Hover: Revolt of Gamers Reaches Kickstarter Goal in Under Three Days

Hardcore Gamer: Hover: Revolt of Gamers hit Kickstarter earlier in the week and it's already reached its baseline goal. Sega hasn't done much with the Jet Set Radio license outside of the HD re-release on mobile platforms, Steam, and home consoles. Now, a group of French developers is out to make a game that combines its super-colorful visuals with a bit of first-person parkour ala Mirror's Edge.

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ValKilmer1691d ago

Awesome, we need another JSRF-esque title.

Bengaroo1690d ago

No we need another JSR game. Not a dodgy looking knockoff (yes I know it has other influences).

The devs should hang their heads imo. Influences, imitation/flattery etc is one thing but it's pretty sad their is barely an original idea in this thing.

gigoran1690d ago

And what percentage of the profits will the investors from kickstater receive? Zero?

Kickstarter: Where you invest money to make someone else rich and get nothing in return except for a couple of trinkets

Farsendor11690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

buying the game extremely early and your name featured in credits is enough for most.

gigoran1690d ago

For some, maybe. But I just call kickstarter what it is. People have an idea, other people fund it, then the person sells it. It's called investing, and investors usually get their money back plus shares of the profits. But kickstarter is a way for these people to get their funding to make their product and to make a profit and keep all the profits to themselves without actually having to spend any of their own money. So it's something I will never agree with. If there were a website out there that did investing the right way I would fully support it.