New Project CARS Video Shows Incredible Visuals + All Weather Settings

YouTube’s member ‘Hannes Wetterauer’ has shared an amazing video from Project CARS, showing off all the different weather settings that are currently being supported.

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cfc781691d ago

Power of the clouds truly deserved with this 1 never seen so many different weather variations in a single game,stunning looking racer.

hakis861691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I have to say something here - this game and all other games... why is it that water from the ground/cars always look like these round, pre-rendered "clounds" just popping in from nowhere? Really not very realistic or pretty.
(EDIT: and they clip through the car)

SniperControl1691d ago

This game is still 7 months away from release, it will be sorted.

cfc781691d ago

Hopefully any problems you have will be fixed before release nothings finalised yet just like the weather things change all the time.

randomass1711691d ago

Still seven months before release. They have a lot of time to improve the visuals.

Farsendor11691d ago

feels like they have been talking about this game forever one thing everyone knows about this game is the beautiful graphics.

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Abash1691d ago

After I saw the thunderstorm weather effect, I immediately thought "This game is going in my PS4".

cfc781691d ago

To true,i think it will be great on all xb1/ps4/wii u.

randomass1711691d ago


Definitely looks like a powerhouse racing game. Looking forward to it myself. :)

KnightRobby1691d ago

This game is looking stunning! As I recall, it also has night time races and 24 hour Le Mans is depicted with a real day/night cycle. Let's just say Forza and Gran Turismo should be paying attention!

Fireseed1691d ago

I really REALLY don't like that rain splash effect under the car... like if they could fix that one thing it'd be AMAZING!

ChickeyCantor1691d ago

In all fairness, youtube players have a 30fps limit. It probably looks better at 60.

randomass1711691d ago

That and the game probably will probably look more improved visually by launch.

esemce1691d ago

Get the PC version then you could probably change the settings or mod it.

amnalehu1691d ago

I'm going to try to hold off getting this until Morpheus drops but they are making it very hard. Great looking game!

randomass1711691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I'm not sure I agree. I don't think VR will make or break this game. Definitely will be a great feature though.

amnalehu1691d ago

It wont make or break it but I think it will be a great way to experience the game.

mike32UK1691d ago

They've really got the sense of speed down, this is done really well. One of the main reasons i didn't get along with Gran Turismo 5 was the sense of speed didn't seem authentic

cyguration1691d ago

I had the same problem with Gran Turismo. It never felt like the cars were going as fast as they were.

60mph in that game looked like you were moving 15mph.

esemce1691d ago

If you play a sim type racer in 3rd person you wont get a great sense of speed you need cockpit or even better bumper cam, also being on a race track with no street furniture (lamposts etc) does not help.

CernaML1691d ago

To be fair, 60mph doesnt feel that fast in real life either. I think GT nailed the sense of speed. People were probably just too used to Need for Speed type racers.

cyguration1690d ago


60mph in real life feels moderate enough. Project CARS makes a lot of these variable speeds feel real and weighty.

Even at 150mph, Gran Turismo still feels heavy and slow.

At 175mph that one F1 video for Project CARS looked blazingly fast, as if you really had to react with lightning reflexes. That was first time I've seen an F1 in a racing game where you had to react that fast.

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The story is too old to be commented.