Upcoming PS4 Music Player App Revealed by Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida’s PSN Profile

Looks like the PS4 is indeed getting a music player, as revealed by Shu Yoshida's PSN profile.


Updated with more info.

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RytGear1668d ago

This looks very promising for MP3 support!

user14394141668d ago

It would be great to add MKV support also.

90Supra1668d ago

That would be awesome...

morganfell1668d ago

I hope it adds MKV as well. I already have the ability directly through my Sony 4K TV as well as the 4K Media Player. No more having to use the Java Media server to transcode makes it a breeze. I would love to see this expand more since it is such a high quality format container.

randomass1711668d ago

Would be pretty awesome if you can use it during gameplay. Online games + music is always fun.


I did not understand what Bungie is doing? A music player?

kingPoS1667d ago

AAC support too!

Gateway MT6706 2008

fr0sty1667d ago

I saw Adam Boyes also was using the demo, and it also had a "join session" button on it, indicating you may be able to listen to your music with friends (not sure how they'd work out the legality of that, but we'll see).

As for the bungie thing, perhaps testing in-game custom soundtracks.

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USMC431668d ago


Just curious as to see how PS4 games look up-converted on your 4K TV? I'm thinking about getting one.

respekanize911668d ago

me too @morganfell...skipped 3d, still got my 1080p 240hz bravia from 2010...looking to make the jump in june...whats the deal mannnnnn???

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF1668d ago

Uhhhhh.. the PS4 doesn't have the ability to play music?!?!?! What the?!


Of course PS4 can play music, the problem is it can't read the music from HDD, USB or Discs. As of now it only plays music through Music Unlimited (Sony's music stream service), but it was known before release PS4 wouldn't play MP3 out of the box, rather they promised that many PS3 features (including probably the music player) would come later, this is what we're discussing, a way to play CDs, MP3, MKV, etc...

hakis861668d ago

In the future, may we hope for more apps, like perhaps Spotify, other apps like Netflix?

KwietStorm1668d ago

Other apps like Netflix?

Madderz1668d ago Show
mixelon1667d ago

Weird, i read "other apps like netflix" to mean other apps that are similar to netflix, and not "other apps including netflix" which was clearly always available.

Weird disagrees.

Anyway, i certainly agree about Spotify.. Not sure they'd be into it considering they'd rather we used Music Unlimited for that purpose. :(

hakis861665d ago (Edited 1665d ago )

YES, I meant Similar too Netflix... other streaming apps... YouTube App perhaps.
Come on people :P

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AceBlazer131668d ago

I had a mind it would be something like this when i downloaded the inFamous soundtrack

iiorestesii1667d ago

This could simply be an improved music player for their current payed plan. That's my bet.

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Tatsuya 1668d ago

Destiny Public Beta announcement on Monday. Please be TRUE! :)

CyborgMonkee1668d ago

It certainly looks very likely, as far as I can remember first access to the public beta for Destiny would be available on Playstation platforms.

Sheikh Yerbouti1668d ago

Looks like he was dropping two hints: Shu having listened to a meeting on upcoming beta of Destiny on an upcoming music player app for the PS4.

1668d ago
XtraTrstrL1668d ago

As long as the music player allows music to be played in games the same way Music Unlimited does, then its cool. If they try to do some crap where Music Unlimited is the only way to play music in the background, then it'll be very [email protected]

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WickedLester1668d ago

Agreed! Sony needs to understand that gamers are not going to pay a subscription in order to use music that they already own! The whole concept of subscription based music streaming is just stupid to me.

thejigisup1668d ago

What's fantastic abut music unlimited to me is simply the ease of access. I have a ridiculous amount of CD's that I've collected since early middle school and truthfully I haven't taken great care of all of them/never got around to ripping them. I don't purchase music too often now and I frequently use sites like 8tracks and soundcloud. Music unlimited allows me full access to full albums that I would never have purchased again but love listening to. Our allies me to support a wide array of artists for cheap. For the price of one album a month I have access to a ridiculously library that I can access from my pc's, smart phones, ps3, ps4, vita. I can download playlists and not feel bad about it, truthfully I used to pirate music quite often when a new album came out just to check it out before I bought it. More I feel like I get it/just about every new album for pennies on the dollar considering how much music I listen to.

Bennibop1668d ago

Have been using music unlimited since it's launch and I am big fan. I used to buy loads of music each month but this way saves me a lot of money. I am sure most people want mp3 support as it allows them to play pirated CDs which hurts the music industry.

WickedLester1668d ago


Give me a break! Not EVERYBODY is a crook. I have tons of MP3's that I either bought off of Amazon or converted myself from CD's.

Sheikh Yerbouti1668d ago

I'm not going to lie and say I bought every CD or song. But I've bought and rip hundreds of CDs and will continue to do so until my hearing fails me. Enough that I would love to play them and all 250 GB of music on my PS4 like I do my PS3, HTC phone, ASUS tablet, Dell computer and Toshiba laptop.

I had Music Unlimted, but I found the selection limiting. I just appreciate too broad selection. I'll go from Roy Ayers to Sun Ra to the Doors to the Roots to Brownie McGhee to Daft Punk.

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Afistnu1668d ago

Ages= Since 2006. I understand.

hellzsupernova1668d ago

The only games that are any good for this are driving games.

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thejigisup1668d ago

Any type of support is welcomed. Like Carla said they often use misleading beta code names. However this is far too blatant, I believe they meant to let this one slip so I'm gonna take it as a confirmation. Maybe not for the next update but def soon.

randomass1711668d ago

The next update is expected to be big. I'll be surprised if this isn't included. I mean the same update is allowing controller light dimming AND removal of the HDMI recording restriction.

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