Can Microsoft’s Xbox One Stop the PS4’s Momentum?

Editorial: Can Microsoft’s Xbox One Stop the PS4’s Momentum? -- PlayStation LifeStyle

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Godmars2901690d ago

Why does one console have to do poorly, one has to "stop" the other's momentum, for another to do well?

I mean regardless of all the fan BS, or things like timed exclusivity, both the PS3 and 360 sold 80 million. The Wii 100 million.

That should say there's enough room in the market for everyone. The companies themselves just need to find and appeal to their bases.

Abash1689d ago

Well I can see why MS would want to stop the PS4's momentum. After all, Xbox became a lot more popular thanks to the PS3's launch woes and it taking so long to bring down the price to something affordable.

It must feel like their worst nightmare coming true seeing the PS4 sell like crazy and publishers, developers, and gamers being so enthusiastic about it. The last thing they thought was that PlayStation would get back to top form like this

AGaryColemanClone1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Playstation get back to top form?


Before the PS4 launched the PS3 has been the top selling console in the world non-stop since the Wii fad died off four years ago.

The PS3 outsold the Xbox 360 every single year even while being 200 more expensive.

It is shocking to see people who actually thought and still think that Microsoft was going to be any competition to Sony this gen.

Microsoft had the once in a lifetime luxury of the RRoD fiasco inflating Xbox 360 installed base numbers by tens of millions.

With the Xbox 360 Microsoft:

1. Rushed defective and underpowered console hardware out the door a year early to pad out their installed base numbers

2. Had the luxury of the RRoD, disc scratching/destroying DVD drives, absurdly loud noise, etc all leading to Xbox fans rushing out and buying every new Xbox 360 model that came out with promises that this new model would finally fix the massive hardware problems that plagued the console

3. The PS4 being 200 dollars more expensive

4. Sony completely asleep and letting Microsoft force third party developers sign 'parity agreements' ensuring that multiplatform games were gimped down to Xbox 360 level graphics

All that and Microsoft still came in last place.

None of that is true this gen. Only someone completely delusional would be shocked by how badly the PS4 is crushing the Xbox One.

Microsoft is back to their natural pre-RRoD inflated installed base numbers this gen - dead everywhere other than the US and UK. And in those two countries easily getting outsold by the PS4 just like in the PS2 days.

alexkoepp1689d ago

The x360 killed the ps3 in the states, which matter to me because that's where I live. I don't know how much a liter of gas costs in other countries, nor the price of a loaf of bread. I couldn't care less, it has no effect on me. Much like the sales of the ps3 in other countries. Ps3 owners were few and far between here in america. Everyone owned an x360. Or both. But never solely a ps3.

exnoob1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )


Don't you think that was a ignorant statement you just made.... I'll leave you to have a think about your statement...

DigitalRaptor1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

@ alexkoepp

Are you trying to parody an Xbot? If it matters to you that the 360 sold more than PS3 in the US, then surely it should matter to you that PS4 has been outpacing the Xbone in its home territory too?

"Ps3 owners were few and far between here in america. Everyone owned an x360. Or both. But never solely a ps3."

Nice broad survey of data you've presented there. Do you always do that much research?

MysticStrummer1689d ago

@Alex- Yeah I'm in the states too, and every gamer I knew bought a 360 simply because it released first. By the end of the generation none of them owned a 360 anymore and they all owned PS3s. The reason the people you're talking about owned both and not just PS3 was that 360 released first and was always a little cheaper. Early adopters picked it up, then their friends followed them. This generation XB1 has no head start, a higher price, and less power. It's just a very different situation now.

OT - MS can easily stop PS4's momentum by either dropping Kinect and the price, or just dropping the price and taking a loss. Neither of those things is likely to happen anytime soon. They'd need to at least drop the price to around $350 to make it attractive to anyone who knows the differences in hardware.

XxExacutionerxX1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

The Xbox 360 did kill the PS3 in the states, because the 360 was cheaper and to this day, still a better console. The Xbox 360 came in second, get over it Sony fanboys. The wii also beat both consoles in sales, that would include the PS3. Doesnt matter how many of you Sony fanboy hit disagree, its the truth and it hurts. lol

UltimateMaster1688d ago

Can't we just enjoy games? Is that too much to ask?

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Insomnia_841689d ago

We wouldn't have a problem if it was other company, but it's Microsoft we're talking about here, the manipulative company, the greedy company, the one with that atrocious announcement which already gave us a good taste of what the gaming industry would become if we let them get a hold of it, the one with lies left and right, the one with anti-consumer policies. Microsoft can go to hell for all I know. Any other company is welcomed to the gaming community if it brings good and fair offerings.

URNightmare1689d ago

I second that! Anything but Microsoft! They didn't get that nomination to worst company in the U.S for being good.

OiNioB1689d ago

"They didn't get that nomination to worst company in the U.S for being good"

Lol what a stupid comment, now we counting nominations

But I'd expect it from this site I mean look at the agrees on Insomnia's comment who believes only some company's are money hungry.

mrpsychoticstalker1687d ago

lol, what an ignorant comment.

according to your comment all companies are evil. they all lie and all are fueled by greed.

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SpinalRemains1381689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

The article is merely asking if the One can slow PS4s monster success. They're direct competitors and sales of one affect the other more often than not.

That's not exactly absolute one way or the other. I think you're smelling smoke where none is to be found.

The fact is, if the One soon released a couple killer exclusives and the world loved them, then sure, PS4 sales would be affected. Not an astounding amount, but it would have an impact.

Its not like the headline read "How can MS prevent death of the One this year?"

Godmars2901689d ago

"I think you're smelling smoke where none is to be found."

No. I said that if Sony and MS recognized and appealed to their base consumer, left a little wiggle room, all concerned might be happy.

Only trouble with that of course is that MS is trying to appeal to everyone including non-gamers. Went right and gimped the One as you call it.

randomass1711689d ago

Godmars gets it. More than one device can be successful, and that's exactly what's happening with PS4 and XB1 one right now.

miyamoto1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

"Why does one console have to do poorly, one has to "stop" the other's momentum, for another to do well?"

Why Microsoft Got Into The Console Business?
Microsoft only entered the console market because Sony refused to work with them, according to a former Microsoft exec.

Joachim Kempin, who was VP of Windows Sales at Microsoft for 20 years starting in 1983, made the claim in an interview with IGN that will be published in full on Friday.

When asked why Microsoft decided to enter the console space, he asserted that, "The main reason was to stop Sony. You see, Sony and Microsoft…they never had a very friendly relationship, okay? And this wasn’t because Microsoft didn’t want that.

"Sony was always very arm’s length with Microsoft. Yeah, they bought Windows for their PCs but when you really take a hard look at that, they were never Microsoft’s friend. And Microsoft in a way wanted them to be a friend because they knew they had a lot of things we could have co-operated on because they are, in a way, an entertainment company, you know? I mean, at least a portion of Sony is and they had some really good things going there, but as soon as they came out with a video console, Microsoft just looked at that and said 'well, we have to beat them, so let’s do our own.'”

This decision supposedly came right from the top of the company, with Bill Gates himself even chipping in. Despite initial reservations, Kempin claims that Gates always had qualms that the living room computer would, at some stage, metamorphosise into an alternative PC that could threaten Microsoft's dominance of the traditional market. As a result, it was eventually felt the company had to try and tackle Sony head-on.

While with hindsight we can see this worked out for the best, a huge amount of teething issues were encountered along the way. Kempin explained that the main problem that still exists today is the huge loss made on hardware manufacturing. This means companies like Microsoft and Sony are reliant upon software sales to make a profit.

Having witnessed Sony experience this issue at the time, Kempin went out in pursuit of a PC manufacturer willing to take on the burden of making the Xbox in a bid to spare Microsoft the financial apocalypse that accompanied it, but was unsuccessful.

He recounts, "I went out to several PC manufacturers and tried to beg them to do the Xbox thing and keep the device manufacturing out of Microsoft. The guys were smart enough not to bite, because they studied the Sony model and saw that Sony could not make money on that hardware model, ever. So they supplemented it with software royalties, and Microsoft copied that model."

According to Kempin though, Microsoft never really managed to nail the whole software-supplementation thing, with Halo ending up as the only exclusive software franchise they could depend upon. This meant in the end they had to look elsewhere.

"There are actually two things," he explained. "First, every developer who now has an Xbox game pays a small royalty to Microsoft for the honour of having it on that system. The other way they make money is that they finally got their act together on the services and actually that’s where the money is being made. So they’re just maybe a little bit above breakeven, that’s all there is. This is not a big money-making machine for Microsoft."

There is your true answer.

So M$ must be stopped wrecking havoc in the gaming industry.

Massacred1689d ago

It's very possible.

Remember these competitions are good for consumers. We want MS, Sony and Nintendo competing as consumers come out on top.

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lifeisgamesok1690d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Yes and something tells me it starts with E3 2014

With Spencer leading and Harrison behind the scenes (who also brought PS many franchises before coming to Microsoft) Xbox One is going to have games galore

The newer exclusives won't be hindered graphically because they're starting development on Xbox One and not Xbox 360 like some of the launch titles

June we get to see what the Xbox One is truly capable of

Maybe we'll see why Sony is trying to implement Tiled Resources and multithreaded processing like Microsoft

Outside_ofthe_Box1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Let me get this straight...

Something tells you that the XB1 will stop the PS4's momentum starting at E3 2014? Are you assuming that Sony will have a lackluster E3 as well?

Sure, MS can have a great E3, but if Sony has a great E3 also, I don't see how the PS4's momentum would suddenly stop as oppose to just simply continuing.

AceBlazer131689d ago

Some people seem to get the idea that the Xbox is going to get better while PS4 remains stagnant, they're the same people that think the cloud is gonna make the Xbone x26 powerful so you souldn't be surprised if they also think Microsoft is the only one going to have a Super Duper Fantastical E3. Naivety at it's finest.

6 months in the Xbone shows no sign of stopping the PS4 and the PS4 shows no sign of being stopped.

GarrusVakarian1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

It's crazy how some of these people think. They think that the X1, which has been losing to a console that has "no games", is magically going to catch up to, and overtake that very same console when it actually starts picking up the pace in terms of exclusives, post-E3.

What kind of logic is this? Logic born of extreme denial is the only answer i can come up with. How can the momentum of the PS4 be stopped in the future, when it has more exclusives, if it can't even be matched now, when it has little in the way of retail AAA exclusives?

It's also pretty funny to see them act like the X1 is the only console capable of progression and development. Like the PS4 is just gonna be at a stand-still for the next 5+ years, lol.


"The newer exclusives won't be hindered graphically"

Huh? You just said in another article that you think Ryse is the best looking game of this gen so far. But now you say it's hindered (as it is one of games that started development on 360)? Are you even aware of what you are typing and the fact that people can see your comments?

reko1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )


wtf are you talking about? so you're saying the competition wont improve also? oh of course spewing crap again. typical..

LackTrue4K1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

haha....topical Xbox owners....

(yearly war-cry)

""""WAIT FOR E3"""

.....months after, nothing happens. lol...

Kiwi661689d ago

funny as not all xbox owners say or think that believe it or not some actually don't care

DigitalRaptor1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

It's okay dude. Let them be.

Phil Spencer currently has them eating out of his hands, due to his positive attitude, and the fact that he is not Don Mattrick. Mentioning the words "games" and "E3" together excites them, as if it's not Xbox's responsibility to provide games at E3 anyway. All the while pretending that's not what PlayStation has been doing for the past 20 years.

kayoss1689d ago

Why should i wait for E3 so that i can hear "TV, TV, TV, TV, and TV"?

SniperControl1689d ago


Ok, so let me get this straight, you think one e3 comes along, Sony are going to pull out of e3 and leave it to ms to show the only games, you think once e3 comes along Sony are gonna down tools and never produce anymore games or futher develop the PS4.

Jeez, you xboys are more desperate than i thought.

randomass1711689d ago

PS4 will improve too, most likely remaining above XB1 in terms of raw power. I'm all for XB1 enthusiasm, but let's at least be practical about it.

BIB1689d ago

This comment is just a big bag of hope and wishful thinking...Grabbing unto delusions of grandeur such as "Tiled Resources and multithreaded processing" along with the belief Phil Spencer is the second coming of Xbox after it was supposed to be Titanfall. PS4 is succeeding with no need for delusional hype, hope, or dreams. The best Microsoft can do is keep the PR drivel they spout often to a minimum and continue to support their platform with confidence.

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acharlez1689d ago

Sure. With a proper remake of Halo 2.

DigitalRaptor1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

Are these opinion pieces some kind of running joke?

PS3 launched 1 year after the 360. It garnered an 8 million unit lead.

Sony had FAR more negativity surrounding them for almost a whole generation.

- $600 console
- Barebones online network
- Media doom and gloom
- "No games"
- Harder to develop for
- Inferior multiplats for quite a while
- Terrible (non-existent) marketing
- Launched a year later

And STILL PS3 broke down that 8 million unit lead and has outpaced it for the long-term. PS4 and Sony are in a much stronger position, with none of these negatives, and more positives than MS, who screwed up monumentally before the gen had even started.

Sony has a 3 million lead on Microsoft, and that is with both consoles releasing pretty much simultaneously. Microsoft has also released in the majority of the regions where they had the most success last generation, so releasing the console in more regions where they haven't historically done well is not going to boost numbers.

To put it simply, PlayStation is a much stronger gaming brand, and yet people still are delusional enough to think that Xbox can outpace PlayStation. It's mad - there's no world where Xbone is catching up to PS4. The gap is widening in both game availability and sales figures.

SniperControl1689d ago

Alot of xboys on here also think Sony will go bankrupt soon.....

JonnyBigBoss1689d ago

It's all about games as far as I'm concerned, and Microsoft is doing a better job with the AAA experiences. PS4 is focusing too much on F2P PC games and indies so far.

noctis_lumia1689d ago

Say that again after e3, e3 was always a sony wont change now, cant wait naughty dog to show the new uncharted this should make ms fans 4o shut up

Whitey2k1689d ago

Problem with ms they always have to buy out third party devs if ms had soo much money y didnt they hire first party studios instead of being ignorant and getting third partys doing there dirty work

DJ1689d ago

What's wrong with indie games? Have you seen Child of Light?

Hicken1689d ago

Except there's a difference of like ONE AAA game between the two.

On the other hand, the PS4 trounces the XB1 in every other gaming related way. From variety to price range and everything inbetween.

SniperControl1689d ago

Wait a minute, didnt phill just say he wanted more indie games on X1 to be stop fillers between AAA releases.

BIB1689d ago

Wow I get tired of seeing this shallow and ignorant argument about the Xbone's "AAA gamez"...Lets see reality about some AAA games XBO owners cling to...

Forza 5 - Less content than Forza 4 and had to be downgraded to run at 1080p 60fps

Ryse - A Xbox 360 Kinect game that got pushed over the XBO at the last minute ...

Dead Rising 3 - Again, another game from X360 pushed over to the XBO ...

Titanfall - A game hyped to all hell so much so that you couldn't go to a gaming website without seeing some advert about it...Still didn't help XBO outsell PS4

Yes Xbox One has games but to think the PS4 doesn't hold its own is just ridiculous.

Automatic791689d ago

@BiB have you played any of these games or are you actually running off Flamebait articles.

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DEEBO1689d ago

No MS had it's chance with the 360,year jump,cheaper price,more support in the beginning and they still came in 3rd.

Fast forward to 2013/2014 ps4 is leading MS in every category,better hardware,sales,more games,development support,features(remote play,VR,play station now)1st party developers.

they will come in second but sony is showing why they are best at gaming entertainment.even though MS is a software company and has some cool features for their console they need to get better at the gaming side of the industry and just buying 3rd party games is not enough.

before people go saying MS did this or that just look at gaming history.

online gaming/sega
camera for gaming/sony
voice commands/sega,sony(socom/sea man)

but i will give them custom soundtracks

Kiwi661689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

odd how you didn't put things that microsoft did do first like hd graphics

SniperControl1689d ago (Edited 1689d ago )

How can you have HD graphics and what is the point without a HDMI port? (which Sony did first)

BIB1689d ago

PS2 and Xbox circa 2001 had High Definition support...(Gran Turismo 4 for PS2, 25 to Life and Amped 2 for Xbox 1 circa 2001).

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