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Submitted by Gioteck 583d ago | opinion piece

Why there must be a PSVita 2 and 3DS replacement

Gioteck discuss why the need for dedicated gaming handhelds stands, but is under threat:

"The market for dedicated handhelds is not what it was. The 3DS is selling very well, but it’s not the huge, mainstream success which was the original DS. Heck, even the original PSP eventually sold over 80 million units worldwide which the current PS Vita won’t get near to." (3DS, Nintendo DS, PS Vita, PSP, Tag Invalid)

Goro  +   584d ago
Unfortunately, i can't see Sony releasing another handheld after the Vita, as awesome as it would be, the Vita just didn't sell well enough to justify it for Sony.
Beetey  +   583d ago
I'm just not sure. Based on the how much they seem to like remote play, it wouldn't surprise me if they continue to make handhelds but market them more as an accessory to their home console.

As for Nintendo, I'm inclined to say that their next console will combine home and portable gaming. With the Wii U tablet, I just feel like this is the direction they are heading. It might also be a wiser decision for them financially; it's much easier to support one system than two.
STK026  +   583d ago
But, you see, Vita can do remote play very well already. My guess is that if Sony really intends to continue to push for remote play in the future, it won't be with a Vita follow-up. It would make more sense for them to create an add-on for the Xperia Z line that would add physical controls to it (similar to the Logitech powershell or the moga ace). The Xperia line is getting updated every year, and will continue to do so, it already packs more horse power than the Vita and it has a higher resolution display. Such an accessory would be inexpensive enough, and combined with an exclusive remote play app, this would be a real selling point for (struggling sales-wise) the Xperia Z line, giving it a chance to take some market shares away from Samsung.

I don't know about Nintendo, but as far as Sony is concerned, I think it would make more sense to use the Playstation to make a push in the very lucrative and competitive smartphone market than to create another dedicated handheld, mostly when considering just how the Vita has trouble capturing market shares.
porkChop  +   583d ago
It's Sony's own fault. Next to no marketing, next to no first party support, priced too high with ridiculously priced memory cards, etc. If Sony had handled the Vita the way they've been handling the PS4 then the Vita would have been a huge success. The Vita is running out of time, Sony needs to change their strategy or the system will never take off.
randomass171  +   583d ago
Well, it has taken off in Japan. And that's mostly due to the rise of Japanese-centric games for Vita.
Killzoner99  +   577d ago
I find your comment pretty laughable. The Vita is the superior handheld on the market. Have you even been following the recent Vita sales? The Vita is far from dead. In fact it's dominating in Japan. Check your facts in the future.
DonDon  +   583d ago
I've seen fan made concepts for a psp/sony xperia phone hybrid. Seemed like amazing idea. Imagine if sony told their phone division to make a specific vita phone. It would combine the hardcore handheld market with the appeal of free android games. Combine the Vita's ability to do remote play and play digital ps1 games & psp, and we have a winner. Plus every new phone has both wifi AND 4G capabilities. The current vita models make u have to choose between the two (and a dreaded AT&T plan if u choose wifi model). But if it's a phone, then we can choose any data provider company we want.

Here's a concept PS VITA phone art concept:


Even if it was expensive, cell phones are usually cheap with a calling/data plan and are payed off slowly in monthly instalments.
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3-4-5  +   583d ago
They are both going to sell for at least another 4-6 years.

Both are getting new games released every month. Those add up, and eventually both will have really good libraries of games.

3DS is already on it's way there, and has done a great job of being a system that lets me experience a lot of games.

Vita is slowly making it's way in that direction, and every game released on the Vita, makes it that much more appealing to own.
tubers  +   583d ago
While there's a good chance it won't be another dedicated device exactly like the VITA and PSP, I see Sony never giving up on interactive portable entertainment.

The VITA will just get absorbed is some of Sony's platform, most likely stuck between the PS division and Mobile Hardware division.

I think the VITA will be Sony's longest handheld to get various h/w iterations of specially if PS Now becomes more mainstream.
randomass171  +   583d ago
I think we will see another handheld after Vita from Sony. But I think it may follow the console/portable hybrid approach that Nintendo is leaning toward.
PrinceOfAllSaiyans  +   583d ago
I'm hoping Sony gives it another go and actually try this time. The Vita has so much potential and its a great machine.
Goro  +   583d ago
Sony gave the Vita great support with exclusive AAA titles in it's first few months with games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Unit 13, Resistance: Burning Skies, Wipeout 2048, Little Deviants and so on... but unfortunately it just wasn't selling well enough for them to continue.
Since the PSP launched, the market for the DS & especially Mobile gaming has increased significantly hence why there's not nearly as much demand for the Vita as there was for the PSP despite it undoubtedly being the most greatest handheld console on the market when it comes to specifications.
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Elronza  +   583d ago
Sorry but I own an Nvidia Shield which is the greatest handheld ever made! Which also dwarfs all of the PS Vita's specs,but here's proof so you don't just have my words to go by and yes I do also own a 3G PS Vita!
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   583d ago
Uncharted: Golden Abyss - lol please
Gravity Rush - amazing game - kept the game
Unit 13 - very good game - didn't keep though
Resistance: Burning Skies - didn't play has no interest to
Wipeout 2048 - good game - didn't keep though
Little Deviants - didn't play has no interest to
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ritsuka666  +   583d ago
The Vita has so much potential '''

Sorry, but they not have. stop be delusional...

I'm hoping Sony gives it another go and actually try this time'''

Vita is a last portable of Sony. Let's be real people.
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randomass171  +   583d ago
What's real is Vita is killing it in Japan. It could do better in the west too. Sony just misread the market. I doubt they want to lose potential money. So yeah, let's be real.
pwnsause_returns  +   580d ago
no they read the market. But the read it the wrong way.

they did things we wanted them to fix.

No UMD- flash cards instead
More ram which allowed for better multitasking
dual analog sticks

problem is the pricing and the support of the thing in the west.

the memory cards is the nail to the coffin with the thing.

you can get a 32gb hi speed micro sd card for $20 where as a 32gb vita memory card is what? 60-80$
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McScroggz  +   583d ago
Sadly I don't see Sony releasing another handheld. I hope I'm wrong though.
zero_gamer  +   583d ago
It wouldn't be any surprise if the Vita won't be succeeded by another handheld. Just like Nintendo might only release one more home console before they go handheld only, that is if it would do as poor as the Wii U marketing wise.

Sony is so oblivious to the fact their memory cards for the Vita are still, to this day, overpriced, and their marketing agenda is non-existent. The hardware is great and all, and has lots of potential that might unfortunately never materialize. PSP sold much better than the Vita but remember, the homebrew, CFW, and piracy community makes up a decent-sized chunk of the sales.

Nintendo is so oblivious to the fact third party support is just as important as first party, as the games make up more than 75% of the entire catalog of games for a system. They're lucky enough to get A LOT of third party on their handhelds, but this isn't a reality for their home consoles after the SNES, the Wii U being the absolute best and most recent example.

I really hope Nintendo learns from their major mistakes they made with the Wii U with their next system. Their next handheld, however, would be a major success if they continue pulling the right cards as they did with their previous generations.

If Sony does give the handheld another try, hopefully they'll learn from what they did wrong with the Vita. I will for sure buy one regardless of the faults.
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   583d ago
Nintendo is not dropping out of console.
Pillsbury1  +   583d ago
There will obviously be a successor to the 3ds as it is nintendos most profitable market right now. Although the vita seems to be selling well in japan, I don't see them releasing another piece if hardware in the portable market as they are trying to push their subscription services via mobile platforms.
feraldrgn  +   583d ago
I hope Sony tries again, but makes sure not to go in thinking handhelds need console experiences.

FFCC, KHBBS, MGS:PW, MH:FU etc. were brilliant games so I'd like more of those experiences please.
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nevin1  +   583d ago
I'm agreement with porkchop.

Sony may have damaged their portable business going forward.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   583d ago
PSvita2 is a stretch idk if Sony would want to make another handheld or if that would even be a viable option.

3DS is fine I expect it to do between 80-100mil. I would rlly like for Nintendo to release an HD handheld in the future that would be amazing.
tubers  +   583d ago
I think Nintendo would make a smart move of keeping the next gen 3DS cheap but effectively is a bit more powerful than the PS3 if it has a lower resolution screen.


$ 179.99 - $ 299.99

--> 800 x 480 Top and Bottom internal resolutions (3DS is 400 x 240 per eye in autos. 3D)
--> PS3+ compute (Tegra K1 Q4 2014 tablet chip will be about as powerful as a PS3/360).
--> 2 Circle Pads/4 Shoulder Buttons but maybe not both.

What the biggest limitation (w/c may not be much to some) of the next gen Nintendo handheld would be controls.

There's a chance they'd just put in 2 sticks instead of a full set of ZL/ZR + Clicking Circle Pads.
johny5  +   583d ago
I would really want Sony to release another handheld but sadly mobile gamers won't buy it unless it has a 1080p screen minimum!
dodgemoose  +   583d ago
1080p would be ridiculous. Complete overkill.
tubers  +   583d ago
That is FAR from the reason why most "mobile gamers" don't buy the VITA.

Most smartphone/modern-tablet gamers prefer very cheap or freemium games that are very easy to get in and out off (including load times); simpler mechanics.. and with superior multi-media and multi-tasking (switching apps to keep up with news and friends).

A lot of the gaming demographic (not just mobile gamers) seem to prefer "bigger experiences" on home consoles or maybe at least not watered down versions that may be found on the VITA exclusives. Just check the sales.

Most seem to not appreciate that the toned down VITA exclusives are just mostly $ 40 out of the gate but expect home console content w/c is 30%+ more expensive.

There are hundreds of millions of gamers (PS4/PS3, X1/360, Wii/U/3DS, PC) but only a fraction went with the VITA (8-10m user base).
bjmartynhak  +   583d ago
I want a bulky PSVita with all inputs. Most people play at home anyway.
Skate-AK  +   583d ago
I would buy a Vita 2 in a couple years if they made one. I love my Vita.
patchzon  +   583d ago
i love portable consoles and will always do. The vita is my favorite,i have owned most of them since the nineties.For me it would be sad if nintendo and sony stop making dedicated handhelds,i just can't play portable games on phones or tablets no matter how powerful they'll be,i just can't and i will never do so,long live the dedicated handhelds!!!!
tweet75  +   583d ago
the problem with vita is storage only allowing a max of 32 gb? I would spend so much more on dlc and games if I could store more. I hate downloading again and again i like to have all my purcheased games right there
dodgemoose  +   583d ago
You can get 64GB memory cards, but you'd have to import it and it would be rather pricey.
problemchild84  +   582d ago
Yeah the 64GB cards are about $100 right now, sometimes I see them for around $75.

I have been thinking of getting one but haven't been able to pull the trigger on it yet (I only payed $150 for my (new) 3G Vita a few weeks ago, seems ridiculous to spend 2/3 of that on a memory card).
FlyingFoxy  +   583d ago
3ds is a tidy system, but for their next handheld i'd like it to be more comfy to hold.. it is a bit uncomfortable compared to the Vita. Plus if they must have a dpad on it, they shouldn't have it right at the bottom of the system. I don't even have fat fingers or anything so i assume it's made more for younger people than adults.

Vita has a nice screen size, comfy to hold, capable hardware.. but not nearly as many quality games as the 3ds, ah well.
BenqMagician  +   583d ago
Look all Sony needs is a handheld that's less then $200 and it has the google play store so it can play android games. Also who says that the next Nintendo handheld will be equal too the vita oh and i'd like too see a micro hdmi port as well and have all the features of the nivida shield. Here's a idea sony how about sell a smaller vita for children(Nintendo is selling like what 3 different handhelds).
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DivineAssault  +   583d ago
i love my vita to DEATH but i feel it needs what 3DS has... & by that i mean a flip close feature to keep the screen protected.. Also R2 R3/L2 L3 buttons.. Keep the OLED though for crying out loud.. An attachment would be ok but then it wouldn't fit in my case & id have to buy another...

3DS needs what vita has... & what i mean by that is DUAL THUMB PADS! Also the ability to connect to the wii u & share content.. They have an attachment i bought for the XL but its so massive that i dont bother useing it or trying to fit it in the case...

Both needed some simple yet effective features that wouldve made they perfecct companions for their home console big brothers
randomass171  +   583d ago
The circle pad pro gives the 3DS the things you said it was missing, but I get what you mean. 3DS should have had those features out of the box. Missed opportunity for sure.
ninjahunter  +   583d ago
I think the vita has a lot of potential left. The devs that actually use 'real' engines always pull off very amazing stuff on it. An example would be killzone on the vita, that game is ridiculous, doesn't quite have as many polygons as the ps3 games, but I think that many of the added effects make it even more aesthetically pleasing than the PS3 killzone games.
endrwggn83  +   583d ago
I'd be as happy as a pig in slop if they made a vita 2 but I don't see that happening.
jhunbogs  +   583d ago
im satisfied with my vita now.. lots of games and etc.. but a psvita 2 would be a good idea if sony will make one..
slivery  +   583d ago
Ugh you people who want your phone to be a dedicated gaming device make me sick, you're literally the reason why handheld gaming is doing poorly and why things even like the 3DS are starting to dwindle in sales.

It is insulting seeing all these people just assume Sony will give up on handheld gaming, and no one barely mentions Nintendo's Wii U but hey neither of them are giving up on either in my opinion but if you are going to get on the topic of why Sony should stop, you definitely should talk about others also.

You all need to watch the interview with Shuhei Yoshida and Mark Cerny, I mean all of it. If you are passionate about anything in your life, watch the interview because there is something you can take from it. It was an inspiring look into their lives and really shows you how genuine they actually are and how much they care about gaming.

If you saw the passion these two have for gaming, you wouldn't even question whether or not Sony would be making another handheld you would know they are. Especially considering remote play is very well received and they have not even fully released PS Now yet to accompany that, you all come to the conclusion the Vita is dead in the water just two years into its life span? The Wii U and PS Vita still have time to make a recovery. The Vita isn't doing that badly anyway other than outside Japan, it is the number two top selling device every media create and it always has software in the charts to boast, it is even right on the edge of surpassing the 3DS's entire line.

Could it be doing a lot better? Sure.. Here is the thing though, Sony knew it wouldn't be anywhere near PSP's level of success, if you watched the interview with Shuhei, he talks about this and why consoles are not doing well in Japan also. Shuhei and Mark aren't going anywhere and as long as at least Shuhei Yoshida is apart of Sony, you can bet your ass we are going to see more handhelds from them.

Shuhei knew this all along, he isn't some idiot who doesn't pay attention to anything around him, this mobile boom was happening when they were making the Vita and Shuhei talks about how he knew the device would struggle because of the popularity of cell phones. He even knew the PS4 wasn't going to sell gang busters in Japan also, so it isn't like he wasn't expecting any of this and this has somehow caught them off guard.

He also talks about the importance of having a dedicated entertainment device, so all of you hoping Sony will merge their handhelds with a phone, keep dreaming and rightfully so, because I sure as hell don't want to live in that time period, when we have nothing but phones to game on.. God what a shitty future that would be..

Seriously the idea of phones ever becoming serious gaming devices is so far fetched because they are "PHONES", they never will or were meant to be that, so why try to force them to be just to have everything mashed together to equal a way less satisfying experience? I'll pass and I am not saying every game on phones is absolutely awful but gaming on a phone regularly is just impractical.

I don't know why I bother though, the idea that people come to these ridiculous conclusions so early in a system life span, is just that, very ridiculous.
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