Thomas Was Alone Surpasses 1 Million Sold Copies

While the game was originally released for PC in 2012, sales really started picking up when Curve Studios and Bossa Studios ported it to PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita last April.

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CursedHero1689d ago

Grammar Police! "Supasses"?!?!?!?!? LOL

coolbeans1689d ago

Nice catch.

Congratulations, Mike Bithell. Want to see what all the fuss is about in the near future.

randomass1711689d ago

But that's more spelling than grammar. ;P

CursedHero1680d ago

Are "Spelling Police" a thing now? Let's all join!

randomass1711680d ago

Hey man, if we can't have proper grammar we may as well have proper spelling lol.

DarXyde1689d ago

I really enjoyed Thomas Was Alone. Surprisingly emotional for such a conceptually simple game.

shivvy241689d ago

Got it on vita, amazing game

WeAreLegion1689d ago

Brilliant game. This is well deserved.

HugoDrax1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

I'll download this, I appreciate the approach to the game design.

I haven't had my Vita for 24 hours and I already own over 10 games. I picked up Tearaway from best buy for $14.99 today, and they didn't have Killzone for $15.99. So I drove across the street to Target and price matched Best Buy $15.99 Killzone price. Target was selling Killzone for $39.99 hahaha. Got to love price matching :-)

randomass1711689d ago

After I get my Vita I think I'll download this as well. It looks so simple, it's intriguing.

EmptySkyForm1689d ago

I got this through PS+ and I really enjoyed it! I wish I bought this earlier to support the developers.

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The story is too old to be commented.