Google game console ‘Coming Soon’

The rumour of Google’s game console have been surfacing as of late.

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Ghost_of_Tsushima1365d ago

Great another Android console with google play games.

DonDon1365d ago

Just cause it can play Android games, doesn't mean the buck stops there. My Android Galaxy plays Android games too, but some games look as good as games on my Vita. The only problem is that there are no buttons and all the damn microtransaction pay-to-win schemes.

But in terms of graphics, we shouldn't assume that google would bother to make a home console if it's only goal is to bring [only just] cell phone games to the living room.

BIB1364d ago

I don't know why you got disagrees...There are quite a few good mobile games that are making their way to consoles in the form of "indies" anyway. Some are actually quite enjoyable with the right controller or control scheme. I had a blast with Riptide GP and that's coming to XBO anyway.

SilentNegotiator1364d ago

Google should have done this 3 years ago when the term "android console" wasn't practically a running gag.

randomass1711364d ago

Android gaming devices are far too common. You can play games on games and tablets. Why would I get a TV console to play those games when I have my phone AND my PS3?

KeeseToast1364d ago

Of course there are mobile games looking better than some PSVita games but Killzone Mercenary destroys every Android-Game in terms of graphics. The PSVita is far more powerful than any other mobile device

johndoe112111364d ago


Don't forget Soul Sacrifice.

abc12331364d ago (Edited 1364d ago )

@KeeseToast: I love the Vita as much as the next guy, but it is hardly the most powerful mobile device, the Shield for example beats it quite easily along with most of the new high-end phones. Then again thanks to optimisations and such, there are few if any titles which can match Killzone Mercenary.

@johndoe11211: Soul Sacrifice is hardly the game you'd want to use to showcase the Vita's graphical prowess.

ProjectVulcan1364d ago

If Google are going to do this, they should do it properly, and have a full fat home console. Rather than what seems like the inevitable mobile style low power box aka Ouya.

If they can have a box that does integrate a Google play account and mobile games running android, as well as a serious games console with PC level hardware it would be much more interesting.

dcbronco1363d ago

People keep saying Microsoft should get out of gaming. Big businesses know that they all should be getting in. Gaming is getting bigger and bigger. Smart money is on getting in.

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Magicite1364d ago

will it be free like everything else from google? /s

Farsendor11364d ago

i actually dont play any type of games on my galaxy s4, it doesnt feel right. no buttons not anything, well im not a huge supporter of mobile gaming anyways including vita and 3ds.

mrmarx1364d ago

crap with tv or streaming a good version of apple tv.. i'm calling it out now

ScamperCamper1364d ago

Somebody take this story down. It's complete crap. The article has no source links at all. The quoted trademark doesn't exist. The console Nexus Orbit was a mock up design from a few years ago. Not by Google. The source website suffers a credibility issue. It's no secret that google has some set top box planned, but the article is a waste of everyone's time.

BattleAxe1363d ago

I wouldn't say that it will play Google Play-only games. Look at Amazon, they've got a rather impressive studio, looking to build some AAA games.

Google is one of the richest companies in the world, and Amazon has deep pockets also. The clock is ticking for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft, as more serious competition is about to enter the fray.

I'm willing to bet that both Amazon and Google won't be charging subscription fees for their respective consoles, which is a bonus in my books. Once Sony went down Microsoft's path of charging a subscription fee, my allegiance switch 90% to Steam. If Google and Amazon can manage to make quality exclusive games that I want, then I'm all for it.

xtremeimport1363d ago

Do people actually buy these android based consoles?

I feel like they're popping up everywhere, but then they all slowly die away. Whats the point?

u got owned1363d ago

I dont think there is room for so many consoles two or three max, with amazon also rumored to be working on a console that would make it what 6.


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Lowsnamebrand1365d ago

Can I root it, install TWRP, and run omnirom? if so I'll pay 70 bucks for one

WeAreLegion1364d ago

Probably. Google has a habit of making their hardware easy to manipulate.

Lowsnamebrand1364d ago

You don't really have to manipulate Google's hardware unlocking a nexus device is literally a minutes long adb session if that, its your Samsungs,htcs,ect that you need to manipulate

xc7x1364d ago

Google cannot make it big on name alone,they have to be involved fully in the process,make their own games,or it'll be just another system with such and such specs,etc.

cyclindk1364d ago

Free google fiber to all early adopters ;)

xer01364d ago

Can I have Google Fibre in London?

Didn't think so...

Ragthorn1364d ago

Why do I need Google Fibre when I have my Sega Genesis and its blast processing?

On a serious note, Google Fibre isn't exactly available everywhere. So it won't benefit the people who get it, but can't the free Google Fibre. But it is good that you pointed that out.

BIB1364d ago

Why? Do you think a multibillion dollar company like Google would take the risks into the already successful mobile sector if it was merely pointless? Don't count them out just yet.

randomass1711364d ago

But why would anyone get this when they can play most if not all of the same apps and games, if not more, on their phone or tablet? It just seems like the market is overflowing with these devices.

dcj05241364d ago

At random. What makes you think it'll be ONLY mobile games?

HighResHero1363d ago

Not to mention their top notch data/market analysis.
Makes me wonder if this will actually happen.

BIB1363d ago Show
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shadowT1364d ago

No market. Why Google?