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Eric from We Got This Covered wrote:

If you had asked me to name 100 titles that could have possibly been the recipient of an HD re-release, I’m not sure Cel Damage would have crossed my mind at all. Originally released for the Xbox back in 2001, the cartoonishly violent vehicular combat title quickly faded from public conscience following its release, much like the genre itself has over time. Regardless of whether or not anyone asked for it though, Finish Line Games has decided to resurrect the title and bring it to a whole new audience on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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Skate-AK1668d ago

This is about what I expected from the game.

DigitalRaptor1668d ago

So basically it's really good, but no online makes it an average game?

Fair enough. I'll at least go in knowing that it was never built for online.

Fixay1668d ago

Basically yeah.

I only wish it had online because i'm a lonely gamer lol

neocores1668d ago

Just a lot of hate for it. Some games don't need online me and my friends enjoy this everyday easily a 8/10


Ill be downloading this once I get a psn card. Screw the review. Car combat needs to come back. Everyone complains about fps over saturation but yet never buy these games. I dobnt get it. Does everyone just lie to themselves. Im excited that it has four player split screen over online multiplayer.

TM3331668d ago

I had the Gamecube version of this back in the day (no mention of that?) since it was a cheap buy and I needed games for my new little system. Fun for a few minutes, but got old quick. I think I started playing Star Wars Bounty Hunter and quickly forgot about Cel Damage.

Vitalogy1668d ago

Was also released on PS2 not mentioned either o.O

STK0261668d ago

No online is one thing, but no multiplayer at all for the Vita version is quite the deal breaker (well, for those who only have a Vita, as the game is cross buy with the PS3 and the PS4 as well, which is great).

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