were in the style of that rumour from a while back, where there was a handheld game that connected to a wiiu mmo. It's also the only way I see them actually changing the combat system in any way aswell, sadly.

theshonen88991270d ago

Nintendo has always been weak when it comes to online infrastructure.

thejigisup1270d ago

Bc gamefreak and ninty doesn't want my money. Dragon quest, ni no kuni, skyrim and ffxivarr need to have a pokemon baby and release it on ps4 xb1 psvita and wiiu. That would be the best game ever.

It sucks to see that almost all of every fan made poke game had had me more excited than main entries since pokemon yellow.

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ShinMaster1270d ago

Have you seen their online infrastructure?

KonsoruMasuta1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Dragon Quest works fine.

bass4g1270d ago

Actually pretty much fine now. It's just that they're hesitant to add online into games. Either way MK8 will show us where they are with online.

youndamie1270d ago

Exactly, even if they are worried about affecting the handheld titles sales all they have to do is limit the regions at launch. They can continue adding new regions on the handhelds and for the Wii U they can have Kanto and Johto at launch and add expansion packs every year.

InTheZoneAC1270d ago

they only have one IT guy, and he's barely making sense with the eshop pricing/virtual console releases, let alone help set up the best MMO

OrangePowerz1270d ago

The same reason why they don't have a Skylanders style Pokemon game? Plus Nintendo isn't exactly the company I would expect to deliver a good MMO.

mt1270d ago

at the moment I am not thinking of buying WiiU but with MMORPG Pokemon I'll just pre-order the game along with WiiU ready and waiting for Pokemon.

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MrDreadnought1270d ago

This isn't called Pokemon MMORPG, that is called Pokemon: Generations.

tmacdonald1270d ago

I know I'm just repeating what the above comments said, but why the hell isn't Nintendo jumping on this idea. This would be huge, not even if it was a MMORPG. Just a fully 3D pokemon game.

LKHGFDSA1270d ago

Like Colosseum but in an art style similar to the handheld games and the anime. and with wild pokemon.

They've never done this, it would be epic.

As it stands every Pokemon game sells exceedingly well, a 3D Pokemon game would be a GOTY and would save the Wii U.

OttoniBastos1270d ago (Edited 1270d ago )

Because Pokemon is what sells their handheld.There is a lot of people that only bought nintendo handhelds because of Pokemon games.
If they release to WiiU the handheld sales will drop.

They don't want to lose a market they dominates(handhelds) for a market that have strong competition(consoles).

SpiralTear1270d ago

That didn't stop Pokemon Colosseum from selling big time alongside the handheld Ruby and Sapphire games. I think if Nintendo wants to maintain sales strength for both Wii U and 3DS Pokemon games, they should make the games linked in some way. Offer some kind of extra incentive for owning both. Maybe not in the full-on transfer method (you want to maintain balance on the MMO side), but offer some kind of perk for buying a handheld and console Pokemon game.

adventureghost1241270d ago

I thought this was shut down? no?

KonsoruMasuta1270d ago

That was a different project. There has been multiple attempts at this and they all end the same.

GrandpaSnake1270d ago

nintendo cant possibly be this stupid, im wiiling to bet it will be their last card, or will release a pokemon game on wii u when xbox1 or PS4 release some new AAA games later next year.

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