New Mario Kart 8 video shows a full lap on 16 tracks

New Mario Kart 8 video takes us for a ride for a full lap on 16 of the new race tracks.

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Gamewiz_251691d ago

whatt a shame no Wii u price cut no buy 4 me yet

NintySonySoft1691d ago

Price cut really...... Just stop Price is just Right

BoneBone1691d ago

Nintendo is a business, not a charity. If you want to buy a dude bro console don't cry when all the best games are on the console you should have bought and expect Nintendo to give you a free handout!

Suck it up. Stop crying.

Farsendor11691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

people have different taste in gaming maybe for gamewiz the price doesnt match the console and the games.

these tracks look fun probably the track i liked most is at the 4:27 mark

randomass1711691d ago


It would be nice if that taste was not presented so poorly.

3-4-51691d ago

* Why does there need to be a price cut ?

* You'd NOT buy something over $50 ? How cheap are you ?

It's not even about the money because if you have enough to spend $250, you most likely have enough to spend $300, which is still $200 LESS than an XB1.

randomass1711691d ago

"PS4's price is too high! I want it for $100!"
"XB1's price is too high! $50 or no buy!"
"PCs are too expensive! $5 or no go!"

Some people can be cheap and unreasonable for sure. I WISH I had the kind of money that these guys claim they would be willing to throw away on a daily basis. >_>

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory1691d ago

if you can afford more expensives consoles or pc
don't complain but I guess because it Nintendo it should be derp cheap
for people like you

iplay1up21691d ago

Really? You can pick one up Nintendo Refurbished for 2 bills. How cheap do you want it? They are not just going to give you one.

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kgamer201691d ago

Anyone else thing the star music has become more 'dance' like? 15:18

Metallox1691d ago

Why no HD? Doesn't do justice for the game!

LOL_WUT1691d ago

Moo Moo Meadows, Toad's Turnpike and Royal Raceway awesome!! ;)

Skate-AK1691d ago

Game is going to be so fun. Can't wait for release.

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The story is too old to be commented.