Do Unnecessary Trophies Ruin Games ?

SimplyPlaystationGaming take a look at Trophies and can too many ruin games?

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DialgaMarine1664d ago

Trophies are simply something to do on the side for those out there that want to take playing the games they own to a level beyond simply completing it or enjoying it. You don't have to get trophies to enjoy games. It's all optional.

SpinalRemains1381663d ago

They are optional, but they also add a sense of obligation to a given play style.

Trophies are fascist. They are a way for the developer to dictate which way we play their games.

Maybe I don't want to kill 1000 enemies with weapon A,B, or C because I prefer using weapon G the whole game.

Sometimes they annoy me. They only reward play which the developer deems fit.

Summons751663d ago

I agree. I also do not see how they 'add replayability'. A game should be replayable on its own merits and not the dev telling me I have fully played the game because I didn't do x in the last mission. To be honest I think I've replayed FF6, MGS3 (ps2 version), Earth Defense Force (SNES) more times than any post trophy game during my youth. Niger, Lost Odyssey, Catherine, and Dragon Age have been the only games with trophies I've replayed close to ten time on my own terms and not for trophies. So I think that argument is bogus.

Visiblemarc1663d ago

It truly depends on your play style and the type of game.

For me, a game like the Last of Us doesn't need trophies. I could see it being fun to go back and get them all, but it more than stands on it's own.

Then you have a game like Assassin's Creed 4. I played it to the end, as I usually do, but the experience was tarnished by the trophies. By this I mean, there is sort of an inherent trophy orientation for a completionist's game, such as AC4.

The fly in the ointment, so to speak, was the multiplayer requirements. It makes little sense to force people to play 60 hours of multiplayer to get that satisfying pop, after all the collectibles and territory opening exercises.

Farcry 3 had a multiplayer requirement, but it was in proportion to the rest of the tasks. That said, I think multiplayer trophies are generally annoying.

kayoss1663d ago

"Trophies are fascist. They are a way for the developer to dictate which way we play their games."

How is it that developers are dictating you to play a game "their" way? You do not make any sense what so ever. Trophies are optional, if you dont get them, it in no way or form affect the outcome of the game or gameplay. The game will not suddenly breakdown if you miss a trophy, you are not obligated to aquire a trophy in order to move on in a game.
Trophies are optional but for those who seek them, trophies reward those people with evident that they made the most out of the game.

randomass1711663d ago

But the thing is you can ignore those trophies and simply come back to them when you've completed the game and already played it your way. If NES games had achievements, I think players would be more welcoming to the concept today because any smart gamer can do a ton of things with even the most limited game.

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Goro1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I hate trophies yet i can't stop earning them. I got 29 platinum trophies in 2013.

Lord_Sloth1663d ago

I only go for the plat if it's along the way. The only exception to this is the Dead Space 2 plat. I'm so proud off that thing.

MNGamer-N1663d ago

I've found that I only try to get all of the trophies on games that I really enjoy playing. If there is a game that is just "OK" then I'll complete the game, but not return for the platinum.

WOW 29 is a lot though, that is a ton of play time. Unless they were easy?

randomass1711663d ago

Yeah, I've mostly neglected my trophies and have just earned them as I played my games. Providing something that's completely optional is never a bad thing. The only bad ones are the ones that are glitched or are somehow now unattainable.

LoveForGames1663d ago

In my opinion only online trophies are unnecessary and tend gamer to play the game not intended. i realized this one in killzone shadow fall, the multiplayer beeing awesome, no one plays/played support because of easy trophies. they did the challange and never played this class again until they completed other challanges for the trophy.

thats what i dislike MP trophies so much.

Immorals1663d ago

I hate multiplayer achievements/trophies as it makes me feel like I've only completed half the game. Usually due to the multiplayer being terrible, or deserted (or a mixture of both)

MAULxx1663d ago (Edited 1663d ago )

I agree with Spinla Remains138. I have trophy notifications turned off on my PS3 & PS4. I don't want to see them pop or reminding me that they're there. I want to play the game for the game itself.
I don't care if they add 5,000 trophies to a game. If it's not enjoyable then I'm not playing it. I also don't like how people go off trophy popping while your supposed to be playing the game together, co-op. "Hey, let's do A,B & C to get this trophy!"
Sigh, okay, hurry up, lets get this trophy out of the way SO WE CAN PLAY THE GAME! Lol.

randomass1711663d ago

I should definitely do that for when I play the game for the first time. Except for Deadpool. That game used the Achievements as one of its many fourth wall breaking jokes.

Stoppokingme1663d ago

I like the idea of trophies because it can extend the lifespan of a game, if you're a perfectionist you'll hunt those trophies over multiple playthroughs, which gets you more value for your money.

But some trophies shouldn't exist, like the one you get after passing the tutorial. Trophies should be earned, It makes the moment more rewarding when you finally get one.

air11663d ago

I agree trophies shouldn't be given out over stupid things and hopefully it will evolve into unlockables like a super rare sword or something.. You should have seen my face when I scanned the day one card for xb1! I don't think I got points for it but it was completely useless and dumb.

Immorals1663d ago

On XBox you get a slight discount on purchases

randomass1711663d ago

Agreed. Online multiplayer is too random and sparse for achievements to be adequately obtained unless they are very easy. The other problem is if the game's servers get shutdown then those achievements are gone forever.

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