Game Of Thrones' Red Wedding Environment Recreated In CRYENGINE

Polycount’s member ‘Somarion’ has shared some images of a new map inspired by the Red Wedding event that shocked everyone in the last season of Game of Thrones.

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porkChop1363d ago

This just... doesn't look good to me. The textures aren't that great, and the lighting is ruined by high levels of bloom. Doesn't look natural at all.

john21363d ago

I think the overdone bloom effects give it a more 'fantasy' look to it. Certainly the modder was not aiming for a realistic look.

ArbitorChief1362d ago

I'd like to see you do better.

porkChop1362d ago

So we're only allowed to critique something if we can do better ourselves? Not sure I agree with such logic.

user95589031363d ago

Looks kind of "cartoony"?

Hazmat131362d ago

man the janitor in harry potter is a dick.

HammadTheBeast1362d ago

For a second I didn't realize what you meant. Then I remembered lol.

John_Snow1362d ago

Cannot wait for E3 to see what Tall Tales Games will show...they did an amazing job with the Walking Dead.

theDivision1362d ago

I am quite excited. I have been yearning for a good ASOIAF game. Wonder which story they will stay true to, HBOs or Martins

John_Snow1362d ago (Edited 1362d ago )

If they end up going with the books I hope they give us the story of the Targaryen Conquest of the 7 kingdoms and if they use the TV show I hope they give us a story based on the White Walkers and the Mance Rayder.