Clive And The Stones Kickstarter Launched

Clive & The Stones of the Ancient Bunnies is a 3d Action Platformer inspired but the Classics of the Genre such as Spyro, Jak and Daxter, Banjo Kazooie etc. After a long while waiting for the next big "Mascot" Platformer, only to be disappointed that it never came, they decided to make their own! Thus Clive, their love letter to the genre, was born! (Kickstarter, PC)

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Rockefellow  +   463d ago
This looks charming enough, and the game sounds as if it's in a very good place already, but I'll wait to see how reception is and hear a bit more from the devs before pledging. I don't really trust a Kickstarter page that's rife with spelling errors and poor grammar-- if the project lead can't be bothered to proofread his own damned campaign, it shows little respect for the people they're asking money from (or laziness, of a lack of intelligence-- none of which are good in a situation where you're handing money over).
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