Please Stop Asking If JRPGs Are Making A Comeback

Kotaku - Every once in a while, someone must stand up and ask the Essential Question Of Our Time: are JRPGs dead?

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DemonChicken1670d ago

Guess they forgot about ni no kuni which kotaku hyped so much about

sonypsnow1670d ago

There are many great JRPGs on Wii & 3DS.

theshonen88991669d ago

Love Ni no Kuni but I don't think that's the point they're making. They're arguing that JRPG will never return to the apex that it rose to before the post PS3/Xbox 360 era. The reasoning is pretty simple, video games used to be a pretty niche culture that's not been expanded to a much more mainstream audience. It only makes sense that JRPGs would only be a fraction of that market, similar to anime or manga.

DanielGearSolid1670d ago (Edited 1670d ago )

Actually I'll keep asking, and theres nothing Kotaku is can do about it!

But yea, I see wat they're saying... Jrpgs are alive... But there was an undeniable dry spell

CustardTrout1670d ago

...Are JRPGS making a comeback?

RIP_Cell1670d ago

they are not dead, but be honest the genre is nowhere what is used to be

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The story is too old to be commented.