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Submitted by TGS5 653d ago | article

Killzone: Mercenary Two Free Multiplayer Maps Are Cool

Many will find the new multiplayer maps to be a huge refreshment that will bring them back into the title more often. (Killzone Mercenary, PS Vita)

shivvy24  +   653d ago
thats cool , btw can anyone tell me the size of this game including all the updates on vita.
Oh and Jak and Daxter
Monolith  +   653d ago
Just checked my file and im currently standing at 517 mb. Not sure if that included the few updates. If that helps.
dcj0524  +   653d ago
5.5 GB
shivvy24  +   652d ago
thanks man
DoomeDx  +   653d ago
wow this article is almost 2 months old.
jhunbogs  +   653d ago
does it include on botzone maps?
Monolith  +   653d ago
Botzone was the latest update

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