Top 10 Most Over Powered Guns In Call of Duty History

GearNuke: "Today we bring you the list of the Top 10 Over Powered Guns In Call of Duty History."

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cfc781426d ago

Sub machine guns in general especially in BO2 they shouldn't have the power and the range of an assault rife else whats the point.

SPAM-FRITTER-1231426d ago

The list is BS, The MP40 was no where near over powered compared to the STG44 and the M16 used to be burst fire which took a bit more skill. Agree cfc78, BO2 was just a sub machine gun hip firing fest, Way OP.

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Oschino19071426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Lol "power and the range", more like if the maps were (especially BO2) actually open and offered the range to make assault rifles relevant.

Play on Turbine and let me know how that SMG does on a ranged open map. Can't play nothing but the tiniest maps run and gunning and complain about SMGs being more effective than assault rifles.

SMGs tend to always suck at range but sadly many believe 30-50m is a long range shot these days and it's barely mid range ...

cfc781425d ago (Edited 1425d ago )

COD's no realistic shooter im talking about balance due to the size of the maps i think there should be a difference between an AR and an SMG in terms of power and range,i wasn't complaining in any way about it just an observation i love COD and have owned every game.(30-50m shot for a real!!! smg is nothing i can agree with you on that)

Relientk771425d ago

Agree like almost every Sub machine gun in Black Ops 2

HeavenlySnipes1425d ago

Black Ops 2 is relatively balanced (at compared to a game like Ghosts)

A lot of people use the sub-machine guns but from medium to long range you're definitely going to have the advantage using an AR

It's a bittersweet feeling getting COD Ghosts for free when I got my PS4, on one hand it was free, and on the other, it's the worst Call of Duty game I've ever played.

Back-to-Back1425d ago

FAL Black OPS II was stupid. 2 shot kill from any range.

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XBOTTOX1426d ago

lol does anybody remember the Stoner63 lmg from black ops 1?

Seriously OP. Unlimited acc at any any range and a ridiculously fast kill time , assault rifle walk speed...


DxTrixterz1426d ago

I say literally every weapon in MW3.

lets_go_gunners1426d ago

m16 from cod4. If you didn't use that you're playing it wrong.

BX811426d ago

Lol, hells yeah. That combined with jug. Pissed me off.

Oschino19071426d ago

"Juggersluts" is the proper name.

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