Losing my VRginity to: Star Wars

VRFocus: In the months since VRFocus launched we’ve heard from many interesting figures in the virtual reality (VR) space as they openly discussed their first experience with the immersive technology. From Matt Sonic’s adventures in Dactyl Nightmare to Nick Pittom’s love loss in the 1980s and eventual return to the fray with the Oculus Rift development kit, there’s been some fascinating stories that have lead to many of these people becoming fully invested in VR as both a hobby and a career. After nine other VR enthusiasts have taken the time to share their stories, I thought it was about time I offered VRFocus‘ readers mine.

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Cam977819d ago

Oh my lord, that title is the nerdiest thing I've ever read 😂

kevco33819d ago

You didn't need to comment on this, but you have earned bubbles from me in doing so.

All hail nerdism.

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Cam977818d ago

Yeah thanks, i know what you mean and I'm definitely not criticising it or saying being what they call a 'nerd' is bad but y'all have to admit that I have a point hahaha!
Sorry if I offended anybody.

kevco33818d ago

@Cam977 Haha! Not at all! I genuinely laughed when I read it! Fair play to you, brother. :)

Boody-Bandit819d ago (Edited 819d ago )

For me it was a young hot gymnast. Trust me when I say it doesn't get any better than that. She was very, well um.... bendy and she had incredible stamina. ;)

On topic:
I want to lose my "VR"ginity to a racing game or a movie like Avatar.

dillhole819d ago

Now the VRginity is taken care of, you can focus on the real thing.