Lego The Hobbit Gets a Dubstep Festival Mode

Gamer Headlines writes: That’s right folks; the Dubstep craze has hit Middle Earth! While questing towards a lengthy Platinum Trophy in Lego The Hobbit, you can unearth one of the many Red Bricks that act as cheat mods for the game, giving you anything from stud multipliers, disguises, super slaps and many more besides. Well, activate one called Middle Earth Festival and you’ll never get bored roaming around the open world hunting down those final Mithril Bricks.

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Shredmeijster1665d ago

A full article about something that is already in the game and not even DLC or something? come on... It's fun, but not news worthy.

1665d ago
Immorals1665d ago

The sooner they stop adding dubstep to games the better.. It's awful, and makes the game feel dated really quickly..