Pirates Of The Caribbean Online is Back, With Pirates Online Rewritten

Avast ye landlubbers! Pirates Online Rewritten is an ongoing project to recreate and improve upon the now defunct Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean Online, the fun piratey themed MMO that shut down on Sept 2013.

This is a fan made project that uses Disney Interactive’s POTCO assets and content (with their permission) that’s strictly non-profit orientated and 100% free to play – it has to be or Disney will sue. This means that Pirates Online Rewritten is being created by devs who are genuinely passionate about the game, and it will be an MMO geared towards gameplay and fun, instead of fleecing players out of their cash with micro-transactions.

All going well, Pirates Online Rewritten could be a great MMO, be warned though, pirate games can be quite addictive – they say once ye lose yer first hand, ye get hooked!

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