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Top Five Voice Actors in Gaming

Some voices stick out as memorable, such as Steve Blum, Frank Welker and Jim Cummings. Some of those do more video games than others - here’s a list of some of the most well utilised voices. (Culture, Industry)

DemonChicken  +   396d ago
No David Hayter =(
DVAcme  +   395d ago
Well, to be fair, Hayter's not done much beyond Solid Snake/Big Boss. He's one of the greats, but this article also takes quantity of work into account.

And that really does make Troy Baker top of the list. I mean, geez, he was in pretty much every GOTY candidate of last year. And the author said he has a pretty samey voice?! HE VOICED THE GODDAMN JOKER!!
Heisenburger  +   395d ago
Joker and Joel couldn't be further from each other.

Then he kills it when doing "Troy voice" in inFamous.

While I don't have a favorite, he is without a doubt one of the most talented. With quite an impressive range, to boot.
UnHoly_One  +   395d ago
His voice and even personality as Delsin was basically identical to the leader of the Saints in SR3 and 4.
randomass171  +   395d ago
David Hayter was Lupin III, and a great one at that. Not to knock on Sonny Strait who was in the respectable Funimation dub, but Hayter was fantastic as Lupin.
Patrick_pk44  +   395d ago
Hayter is great, however, he is not top tier voice actor great. Nolan North and Troy Baker are truly talented, and we can see with all the characters they voiced.
Bengaroo  +   395d ago
Did you not play the cel shaded Prince of Persia? The prince was Drake, no different style, no different voice, not even his mannerisms differed. It was the worst thing about that otherwise good game.
GameSpawn  +   395d ago
More importantly no Steve Blum.

Granted Blum's foray into gaming isn't as big as he is in animation, but still he's a damn good and noticeable voice.

Over 500 acting credits (multiple voices in some credits - best known as Spike from Bebop and Tom from Toonami):

The five they have chosen are pretty popular voice actors, but to choose just 5 people is a tough task without leaving out a few other gems. They should have bolstered the list up to 10 people.
MysticStrummer  +   395d ago
I forget his name, but the guy who does Gordon Freeman is an amazing voice actor. I hope they bring him back for the next one.
LarVanian  +   395d ago
I think the actor who voiced Claude in GTA3 is much better.
ThichQuangDuck  +   395d ago
Wanderer in Shadow Of The Colossus is better
MysticStrummer  +   395d ago
Yes all people with great range. Tough to choose a favorite.
randomass171  +   395d ago
Link's had a pretty great collection of voices. The guy in the NES games deserves a medal for his work. :D
Agent2009  +   395d ago
Claude in GTA3 is definitely my fav, much better than Troy Baker.
bigrob904  +   395d ago
Claudia Black
DanzoSAMA  +   395d ago
Reah of Thorolund is a character in Dark Souls. She is voiced by Charlie Cameron.
Unreal01  +   395d ago
Dameon Clarke, the dude who voiced Handsome Jack in Borderlands. Great voice actor.
BattleReach  +   395d ago
Billy Murray for voicing captain John Price.
metaltales49  +   395d ago
Yuri Lowenthal no scratch that anyone from persona 3 or 4 they're in just about everything and there pretty good voice actors too.
thelaughingwiseman  +   395d ago
Honorable mentions should be Keith David, Steve Blum, Tara Strong.
randomass171  +   395d ago
All fantastic choices, honestly. There seems to be a lack of Charles Martinet though...
SquareEnixFan  +   395d ago
Once I saw Laura Bailey and Troy Baker I knew I would like this list. Tara Strong and Yuri Lowenthal would have also been solid additions but these are all great voice actors.
Bengaroo  +   395d ago
Simon Templeman should be on that list.

InTheLab  +   395d ago
Love Keith David. He's more of an animation voice actor but love him in the Mass Effect series. For you old cats out there he was also Spawn and Goliath from Gargoyles.

I think the most impressive voice actor is Troy Baker. His joker was pretty good and of course Joel and Delsin were outstanding. I usually know when Nolan North is doing the voice over but would have never guessed Troy was any of the characters he's done these past few games.

Also a big fan of Dimiggio. He has a cool documentary out called "I know that voice" that I strongly recommend to any interested in voice acting.
arinaborina  +   395d ago
Steve downes and David hayter are two big names u missed
Skate-AK  +   395d ago
Had no idea that Troy Baker has done some many voice overs.
Max-Zorin  +   395d ago
Troy Baker >>>>> your favorite voice actor.

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