Should Photo Mode Be a Feature on the PS4?

Max Level: Since the photo mode feature came out I have been using it constantly showing off how amazing InFamous Second Son is. That being said I got to thinking should all games for the PS4 have a photo mode?

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porkChop1697d ago

Yes. It's a really great feature to have. Would go well with the whole "Share" focus of the PS4.

GribbleGrunger1697d ago

I'd love to say yes but I think it's probably technically impossible. Photo mode in Infamous is built into the game and uses the game engine, so I can't really see how a photo mode at a UI level can access the in game engine on every single PS4 game. Each engine will have it's foibles and I can see that being a nightmare. What would be better is if Sony studios adopt the same principle and add their own versions to upcoming games.

Nitrowolf21697d ago

Yep, this isn't possible I assume. It's a game software related, not hardware software

BOVICE471696d ago

I agree with you. It would defiantly be hard to make as universal as i want it to be, but I feel as thou it needs to at least be in at all of the AAA titles. Im sure its not gonna be the last time we are gonna see some kind of a photo mode feature in a PS4 game.

XtraTrstrL1696d ago

This statement covers it basically. It's a game engine feature, they can just suggest it to devs. It shouldn't be too hard for most engines, but yea, it would most likely have to be done one by one for developers rather than a UI feature.

colonel1791696d ago

It doesn't have to be at an OS level. Just like trophies, developers must put them in the game, but it's not something that "comes" with the PS or Xbox. Sony could make "mandatory" to develop a photo mode for every game, at least first party.

It would be a great idea!

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Parapraxis1696d ago

If not on a system-wide basis, more devs should definitely implement a similar feature in their games.

It is literally free advertising for them.

People are seeing SS screens and buying the game.

randomass1711696d ago

I see what everyone is saying, and sadly they did not build the OS to support such a mode. Hopefully Sony will one day supply tools to easily do a photo/theater mode in later consoles. :)

Majin-vegeta1697d ago

YES someone start a trend on twitter and tweet to yosp!!!!!

randomass1711696d ago

Let's get a bunch of people to tweet that to Yoshida. :D

finito821696d ago

i think might be a cool feature, sure why not.

AceBlazer131696d ago

L3 was useless in inFamous, most other games have something assigned to every button.

Bathyj1696d ago

I don't think which button to use is the issue.

Conzul1696d ago

Indeed, if all the buttons were spoken for, one could just hit pause/menu and if there was photo mode then just go there in the menu and the pause menu would disappear and let you manipulate.

randomass1711696d ago

That seems like the best idea. In photo mode you technically are pausing the game. Come to think of it, why not just have a full blown theater mode like the Halo games so you can have clips and screenshots in any given game?

porkChop1696d ago

Yeah, but most games don't use the touchpad in gameplay. It can read swipes, gestures, and is also a button. Would be easy to implement. Hell I'd even settle for pressing pause and selecting "Photo Mode" and then taking my photos.

randomass1711696d ago

Photo mode pauses the entire world so you can move the camera, right? So the pause button probably wouldn't be such a bad method to use it.

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Bathyj1696d ago

I agree with Gribble. I don't think it's possible at a system level. It needs to be added in game by game.

Plus I don't think every game would like that sort of scrutiny of the graphics. Photo mode let's to get right up to everything and pick apart any faults. Not all devs would like that.

I definitely think Sony's 1st parties should be adding it in though.

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