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Microsoft Working on Another “Major Gaming Franchise”

Looks like the gears are grinding at Microsoft, and the house of Xbox might be working on just another yet unknown “major gaming franchise." (Microsoft Game Studios, Xbox One)

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AceBlazer13  +   531d ago
Good guy Microsoft . Announcing every game they have planned for the next 5 years so you don't have to think about it.
georgeenoob  +   531d ago | Well said
Another?! Wow. Keep me coming MS.

My guess is Crackdown, Left 4 Dead, Shenmue, Conkor, or Banjo unless it's a multiplatform going exclusive or an unannounced IP.


So you're saying there won't be any game announcements E3? Prepare to be disappointed, my friend. Phil Spencer JUST got promoted, too.

I know there're so many AAAs already coming to Xbox One that you couldn't possibly think they'd announce more, but this is MS, not Sony. They invested $1 billion+ in exclusives, something Sony couldn't afford to do.
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DigitalRaptor  +   531d ago
Lol, you believe these PR buzzwords for real don't you?

"1 billion into games" that will definitely not be used to buy timed exclusives and definitely isn't an inflated number /s
"300,000 servers" that will definitely all be provisioned for Xbox. /s
"cloud will make Xbone hardware 3 times as powerful" cause that's gonna happen /s

Microsoft throws numbers at you, and you have no factual proof of them, but their history of marketing manipulating, but you still run with them.

According to you guys from last gen (and I remember you guys legitimately saying this stuff) Sony couldn't afford to make a more powerful console than Microsoft. I guess Sony couldn't afford to buy Gaikai, couldn't afford to sell a more powerful machine at a lower cost, couldn't afford to invest in VR, couldn't afford to ACTUALLY have more exclusives.

Yet all of these things happened.

Be excited for Xbone and its games, by all means, but when trying to compare Sony's focus on games historically to Microsoft's don't fail at it. PS4 has more games and always will. And yes, that's ANY kind of gaming experience, before you try and downplay anything that isn't AAA. Cause we know all AAA games are sterling quality. /s

Just noticed you mentioned SHENMUE. https://www.youtube.com/wat...

haha, good luck with that on Xbone.
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nicksetzer1  +   531d ago
Glad to see all these games coming, best time to be a true gamer. Sunset overdrive, quantum break, the order, smash bros, mario kart, halo, gears, rime, etc, etc, etc.

@george don't bother the sony fanboys just can't handle anything positive about xbox, so they have to downplay anything that might be good. Makes them feel more secure about their choice, meanwhile real gamers have both (or even all 3) with tons of great games incoming.
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Skankinruby  +   531d ago
Lol the stupidity of your posts has become quite amusing by now. You definitely sound like an Xbox fanboy
UnbiasedOpinions  +   531d ago
@Digital, i know Microsoft has been the bad guy lately, but they do have quite a few exclusives released and lined up, and i can see that 1Billion probably is accurate if you look at how much games cost to make these days
alexkoepp  +   531d ago | Well said
Xbox has all the best franchises, you can pass up on everything else out there. Lol, Kinect Adventures sold more copies than the entire series Uncharted 1,2,and 3.
SniperControl  +   531d ago

Oh yes, all those people are still playing kinect adventures to this day.......
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URNightmare  +   531d ago
Seriously, why ridicule yourself with such moronic comments every time? Do you have mental deficiencies? Are you being molested by someone? Are you depressed? Is your console causing you insecurities and delusion?

Just stop, please.
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ZombieKiller  +   530d ago
georgenoob your name fits you well.
Rimeskeem  +   530d ago
Sony doesn't need to invest 1 billion in exclusives when they 13 teams working in multiple projects which 75% of them are not announced + the devs have shown what they are capable of and have true talent which is something MS desperately needs more of
raymantalk1  +   530d ago
@georgenoob "I know there're so many AAAs already coming to Xbox One that you couldn't possibly think they'd announce more, but this is MS, not Sony. They invested $1 billion+ in exclusives, something Sony couldn't afford to do. "

so what you are saying is MS is spending $1 Billions on games and yet they still dont have anywhere near as many games coming out for there system compared to the ps4 which has way more coming out for it even though sony has allot less money wow sony really know what they are doing.

also sony dont waste money on timed exclusives as they dont need too reason there machine is better simple as that.
truefan1  +   530d ago
MSFT is bringing the GAMES!!! They are working on a ton of projects right now, putting that 1 BILLION dollars to use. E3 is gonna be awesome.
NeloAnjelo  +   530d ago
@ GeorgeNOOB

Sony doesn't need 1 billion to buy exclusives, they make their own from the studios they have invested in. The games they make are top notch, with variety, taking the medium forward through growth...

All you do is defend MS and believe all the BS marketing speak
avengers1978  +   530d ago
Everyone keeps talking about the billion invested in games, but seems to not realize that statement was made ages ago, since then they have bought gears from epic, bought TitanFall exclusivity, paid for other 3rd party devs to make exclusives, rise, DR3, quantum break, and sunset overdrive come to mind. I'm not saying any of these are bad moves, I'm simply stating that a lot of that money is probably gone already.
A new lost Odeyssey would be great though, the first was one of my favorite games last gen, and a really solid RPG.
D-riders  +   530d ago
wow i guess running 10 + studios cost less than 100000 a piece per year. you sound like you can't do basic math
DOMination-  +   530d ago
MS have 22 studios (Several of which have multiple teams now) so that arguement about sony not needing to invest because they have 13 studios is dumb. MS have more and they've been hiring top talent for two years now.

I'm not saying they are going to release 22 games that are as good as Uncharted 2 but if you are a Sony fanboy and you're downplaying MS first parties then you're going to be disappointed. Spencer and Harrison are a dream team for MS when it comes to managing MGS
jkendrick  +   530d ago

The stupidity that flows out of your mouth is reaching new heights. I don't even think you believe what you say. YOUR becoming something WORSE than a fanboy, you've become a "JOKE".
tommygunzII  +   530d ago
I hope that 1 billion doesn't include advertising. If so they ate up at least a quarter of it on Titanfall. TV spots aren't cheap.
Geoff900  +   530d ago
Left 4 Dead= Valve owns the IP.

Shenmue= developers stated it's very unlikely going to happen.

Conker= Very much doubt it, Rare haven't done any major AAA titles for a very long time.

Banjo= Maybe

Crackdown= we know this is in the pipeline.

The 1 Billion $ investment, might be just in timed exclusives, we already know about The Division exclusivity deal for instance.

Best just wait and see being honest, I think MS will have a lot to show at E3.
KeeseToast  +   530d ago
22 Microsoft Studios??????
Just to remind you:

First Party Microsoft Studios:
343 Industries
Turn 10
Wingnut Interactive
Big Park

Sony's First Party Studios:
SCE Japan Studio (which has 4 separated teams)
Polyphony Digital
Naughty Dog
Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch
Guerilla Games (and Guerilla Cambridge)
Media Molecule
[XDev (works with external developers)]
SCE Bend
SCE London
SCE Santa Monica
SCE Foster City
SCE San Diego
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lelo  +   531d ago
"Good guy Microsoft . Announcing every game they have planned for the next 5 years so you don't have to think about it."

Sony and Nintendo do that... sometimes they announce games years before release.
Z501  +   530d ago
lol. Does Alan Wake ring a bell? Revealed at the same E3 as Killzone 2(TWO). Guess which game came out first.

Remember "Hobo Sam" Splinter Cell Conviction.

Etc. etc.
Belasco  +   530d ago
Bubbled down for trolling, your welcome. I for one think it's the next Crackdown, fingers crossed.
DonDon  +   530d ago
Microsoft rarely ever "makes" any games. All they do is hunt for other companies games and just pay them off to get exclusivity. Microsoft has very little talent to draw from.
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Mystogan  +   530d ago
Is that why Microsoft exclusives sell better than Sony exclusives?
DigitalRaptor  +   530d ago
@ Mystogan

Oh that's right. all those Microsoft exclusives that sell better.

Like... Halo, and .... Gears... and .... um.... ummmm. That's about it.
XxExacutionerxX  +   530d ago
Well all Sony does is wait until someone else has the balls to put out a feature that everyone loves and then rip it off, stick it on their console. Then tell everyone that they were looking into this tech years before... and Sony fanboys believe this, lol Oh and by the way Sony pays developers for exclusivity to their console. (Others make it, Playstation rips it, Sony fanboys praise it!!)
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KeeseToast  +   530d ago

What does this have to do with games?? I mean youre right I think Microsoft was very innovative with kinect play games only with a camera was something never seen befo.. Oh wait I get an phone call:" Yeah?...ah...Eyetoy?...On PlayStation 2?...Long before Kinect?..Okay thx, bye". Ugh, nevermind, forget what I said about kinect.
HammerKong  +   530d ago
buddy u are the funniest guy in here,such a ***hole u are.
Massacred  +   530d ago
Anything of the Rare franchised would be cool.

Well so long as they are developed by Rare.
lfc_4eva  +   530d ago
This just shows the sickness that is rife throughout N4G. A positive story about Xbox and then out pop the pathetic fanboys to make a mockery of such story.

I was told by a few friends on here that this is common practice for N4G and not to worry about it. They were told the MODS were actively looking to remove the bubble system to prevent such fanboys from ruining the site. However I believe they were spun this yarn about a year ago. Nothing has changed quite clearly. Such a shame as this site has some fantastic people on it.
Tales RPG addict  +   530d ago
as a gamer I say let Microsoft make a new IP they could use it since they don't have many known IP's like competitors Sony & Nintendo have.

Besides strong competition amongst competitors brings out the best in all the companies. In fact this is why I stopped being a fanboy cause I found it to be senseless and stupid.

Just game on and enjoy yourselves cause at the end of the day we all just wanna play video games.
lifeisgamesok  +   531d ago
Keep the great games coming Microsoft

Eden Falls being revived from being a survival game that Lionhead started

Unannounced game from 343

Classic game or games from Rare

Multiple games from Press Play

Whatever game the newly named studio LXP is working on

With the obvious showings Quantum Break, Halo 5, Sunset Overdrive, D4, Halo 2, Forza Horizon 2, Fable Legends

I hope E3 gets here fast
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pedrof93  +   531d ago
It's going to be a good E3.
Mikey94  +   531d ago
Dont forget the new ip from lionhead, and undeadlabs. Xbox going hard on games this gen. E3 is going to be huge for microsoft. I have a huge feeling that Crackdown 3 will be announced at E3.
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DigitalRaptor  +   531d ago
Looks like MS is going to be bringing a lot.

E3 should be epic for all parties.
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   531d ago | Well said
@Raptor But at top you just completely derailed just about everything Xbox.

Then you try, I repeat try to come as sensible or your "looking forward" to MS conference in this comment.

I know George is one of the worst Xbox fanboys but as soon as he mentioned Sony you come with an entire comment that mirrors Georges last paragraph, Sony style.

Then you attempt to give some even ground comment in attempt to express some excitement to Xbox.

Come on man.

Your reaction to Georges comment shows how a fanboy deals with another fanboy.
DigitalRaptor  +   530d ago
@ Angelic

I never denied MS doesn't have a lot, but when someone is delusional about how a company known for providing a lot of games, won't provide a lot of games by comparison, when we already know Sony has more games in development is ridiculous, and I was confronting his suggestion that Sony will have less. I came with facts, he didn't.

I'm not delusional to think MS won't have a really good E3, when they had quite a lot of games last year, and have been talking it up. Xbox fanboys however, seem to think that because Phil Spencer is doing a lot of talking to mend expectations, that means "MS is going to destroy Sony". I'm also not delusional enough to believe any number that comes from the mouth of Microsoft PR, particularly not after the past few months. I think any sensible gamer would show some kind of apprehension.

Anyway, I'm in the habit of balancing inaccuracies out. And I'll be honest, show me some Quantum Break MS. show it to me.
#2.3.2 (Edited 530d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(24) | Report
HaydenJameSmith  +   530d ago
The hypocrisy continues...

You have made it very clear you dislike MS and the Xbox One, and downplay/derail anything positive said about them or the X1... even subjective opinions toward the console or MS... which in most cases you have no right to, you don't have to agree with them but you don't have to run down/lower other peoples opinion either.
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Mystogan  +   530d ago
"We already know sony has more games in development"

So you have seen everything Microsoft and Sony is working on?

You some kind of insider?
christocolus  +   530d ago

Angelice is right. You are quick to attack MS and every comment made by every xbx fan. George and a few others get carried away at times and make really fanboyish comments but the way you deal with them in your comments tells a lot about the kind of gamer you are too.
Just as Angelice said, your first comment above (reply to george) already tells everyone what you think about MS and the xbox one and so your reply to lifesagames comes off as a lie.. imo you dont care one bit about the console or seem to want anything to do with it.
Tales RPG addict  +   530d ago
All 3 will come forth guns Ablazing at E3.
UnbiasedOpinions  +   531d ago
Why was he disagreed with? just because he is excited for Microsoft's E3? i'm sure Sony will do well at E3 as well so unless you have an insecure hatred for MS i don't see why he was disagreed with
christocolus  +   531d ago
E3 is going to be one hell of a ride.
tgunzz  +   531d ago
Looks like ms is really upgrading it's 1st party camp (great). Definitely looking forward to E3!!! It's going to be a very expensive yr for me! So much to look into for my consoles......
Dudebro90  +   531d ago

That's like rm saying, Nintendo will make another Zelda! Duh.

Give it a rest dualshockers. Your going on my ad block list until you decide to have some quality control.
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MegaRay  +   531d ago
Talking about quality control
Go to N4G for games news
kenmid  +   530d ago
bubble up x10
ALLWRONG  +   530d ago
So will you say that when Sony announces it's next project?

@josephayal What Xbox? Haven't you been caught lying about having an Xbox before?
#4.2 (Edited 530d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
josephayal  +   531d ago
Good News, my Xbox one has been collecting dust for weeks now
DLConspiracy  +   531d ago | Funny
Well I would say its time to start cleaning the house. It makes you feel better when you do. :)
Imalwaysright  +   530d ago
Lol you just trolled N4g biggest troll.
salmon_slapped  +   531d ago
Really can't wait for E3. So much is going to be announced.
BIB  +   530d ago
Bubz up...The voice of reason. I'm sure all three have great things planned for E3. Either way it's going to be a win for all gamer's platforms of preference.
Jyndal  +   531d ago
Right now, it's all just hype. When MS shows up to the show with more than just promises, pomp, and flair, then I'll take it seriously. Until then, meh.
NatureOfLogic_  +   531d ago
MS: Please be excited!

Forget all the bs talk, show something.
Nero1314  +   531d ago
Why when e3 is 7 weeks away .
TheRealHeisenberg  +   531d ago
Keep it coming MS and I may consider changing my purchase plans from a PS4 to a Xbox One. Certainly can't go wrong ether way.
Skate-AK  +   531d ago
Good for them. E3 is going to be interesting.
incendy35  +   531d ago
Cool, but three more days till Child of Light!
user9558903  +   530d ago | Funny
Microsoft: we are working on new games. N4g:yea right your just pocketing money.
Sony: we are not working on any new games.
N4g: that's OK Sony! Don't worry about it! We love you!
ger2396  +   530d ago
I don't really understand your comment. But anyway, that's great that Microsoft is working on new games. But isn't that what they're supposed to do?
XxExacutionerxX  +   530d ago
That is called "THE SONY FANBOY"
BIB  +   530d ago
That's a far fetched thing to assume. I think the general consensus you pointed out shows that MSFT has to prove a lot more than Sony does at this point. After all, they did (MSFT) proclaim that "We will kill Sony at E3" in 2013. The gaming community knows how that turned out. So far there has been an ensuing PR image struggle for MSFT since the Xbox One was unveiled.

#12.3 (Edited 530d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
avengers1978  +   530d ago
Were you get Sony isn't working on new games, they have plenty of studios with unannounced games.
At this point XB1 and PS4 are going to have lots of games to show at E3.

Even Nintendo should be coming with a good amount of games for E3

7 weeks from now, no matter what system you own, there should be plenty of games to look forward to going into the end of the year and 2015
user9558903  +   530d ago
Guys this was a joke. Settle down
Rimeskeem  +   530d ago
MS seems to be realizing their mistakes last gen which is good.
Lucreto  +   530d ago
I am amazed by the sudden swing in favour of the Xbox on this site. Phil talked about drm and it's advantages like the other executives all hated him. Asked to mention games more he is the Xbox national hero.

It is great PR move by Microsoft a change in perception and people are eating out of their hands again. I just hope Elop approves of all him ideas.
icheerbothconsoles  +   530d ago
Where the hell is Mechassault?
That's what I want!
incendy35  +   530d ago
Titanfall feels like an evolution of MechAssault to me. I feel we have our epic mech multiplayer covered :D
Immorals  +   530d ago
Titanfall doesn't have the same feel, it's more run and gun, where mechassault was more tactical. Love both games though.
Predaking77  +   530d ago
Out of topic but this ng4 comment system is very unfair and dictator as North Korea. Everyone should have a right to express their opinion even if other people doesn't like it and everyone should havevthe right to reply as many times as they want.

Who am I to limit your reply opportunities just because I don't like your comment? Every one has different points of view and that should be respected but here on n4g you have to comment the way other peoples like or they will cut your bubbles down. That's dictatorship, not freedom of speech.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   530d ago
Well, loss of bubbles is what usually happens to trolls. Were you trolling when you lost your bubbles?
Predaking77  +   527d ago
I wasn't even trolling, just quoting some facts, some people didn't like the facts and I lost a bubble.
Spikes1471  +   530d ago
Same could be said about this country (USA). ALSO why are you comparing NK to a gaming site? THEY KILL PEOPLE THEIR! I don't she execution on a site.....?
jessupj  +   530d ago
I complete agree.

I'd love for people like nr4c, xboxfun, truefan, goergeegreen etc. to make as many comments as they like and for people to point out their deeply flawed arguments as many times as need be.
Dark_matter  +   530d ago
Do microsoft have more or less studios than sony?
TheRealHeisenberg  +   530d ago
I really don't know. I gave you some links below if you want to look for yourself. Some would argue that less is more. Others would argue that more is less. Most just more or less argue.


Bonkerz  +   530d ago | Well said
Im gonna go ahead and just say that it is absolutely pathetic that some of you Sony guys automatically bash anything positive Xbox. It is unbelievable, honestly it is amazing how some of you just cringe when you see something pro Xbox One. Anything positive Xbox automatically gets disliked like crazy. I just wanna point out if you have that mind state of what i just mentioned you aren't a gamer you are lame ass person.
kenmid  +   530d ago
they have not better else to do, they already beat infamous. And before I get all the dislike I own a PlayStation 4. The fact is that Xbox has better games then PlayStation right now.
KNWS  +   530d ago
The fact we know Sunset overdrive, quantum break, Halo are yet to come i can't see Sony matching Microsoft's game line up for 2014-2015

But i can't be certain til E3 is over and dusted.
#19 (Edited 530d ago ) | Agree(9) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
Dumb_username  +   530d ago
I want to see how Sunset will use the Cloud.
DigitalRaptor  +   530d ago
You're actually serious aren't you?

Not "certain" because you're intentionally missing key PS4 games from the equation, or because you just don't know about them?

3 games that we know about from Microsoft: but Sony definitely doesn't have Uncharted 4, DriveClub, The Order: 1886, MLB 14: The Show, PlanetSide 2, Deep Down, Rime, Everybody's Gone to the Rapture, and whatever other projects their first party teams are working on that they haven't unveiled yet.
#19.2 (Edited 530d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
jessupj  +   530d ago
Shhh don't mention all those games.

It's going to break a certain group's laughable rhetoric of how the PS4 has no games.

Best to keep them in happy delusional bliss.
KNWS  +   530d ago
Sony actually had a dire E3 they showed hardly any games, but they came away the winners at E3 because of the bad F--- UP Microsoft had with its policies.

This E3 is all about the games and potential for Microsoft to turn things around. Sony may not have a better line up of games than Microsoft at E3, but they may have a good press conference, and showed off enough games to please the Sony crowd?
marlinfan10  +   530d ago
last e3 was all about games for MS. where did you see them mention the policies you're talking about during the conference?
Morgue  +   530d ago
Judging by all the disagrees people are getting MS and Sony are both doing things wrong.

Guess I'll go back to playing solitaire.
urwifeminder  +   530d ago
Ms are just killing it with all the games on the burner , enjoy xbox owners.
#22 (Edited 530d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
plaZeHD  +   530d ago
Please don't be another shooter with no substance.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   530d ago
Hey guys isn't it wonderful that MS working on more exclusives for xbox one awesome stuff. Keep it coming its all about the games.
DoesUs  +   530d ago
Yes, its truly extraordinary that a platfrom holder is creating game. Who'd of thunk it?
k3rn3ll  +   530d ago
I hate how people say "quit talking bout more games MS and show it. Ill believe it when I see it" why do you all act like this is a press release directly from ms. Stop it. Its dumb.jesus
frankdrebin72  +   530d ago
simply put,..its because they have nothing else but pain in their lives.
twisted,.armchair devs,.warriors of the keyboard,.negative by nature,jealous??.insecure wannabes.
no matter what news xbox/ microsoft has,..some fanatical fanboys with the hollowed out shoe heel full of plastic explosives just want to be noticed.
microsoft announces news concerning games...and presto they arrive
microsoft showcases dx12 demo,..and what it will do,.all the big hitters that have access tomit are on board,..guess what,.armchair tech guru knows more and becomes the naysayer of doom.
cloud demo showcased,..and they ooze out the ground ,.becoming the all knowledgable one.
these guys rain on any news concerning microsoft because they think or believe they have been wronged.
these guys think its good vs evil.
these guys do not realisethat they are devoiding themselves of any other gaming experiance let it be from sony,..or nintendo etc..hence they are not a gamer,
whatever happens here is one for the trolls that love to flood the xbox section..
And who the hell are you that dont even own an xbox,.that keeps saying " show me"
Honestly,..show me sonys morpheous working,..o thats right you have,..yet dx12 gets shown but thats not good enough??
Just go back to being human,.
tho it does beg the question,..if so much people are anti xbox,microsoft,..are you the same throughout life should someone be a different race,culture??..
As for the anti microsoft shyte,..do you have a pc??
do you have microsoft os??
do you use the pc??
yet you frown on microsoft??
i would hinge a bet that the majority of anti xbox/microsoft is he said i say mentallity...honest just get off the train and ask yourself,....why do i spit vile at xbox/microsoft.
If its as bad as that,.then get help.
gamers game,.regardless of what system its on...REAL GAMERS that is.
gamers game because they enjoy,have fun with the game.REAL GAMERS that is.
inovation drives us forward,..yet whenever microsoft showcases inovation,..it looks like gamers do not want this...yet REAL GAMERS embrace it.
so then,..after this,..are you a guy that kicks down someone elses sand castle because its a threat to your castle?
And the " i dont like microsoft because they tell the "xboners" anything they want to hear" shite,...look back and you will see sony etc are all guilty of this...without any proof to back it up.
gamers game,..trolls...well they just troll...
GodGinrai  +   530d ago

Sod em..who really cares what fanboys actually think? let em live in there hole.
tommygunzII  +   530d ago
Microsoft loves you. *Waves* I'm standing over here.
ScareFactor  +   530d ago
Why do people think its Crackdown 3? It will most likely be a new ip. Hope its a 3rd person ghost recon (Graw) shooter. They need something to compete with Socom
GodGinrai  +   530d ago
"They need something to compete with Socom"

I dunno man...No offense but socom is not really a popular game. What I would like to see is some type of adventure game, along the lines of shadow of the colossus or god of war. maybe even some kind of MMO-RPG.
Takwin  +   530d ago
Major gaming company working on major new gaming franchise. More information later...

In other news, the Pope is Catholic and bears shit in the woods.
KinjoTakemura  +   530d ago
I'm surprised they aren't trying to hype up the fact that Titan Fall is outselling Infamous. Of course Microsoft and the fanboys leave out the fact that Infamous is on one platform and Titan Fall is on 3 platforms. No doubt, Microsoft is including numbers from all three platforms in their Titan Fall sales numbers. What else would anyone expect.

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