Why should game stories make sense?

Video games have a plot problem, that's no news.

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SpinalRemains1381691d ago

Because if they don't, you wind up with a giant turd in which it seems a 10 year old finished the writing after a deadline crept up.

Beyond Two Souls is one such game.

Scrivlar1691d ago

C'mon man, Beyond wasn't that bad. It wasn't amazing I'll give you that, but I enjoyed playing it.

alexkoepp1691d ago

Stories are supposed to make sense. Otherwise you end up with a mess like Metal Gear Solid series.

Hicken1691d ago

Something about siblings marrying and certain trolls being born comes to mind... But that's not gaming related.

Not every game needs a story. But if it's there, it should at least make sense. Frankly, if anything has a story, it should make sense... Unless the point is to intentionally be senseless.

I think neither Beyond nor MGS are examples of stories that don't make sense, but rather stories that not everyone understands. Particularly in the case of the latter, there's a lot of content spanning decades and numerous games; if you miss out on or ignore certain things, it's natural for it to not make sense to you.

Farsendor11691d ago

i have never played heavy rain or beyond two souls or any game like those.

a lot of detail went into this article i actually didnt think it was anything to worry about uncharted, tomb raider, walking dead, ffx and other games have good stories. if i cant remember the middle details im fine with that as long as the gameplay held together and i understood the story in the end.

jhunbogs1691d ago

i always play games for their stories..

Farsendor11691d ago

me to but compared to movies game stories arent great.

ginsunuva1691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

TLOU, SotC, MGS >> 99% of movie stories

PygmelionHunter1691d ago


MGS Agreed, I actually haven't played SotC yet, but it's on my to-play list thanks to PS+.

TLOU, though, is nothing special when it comes to the story, same goes for all of the Uncharted games. The thing that makes all of these games stand out from the rest is the way the stories are TOLD, that ranges all the way from the dialogues to the characters' animations.

levian1691d ago

Not I. Don't get me wrong, I love a game with a good story. But games that ONLY have a good story, and crappy gameplay? Doesn't work for me.


If the story sucks but the gameplay is awesome, I'll still play the game and love it, perfect example being Dragon's Dogma.

If the story is great but the gameplay is boring as hell, I'll return that sucker the next day. $70 is not worth a game that is not enjoyable to play. I

f I wanted a good story and only a good story, I'd watch a movie

TheGrimReaper00111691d ago

and sometimes the story sucks so much, it becomes entertaining :D

Agreed though

Gameplay > story > ...... > graphics

DefenderOfDoom21691d ago

yeah, if the gameplay is not good, the story is not good , If the gameplay is great , i usually enjoy the story no matter how bad it may be!

Sly-Lupin1690d ago

Herpderp, easily the dumbest premise for an article I've seen all year.

So, in return, let me pose a question of my own: why should essays be interesting, coherent, or well-written?

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