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The Three Ways Forward For Microsoft And The Xbox One

Forbes - My colleague Mark Rogowsky recently published a piece that contained a rather worrying chart, which showed the growing disparity between PS4 and Xbox One sales. Though the gap was a million consoles a few months ago in favor of Sony , now the gulf has widened, with Microsoft MSFT +0.13% more or less refusing to publish actual sales, giving only a units shipped number that forces everyone to compare apples to oranges. (Microsoft, Xbox One)

DemonChicken  +   432d ago
1. yes <--- would lead to 3.
2. oh god <--- Digital only would sink it, no different to original DRM
3. yes <--- which is what we have been seeing
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avengers1978  +   432d ago
Plus no blu-ray drive kinda takes away the all in one aspect of the console. Point one and three do make sense, I know an awful lot of people who don't want kinect and don't want to pay 500
Chaostar  +   432d ago
If resolution-gate has taught us anything it's that there IS, in fact, a pretty big difference in both these consoles. Why is the media so reluctant to admit this?
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dodgemoose  +   432d ago
Sorry to burst your bubble but in reality 'resolution-gate' doesn't really mean anything to most owners, who probably don't even know they're not playing in native 1080p on an upscaled game.
Ghost_Nappa  +   432d ago
Framerate is more important to me.
BIB  +   432d ago
Obviously the sales disparity between the two says that "most owners" who are most likely well informed gamers know about the power and resolution difference between XBO and PS4...But to each of their own.
Chaostar  +   432d ago
I didn't say that anybody cared just that there is in fact a difference, one that many people like yourself are sugar coating for the sake of your personal bias'.

If I cared I'd argue, like BIB there, that the sale disparity is definitely part due to this very thing.
dodgemoose  +   431d ago
Depends on the game. Obviously 60 fps is preferable but on certain games 30 fps is perfectly acceptable - for instance, with The Order (although the argument that lower fps provides a more 'cinematic feel' is the biggest load of bs I've ever heard).

The sales disparity shows more people would rather pay less and get a a core games console than pay a premium for a less powerful 'media centre'. Doesn't mean they know anything about 'resolution-gate'. Btw, it's 'each to their own', not 'each of their own'.

Why would the media cover it if no one cared then? And my 'personal bias'? What, as a PS4 owner? Er...
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BIB  +   431d ago

You just invalidated your own comment. If they pay less for a more powerful system, more than likely they already know the more powerful system has better resolution throughput (hence the gamer backlash with "resolution-gate") anyway. In addition, the idiom you quoted "each to their own" is wrong as well. Should be "to each their own" but thanks for the grammar lesson otherwise.
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dodgemoose  +   431d ago
'If they pay less for a more powerful system' it shows they have common sense. Anyway, don't let me stop you from believing every owner is aware of 'resolution-gate' - I'm sure they're all fascinated! Oh, and please don't feel so self-conscious, I just wanted to let you know the common expression is 'each TO their own' - rather than 'each OF their own' - so you don't make the same mistake again. :)
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AngelicIceDiamond  +   432d ago
@Chaostar Because realistically besides resolution the difference isn't that big.

The difference would be big if the X1 wasn't able to achieve 1080p.

Then the media would be all over it.

There's nothing to bicker about when both are 1080p (but people do somehow anyway)
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Chaostar  +   432d ago
"The difference would be big if the X1 wasn't able to achieve 1080p"

Isn't that exactly what's happening though? Sure, it's possible to make games 1080 on Xb One but so many are not and yet are on PS4.
Mr Pumblechook  +   432d ago
Resolution matters to the hardcore, but after the first year and a bit the mainstream crowd will start buying and at the moment they don't really know about resolution.

Also, you can bet Microsoft will announce a price drop at E3, the only uncertainty is whether they remove Kinect to do it. I suspect Spencer will.
Chaostar  +   432d ago
You're probably right but once the stigma of 'weaker console' is attached to the Xbox it may just carry into mainstream. I think the hardcore community has at least some influence on mainstream adoption.
-Mezzo-  +   432d ago
I'd say stop everything and give the Controller a revamp, they used to have the best Controller but this time, it just bad... Bad Design, Awkwardly/Needlessly Big, and get rid of the damn batteries ( It's Next Gen For God's Sake ).

Though i love the Thumb-sticks on it.

I don't understand how there's even a competition between PS4 & Xbox One's controllers.
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Fireseed  +   432d ago
"Awkward/Needlessly Big"

And yet it's smaller than the 360 controller...
Lukas_Japonicus  +   432d ago
I've actually really started to love the X1 controller, i think i would rate it higher than the 360 controller after using it for a while, which is shocking because the 360 controller used to be my favourite. The material used for the controller itself is better than the DS4, imo, so are the triggers. I still prefer the DS4 overall though. Here's what i think-

X1 controller

Better material for controller (much more sweat resistant, kind of a dry/matte feel)
Better materials of the sticks
Better triggers (dat luxury feel)


Better handles/comfort/grip (feels like it was made specifically for my hands, lol)
Better shoulder buttons (actual buttons, not cheap clicky things)
Better face buttons (sounds petty, but they feel better to press, lol)
Better sticks (i prefer the resistance of the DS4 sticks, X1 sticks are too small and too loose)
Better D-pad.

Overall, im really happy with both controllers this gen. I hated the DS3 last gen, so it was always awkward switching between the two consoles. But this gen, they both feel great and i have no problem going from my X1 to my PS4.

I know you shouldn't have to go out and buy play and charge kits in this day and age, rechargeable batteries as standard is ridiculous, but the play and charge kit for the X1 is excellent. Lasts absolutely ages.
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BX81  +   432d ago
You sir are drunk!
SixtyNine  +   432d ago
Everyone seems to know what's "best" for Microsoft.

@Mezzo about controllers, that's a subjective thing. I think the X1 controller is even better than the 360s one. I used it at the Xbox One tour in europe. The sticks, d-pad and triggers are all perfect.
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Godmars290  +   432d ago
But the batteries do need to go. Be rechargeable w/o needing an additional kit.
combolock  +   432d ago
the charge lasts like 2 weeks anyway....the current model doesn't need to go.
Hicken  +   432d ago
Well, Microsoft doesn't, else they'd be where they expected, and wouldn't have faced that backlash. That they keep saying it was an error in communicating their message, rather than their message being something not enough people wanted to hear, says they haven't quite leaned their lesson yet.
OrangePowerz  +   432d ago
I like how they still go like "It`s not our fault it`s the fault of the people because they just don`t get us and what we want to do". Not the slightest hint of remorse for trying to screw their costumers.
OrangePowerz  +   432d ago
I think MS has shown last year that they surely don`t know what is best for the Xbox, that`s the only way I explain that huge screw up. Everybody expected them to be the top dog this gen before the reveal until we saw the console and it`s features.
BIB  +   432d ago
Alot of those XBO owners who "know what's "best" did offer Microsoft some feedback on improving the console and interface...For you to insinuate that products owner's can't give input on how to improve a product is just asinine.

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SixtyNine  +   432d ago
Obviously, you're the one who's 'asinine' for failing to interpret my comment correctly.

I'd spell it out for you, but no. . I'll leave you to it.
BIB  +   431d ago

"you're the one who's 'asinine'"

Attack the person instead of the argument. Typical. No need to get defensive or sensitive. I didn't insult or try to make you or your comment look ignorant. You and the disagrees did that all on its own and the link in my comment proves my point.
OrangePowerz  +   432d ago
Fully agree with 1 and 3 and once they cut the Kinect and reduce the price I will get one.

Removing the disc drive and going digital only would end in a disaster. Not every person wants or can download 25-50GB large games especially not in the US where they have data limits. Plus what All in One multimedia device would that be that can`t play DVD or Blu Ray movies? Also it wouldn`t allow for a 50-100 bucks cheaper console because first of all Disc drives are not that expensive and secondly the money saving would be offset by the bigger HDD.
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HaydenJameSmith  +   432d ago
Cutting the disc drive or the kinect is not going to happen...

The only realistic thing that is going to happen is a price drop, MS have invested a lot of money with the Xbox One's Kinect and are trying to Unify there devices with Dx12 and so definitely have plans toward integrating the Voice Assistant Cortana to Xbox One... just like there Windows Phones... and would not see much use for her if you couldn't talk to her without the Kinect. Plus the console if marketed at being an All in One Smart device for your everything media related in the living room, a lot of smart tvs have voice commands now, Smart Phones too and even PS4 camera has a few basic voice commands and only made it optional to get the competitive edge not please the fans im afraid. Plus getting rid of the Disc drive wud alienate some people and lose the blu ray capabilities...

I think the best thing MS could do is start marketing it more as a Game console and really get back in touch with the gamers... Like Phil Spencer is trying to do (btw I think he is the best lead for Xbox Division, he is a gamer and listens to the fans) and cut the price of the Xbox One to at least match the PS4...
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OrangePowerz  +   432d ago
All Kinect is really there for is motion controller. No voice commands would need Kinect because it is only a Mic and everything else is done software side just like you can use any Mic on the PS4 like the cheap pack in headset to use voice commands.

There seems to be a bit of a misconception of what Kinect actually does especially when it comes to voice commands.
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HaydenJameSmith  +   432d ago
Kinect is a Mic, Motion Controller and Camera all built into one... when you take into consideration how much all those things would cost seprately the Kinect is not a bad piece of hardware... quality mic and quality camera...

But Video Calling is becoming a big form of communication across the world and the xbox one can achieve that now to with Skype...

Look I know id be part of the minority I love my Kinect but I am not clueless to what the Kinect actually is and capable of and still think its a great piece of kit and have no regret in having it and see a lot of positives than negatives to the Kinect...

Facial Recognition (signing in you or others)
Kinect-able Games
Skype Video chats
Motion control - Navigating etc.
Voice Commands (which i think are great)
even add immersion to other games with voice commands and motion control... eg DR3
Promotes it as a family console too...

the only negative thing I really see to the Kinect is it adds to the price of the console...

But I think the Kinect as a peripheral is becoming much more important to the console than people give it credit for and adds to the console is mostly a good way. It’s so much more accurate, flexible and immersive that it has the potential to create some great experiences in future. Potential the 360 Kinect never had. I realise its not everyone's cup of tea but when you buy a smart phone its not like you have the option of removing the camera to get the price down so why should it be any different with the Xbox One ? I think they will lower the price but not by removing the disc drive or the Kinect...

Promotes it as a family console. Parents will start approving of the games console just like the Nintendo Wii, I don't think there is anything wrong with widening the audience as long as they don't alienate there other fans in the process...
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SixtyNine  +   432d ago
So many of these types of articles, it gets ridiculous by the latest.

"cut the disc drive"
Supposedly, depriving fans of options benefits Microsoft.

They had a successful launch. It's been 6 months since the Xbox ONE released. They have a whole life cycle to Improve the Xbox ONE.

We'll know what their strategy is for Xbox ONE come E3 2014.
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Sheikh Yerbouti  +   432d ago
It is going to be option 1 and 3...both likely announced at E3. I think Sony will keep the momentum and its price through the Summer.
SilentGuard  +   432d ago
I would reason more people want a Blu-Ray drive than Kinect. No BR drive goes against the all-in-one idea behind the console. I don't understand why cutting Kinect is so difficult a decision. Is it better to have only 5 million consoles sold, all with Kinect; or 10 million consoles sold but only 5 million with Kinect? Kinect is like a dead wieght dragging an otherwise decent console down. If MS really wanted to go out on a limb and draw attention how about a system dropping both Kinect and the BR drive. A digital only system at an attractive $249-$299 price point.
KNWS  +   432d ago
Price is the biggest factor to why people have not bought an xb1 yet. Microsoft will likely reduce the price and still keep kinect.

A digital game download console is a real possibility (no disks)

I have lots of friends using the 360 still. I ask them when they getting one? When they can afford it, thats the usual answer i get back.
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Predaking77  +   432d ago
The thing is that the X1 have games and is still not selling well. The X1 already had many price cut and still is not selling well. The x1 had the his biggest game and is still not selling well.

The media is still looking for answers, if they do this and do that, but has anyone simply considered that the masses just don't want the X1?
KNWS  +   432d ago
They've sold 4 million consoles + in just 13 countries in under 6 months. Some countries around the world have populations of only 4 million people. Hardly what you call not selling.

Sony is selling in 72 countries 7 million. Lets get some reality here can we?

XB1 fans are buying more games than Sony fans. This all games on both platforms.

Software sales are crucial for a console to be considered a success.
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Predaking77  +   429d ago
I would love that MS launch the x1 on those territories so you people wake up and stop using that pathetic excuse.
greenlantern2814  +   431d ago
1: I don't think they will do this
2: they can't do this and call it an all-in-one, devices which is a huge part of what ms wants.
3: retailers already are, so ms might as well.
What will really help, The release of Halo 5. Because like it or not Halo has a huge fan base and I would wager that game will sell the most consoles. Via a special editions Halo XBl bundle
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