Top 5 Most Frustrating Gaming Moments

Continue Play's Tim Hitpas gives his picks of the most frustrating moments in gaming history.

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cfc781692d ago

Getting a game delayed you've been waiting ages for gotta be my all time favourite,bit different to there's but all part of the topic.

Relientk771692d ago

Agree with the Speeder Bike Level from Battletoads

Ghost_Nappa1692d ago

Cod 4 veteran No Fighting in the War Room
Waw wana ridge

avengers19781692d ago

More of a modern day issue, but laggers and cheaters ruining multiplayer games.
BattleToads was frustrating as hell. The final level of the original Driver, and stuntman.

DVAcme1692d ago

YES ON LAGGERS AND CHEATERS. That is the one reason I do not online game on PC at all. Dark Souls 2 just came out, and I have friends who waited for the PC version telling me they were being invaded by lvl 800 phantoms with all the best gear on Day 1. That shit completely ruins the experience.

ContinuePlay1691d ago

We actually intend to look at cheating in online games in a future article; it's something that we know people are very frustrated by, and we want to look at it in more detail; we're currently trying to see if we can get some input from someone who actually does it though, to provide an interesting perspective on the subject.

Scrivlar1692d ago

Fighting bug Pokemon? Just roast their asses with punishing fire attacks brah!

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