Nippon Ichi’s Horror Game Series Will Spook Players On PS3 And Vita

While Nippon Ichi Software is best known for making strategy games like Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, they also have a Japan-only horror game series called Hayarigami where you use logic to solve supernatural cases.

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bothebo1665d ago

Probably one of five 3rd party developers supporting the Vita at this point. If it weren't for the Japanese market, we'd have nothing right now.

DCfan1665d ago

Agree, they're even doing a better job than sony at this point.

porkChop1665d ago

As if that's even hard. Sony is focusing solely on the PS4 and don't care about anything else at this point.

Farsendor11665d ago

first time im hearing about this series, read the article and it says the games have never been released in the west.

i wonder why that is?

Pancit_Canton1665d ago

They are more like a second party developer of Sony. They have good relationship since the Playstation one.

Inception1665d ago

I counted more than five 3rd party developers who supporting vita at this point. Here are some of them:

- NIS (Disgaea, Hotaru no Niki, etc)
- Atlus (Persona, etc)
- Kadokawa Games (Demon Gaze, Natural Doctrine)
- Tecmo Koei (DoA, DW, Deception)
- Bandai Namco (Tales, One Piece)
- Acquire (Dokuro, Akiba's Trip, No Heroes Allowed)
- Vanillaware (Muramasa, Dragon's Crown)
- Telltale Games (Walking Dead, Wolf Among Us)
- Spike Chunsoft (Dangan Ronpa, Zero Escape)
- Arc System Works (Blaz Blue, XBlaze)
- Falcom (YS, Legend of Heroes)

randomass1711665d ago

And hopefully that list will keep on growing.

SolidGear31665d ago

Gearbox also with Borderlands 2. Konami as well.

Acquiescence1665d ago

So there's a new game in this series on the horizon, and it's for the Vita...


...that means there's a good chance of it being localised. I'd love to play some J-horror on my Vita.

randomass1711665d ago

Vita has been getting a lot of localized games lately. :) We can only hope!

sypher1665d ago

This game looks very interesting! Hope it gets localized.

Skate-AK1665d ago

Hope it gets localized. We need more horror games.

randomass1711665d ago

^Agreed. Vita should get more of these games in general.

Inception1665d ago

Some of the screenshots

The artworks looks awesome and playing it on my OLED vita will be more awesome. Hopefully NISA will localize this game ^^

randomass1711665d ago

Yeesh, it looks creepy as hell. Hope it gets localized.

Inception1665d ago

Hopefully. Because there's only a couple of visual novel for vita that got localized, like Zero Escape, Dangan Ronpa 1 & 2, XBlaze, or Corpse Party.