Dragon Age: Inquisition Influenced by Mass Effect 3

Cameron Lee reveals that Dragon Age: Inquisition will be influenced by Mass Effect 3.

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-Foxtrot1665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

Sorry but that's really not want to hear after how ME3 turned a once amazing franchise into a generic, third person over the top action game....compared to the first game which was a unique RPG with third person shooter elements (not to mention the whole cool down weapons to thermal clips thing).

Your supposed to be fixing Dragon Age by making it more like the first game, not follow the action route brought in by DA2 and ME3. You should of been influenced by Origins.

porkChop1665d ago

You didn't read the article, did you?

-Foxtrot1665d ago

Oh I read it, I just don't want it to be influenced in any way by it.

Mass Effect and Dragon Age should be different not influencing one another.

We want Dragon Age 3 to be influenced by Origins not Mass Effect 3

Eamon1664d ago

I don't think Foxtrot read it before porkChop asked him.

porkChop1665d ago

Of course I want DA3 to be influenced by Origins, it was an awesome game. But is having an advanced and refined version of ME3's Spectre activities really a bad thing?

F4sterTh4nFTL1664d ago

Read the damn article people, it is not always bad news.

MrDreadnought1664d ago

I really hope they take ME3 into consideration, it was a damn fine game, except the ending, if only they embrace the indoctrination theory.

In my opinion DA:Inquisition, should look to its predecessor, Origins, and get that bloody, strong, sexual and heavy theme, which was what made have its stand, the combat system, should be more of an Origins thing rather than DA2, the latter was kind of action based, as far as story, i think they should really look to Mass Effect.

AsheXII1664d ago

No you didnt read it, Bioware said that a certain element of Mass Effect 3 was well executed, so they are trying to do better than that through fan feedback.

Ratty1664d ago

You know that saying that goes something like think before you speak? Well you should read an article before commenting on it. Especially if you plan to totally rip at it.

Influenced by spectre activities? Yeah I'm sure that'll turn DA into a generic game /s

Matt6661664d ago

There was nothing wrong with ME3. There was noting to support that Shepard was still alive when you playing the actual story of ME so therefore it could be possible that some one else could be passing the story onto the next generation.

LAWSON721664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

No Mass Effect 2 turned the series into a tps action game, not the 3rd. IMO the third was a tad better but still felt lacking. IMO ME was handled wrong after the first, they had great things going for it that could have been fantastic in a sequel, but they were ditched to make it a casual shooter that could appeal to everyone.

As for being generic, ME has one of teh most interesting game universes so I could not say that.

randomass1711664d ago


Really? I thought that ME2 was the one that made it more third person shooter-esque and then ME3 capitalized on what that game did. Either way, the streamlining was not the greatest idea, but I appreciated the cover system. If anything is taken from ME, it's the sheer amount of influence the player should have on the story.

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KingKelloggTheWH1665d ago

I was hoping it would be influenced by DA:O, not Mass effect..I don't like MassEffect, I Loved DA:O....dont make everything like each other, keep the games with their own identity..

KTF261665d ago

Kingdom of Dragon Age: Inquisition
the gameplay reminds me of Kingdom of Amalur

Lucreto1665d ago

I liked the Spectre board and I like how it will be fleshed out.

ScareFactor1664d ago

ME3 was a good game (definitely better than 2), but still not what I want to hear you being influenced by, rather it be Dragon Age Origins

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