Super Smash Bros. Turns Fifteen Today: 10 Reasons Why Smash 64 Is Awesome

[...] The first Smash game, Super Smash Bros. (Nintendo 64, 1999) seems to be the black sheep of the Smash Bros. franchise. There is a small, but very active competitive Smash 64 community, but it’s nothing in comparison to Melee’s or Brawl’s. Also, on a more anecdotal note, most people to whom I’ve spoken have already played Melee or Brawl extensively but haven’t played much Smash 64. It’s difficult to pinpoint why. Maybe it’s because Smash 64 is an old game whose graphics haven’t aged well. Maybe it’s because Smash 64 only has 12 playable characters in comparison to Melee’s 26 and Brawl’s 39. Maybe it’s because some people simply perceive Smash 64 as outdated and simplistic, since characters don’t have any side-special moves or air dodges, and since their smash attacks can’t be charged. These are all valid reasons to explain why Smash 64 is a “worse” game than its two successors, but some people still actually prefer Smash 64 to the other two.

Either way, this article isn’t about comparing Smash 64 to the other Smash titles (the community’s already extensively compared all of the games with each other, and, in fact, it seems like the debate will never be fully settled), but about putting Smash 64 in the spotlight for its fifteenth birthday! Super Smash Bros. was released on April 26, 1999 in North America, and to celebrate, here’s a list of 10 reasons why the oft-forgotten Smash 64 is awesome.

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BullyMangler1691d ago

If nintendo went online with some of their past games, then how would we ever be able to fall asleep .

NicholasDeRosa1691d ago

I would pay very good money for HD Smash 64 and Melee. No joke, even something like $40 or $50 would be totally worth it because the fun would be endless. Or better versions of Pokémon Stadium. Or the classic Mario Party games. Damn, the possibilites are endless.

randomass1711691d ago

Maybe someday they will do an HD collection on Wii U. HD Melee. With Online. Ohhhh one can dream. :')

1690d ago
3-4-51690d ago

* The Yoshi' Stages in Smash Brothers 64 were awesome and still are some of my favorite stages to fight on.

* The one with the floating clouds to the right, that you can jump on for a few seconds + the Yoshi music + the colors = awesome gaming experience.

randomass1711690d ago

With hope they're remaking some of the 64 levels in this one and not just Brawl and/or Melee.

Pozzle1691d ago

Wow, 15 years? All of a sudden I feel old. I got this game when it was first released. :O

randomass1711691d ago

Right? I still remember being in grade school when I was playing Smash Bros. 64 with my friends. Great, great times. :)

azure19901691d ago

I only need 1 reason. IT'S FUN!! Probably one of the most enjoyable games me and my buddies play. This game is the reason why I'll buy a wii u when the next smash bros comes out

randomass1711691d ago

It's imbalanced as heck, but it's also crazy fun. 64 is a great party game, I think whereas its followups serve as better fighting games. Either way, the Smash series is fantastic. :)

levian1691d ago

It definitely was haha. I played Kirby exclusively and nothing stood in my way

Killzoner991691d ago

I still think Playstation Allstars is the better game. The sequel will destroy any Smash Bros ever made.

randomass1711691d ago

Sakurai's had a lot of experience with the Smash Bros. style. I loved PSASBR, but the devs were clearly very inexperienced when they made it (mandatory super move KOs was a bad idea). Anyway, Smash isn't out and no sequel to PSASBR has been announced. Let's keep the fan wars to a minimum.

levian1691d ago

yea I could have played it but the mandatory super move killed it for me

nevin11690d ago

The original is the only good one. Same goes for all sequels of Mario spinoffs.

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