Can You Wear Master Chief’s Mark V Helmet in Destiny?

MP1st - As if the developers at Bungie wouldn’t throw some sort of Halo reference into their upcoming shared-world shooter and new IP, Destiny.

Reddit user Fuzzle_hc made the interesting discovery while digging through some of the most recent Destiny footage to have surfaced for more hints and clues.

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DialgaMarine1691d ago

This will certainly be interesting to do on PS4.

pwnsause_returns1691d ago

idk i think that will be xbox exclusive content

GamerXD1691d ago

Lol keep dreaming, Destiny's lead platform is PlayStation that's why it comes to PS4/PS3 first.

Massacred1691d ago

Could be. Or it could just be a random Easter egg that's not officially licensed.

You can find the Master's Swords in Infamous Second Son.

Just Saying.

JasonKCK1691d ago

Just because the lead platform for Destiny is PS doesn't mean Sony has the right to use Master Chief's likeness.

What does your comment have to do with "idk i think that will be xbox exclusive content"?

Makes no sense what so ever.

randomass1711691d ago

I think pwnsauce is right. This will probably be exclusive Xbox One content or nonexistent. No way Microsoft would allow this design on PS4 and Microsoft owns the rights to the Halo property, not Bungie.

spicelicka1690d ago

lol it's funny how most of the fanboys are hating on xbox for getting Kingdom hearts, but everytime I see Destiny I "omgahh this game is gonna be awesome on my PS4".

It's like they have to advertise it because after all these years of being insecure they finally got the chance to admit how great bungie is.

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John_Snow1691d ago

Might just a an XBox exclusive item only...dont think MS are crazy enough to give Bungie the ok to use the helmet on the competitions console and dont think Bungie are crazy enough to use the helmet without MS's permission - should be interesting to see how fast MS lawyers move on this if Bungie is using the helmet without consent.

But I strongly believe this on the XBox only and Sony will have something of its own like the Helghan helmet.

Kribwalker1691d ago

Either that or there will be royalties paid on every copy of destiny sold. They can't use his likeness without MS permission. Halo is owned wholly by MS

randomass1711691d ago


That's a huge if. I really don't see Microsoft allowing their character's helmet design on another console's software.

SITH1690d ago

I highly doubt that would happen on Ps4. If anything it will definitely be on xbox one. Ps4 has plenty of other content it could embed in place of master chief's Mjölnir armor, and/or helmet.

KingKelloggTheWH1691d ago

I can't wait to play the beta! My PS4 needs more games!! >:D

UltraAtomic1691d ago

Ya i think thats going to be xbox exclusive. There probably going to say"for our oldest members" to make it not sound like a xbox exclusive.

gigoran1691d ago

Halo? Pffft! I'd rather they paid tribute to Marathon instead. If Halo stuff is there I hope they keep is exclusive to MS. I don't want it stinking up my PS4.

NintySonySoft1691d ago

wow i am a ps4 gamer i don't think halo will stink up my ps4.... pure ignorance

gigoran1691d ago

Actually it's called choice. You voiced yours like I voiced mine. The only thing is you called me ignorant for thinking differently than you, and I gave you no abuse at all. The real ignorant person is clear by your volatile reply. Hey, how about letting people think differently than you for a change. You just may like it.

randomass1711691d ago

Liking a game and being spitefully hateful are two different things and your comment was most certainly the latter.

NintySonySoft1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

@Gigoran Just cause Halo is A microsoft series it will stink up your Ps4 I smell Fanboyy.... Why not admire what every comapany makes Ps4 with Killzone infamous ect, Microsoft, Halo gears, Fable, Nintendo, Mario kart, ssb, ect. Don't let one console keep you away from other amazing games! :D

spicelicka1690d ago

Well trolls are used to the smell of shit, anything that smells good is probably stinky to them lolll.

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LAWSON721691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I would love a Halo easter egg, if copyright is a problem just throw it in the Xbone version. Seems fair, if the PS4 is getting some exclusive content anyways.

randomass1711691d ago

That seems like the most likely outcome. PS4 is supposed to be the lead platform with the most content, but I'd be surprised if Xbox One didn't get some exclusive content to create incentive for that platform.

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