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Trials Fusion Video Review – Nothing to Ride Home About I The Koalition

Callum May of The Koalition writes:
Difficulty can be a problematic aspect for video games. There's always this question of how much you can punish the player before they lose interest. Are they going to have to sit through long loading screens? Will they have to start from the beginning? Will the experience be rewarding at all?
All of these questions need to be answered in a way that constantly refers back to player experience. (PC, PS4, Trials Fusion, Xbox 360, Xbox One) 65/100

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rbailey  +   489d ago
Awesome review. I definitely am intrigued by the game and may still pick it up later. Definitely not spending full price for it though.
MrKennedy  +   489d ago
This is an absolute beauty of a review shiela.
UnbiasedOpinions  +   489d ago
It's "nothing to write home about" not ride, if your going to act like a journalist and write reviews at least get your idioms right please!

XStation  +   489d ago
He used it, since the game has you riding vehicles the whole time.
Nitrowolf2  +   489d ago
Not getting it was a Pun
CernaML  +   489d ago
UnbiasedOpinions  +   489d ago
My bad everyone, i didn't realize it was a pun
dodgemoose  +   489d ago
user9558903  +   489d ago
Lol... Did this really happen? Like... Is this a real conversation?
OrangePowerz  +   489d ago
I have blast with the game.
Allsystemgamer  +   489d ago
It seems like the author misses the point. He wants dynamic changes and events? The point of the game is about over coming obstacles by learning to control the rider and the bike. Not adding petty distractions that many games these days throw in to distract players from other elements. It's an obstacle course game. The retrying is "practice makes perfect". I've beaten the game. Now I'm just working on unlocking everything. It's NOT THAT HARD. People just seem to try and rush through it.

It would be like playing dark souls/ demons and just trying to rush through and then complain when you die.

It's about perfecting each course for the best time possible. That IS the point. If you don't like those kinds of games then don't play it. It's that simple. It doesn't try and be something it isn't like this reviewer seems to want it to be.
YourGreatUncle  +   489d ago
I'm really enjoying it and from watching this video he isn't to good at it which is how I can see him finding it frustrating. Also if you're playing a Trials game while looking for a plot you're already doing wrong.
Canipa  +   489d ago
Reviewer here. I may not have been that great at it, true. But the frustration was a good feeling. It definitely makes completing courses far more rewarding. I just felt that as the game went on, this feeling diminished greatly. Frustration turned to boredom more than anything, and instead of cheering when I completed a difficult course, I just sighed, "Finally..."

I also didn't grade this by plot at all, since it really was just a distraction. The point was that the same philosophy kept replaying over and over everytime I'd restart from a checkpoint or play the track over again.

But obviously, we probably had different experiences and you may find some value from reading other reviews as well (Although it sounds like you've already purchased the game).
n4rc  +   489d ago
I'd agree with you..

Had a blast with it... Got most achievements but the fun stopped at extreme tracks.. It isn't enjoyable at all

Now I'm sure its my skill level as videos prove they are possible.. Just not for me it seems Lol

Was well worth the $20 tho
Remy_S  +   489d ago
In my opinion, this game is at least an 8. Sure it is difficult, but that's part of the charm, overcoming ridiculous obstacles.
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SaturdayNightBeaver  +   489d ago
It is supposed to be difficult 9/10 from me. Playing the "Ice Climb" level for 6+ hours , still haven't beaten it, its brutal, but i can only imagine how i will feel when i get that gold!
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n4rc  +   489d ago
I replayed the last full throttle challenge at least 500 times before I got it.. Lol.. It became almost an obsession

Definitely felt good when I finally got it
PsyMonk3y  +   489d ago
Love this game enjoying every second even the extreme tracks sadly quite a few of my friends completely miss the point of this game and just see it as a over priced mobile game.

For me this game is worth every penny spent on it and i'll be playing this for years to come with the player made custom tracks and multiplayer fun.

No regrets at all. :)

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