Xbox One: Microsoft Claims Cloud Computing Can Provide Power of 3 Xbox Ones, 32 Xbox 360s

Microsoft re-introduced the Xbox One to the Japanese audience today during a series of livestreamed stage events at the Nico Nico Chokaigi 3 festival at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo.

Considering the results of the Xbox 360 in Japan, Microsoft is facing an uphill battle to sell the console to local gamers, and isn’t afraid to make bold claims to bolster its guns.

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F4sterTh4nFTL1693d ago

My PC is still more powerful.

Kayant1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

"It’s relevant to mention that the rep talked about computational power, not graphical fidelity" - Hmmm reminds me of Dan Greenawalt's claims 1080p+their physics engine they are running that wouldn't have be possible without the cloud or the 600% more AI capability with the cloud. These claims are always hard to measure from our perspective especially the one of 1080p+their physics engine because it's not like if you don't go online you won't be getting the underlining physics model.

These things lean too heavy toward PR.

Kayant1693d ago

Also the fact we have gone from "infinite"
to 40x greater than X360 with cloud or 10x greater with cloud
to the now 3x the power with cloud.

So am sure anyone can see why this seems too much like PR when there is no clear definition of the power that can be seen and is a similar situation to when different execs where saying different things about DRM.

MysticStrummer1693d ago

Yeah and every step of the way, from infinite to 3x, the MS defenders are here to tell the realists what haters they are.

Meanwhile MS is now sitting back and wondering if the number they threw out this time will help XB1 sales.

joeorc1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )


Lol that kinda is like "well if sony was so good at Motion controls or really backed it why did they wait until after Nintendo to release the motion control system..LO

How come if Microsoft was so far ahead of Sony in this part of the grid Computing why are they not ahead of release over Sony's PS4 + REMOTE ACCESS PLAY?


whats freaking ironic is out of all the motion control systems released last cycle sony's playstation Move was the most accurate, than if you really want to look at projective eco systems Sony's VR system is not getting released? oh' wait Sony has a VR system in place, sure after oc. rift..lmao!

never mind @ siggraph Sony showed off VR a long time ago for gaming purposes....!

I mean in a VR environment you need accurate tracking to handle the manipulation of objects inside the Environment. the very fact that kinect also allows you to track in a 3D depth environment already tell's you something bot companies were looking @ not just motion control by itself when they developed the product.

Sony is not out there "trying to claim" its not just proof of concept stages its in real time application! the point is what Sony and Microsoft are doing with the cloud structure is not the same thing. But what is shown is Sony is right now being able to show results of that investment on the open market.

Until Microsoft can do the same with the claims its going to be a hard sell to some about "if they can even be able to do what they are saying they can"

The fact Microsoft is spending that kinda money to do it, is really a good thing is if they really think they can get it to that point, at this point im sure investors want to know if they indeed can do it!

Tempest3171693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

"by the equivalent of three Xbox Ones". The first article ypu linked (the "infinite power" article) states this within the first paragraph. Not saying the massibe amount of articles and different statements arent consfusing, but that article says 3x (from june 2013) and it lines up with wjat theyre saying now. Not that I believe it, but when after you sort out the bullshit, seems like theyre actually staying consistent with the claims, they just use bizzwords like "infinite" and "limitless" to throw us off.

randomass1711693d ago

To be fair, if there's one thing Microsoft needs to fix up it's their PR. They seem to truly believe that the cloud will jack up the Xbox One's power. I for one really want to see this in action.

Abriael1693d ago

Someone didn't read "It’s relevant to mention that the rep talked about computational power, not graphical fidelity"

HacSawJimThugin1693d ago

I'm sorry but I watched a stream last night (CS Go) and it was running at 120 fps and I was not impressed. The game looked the same as a game running at 60. Disagree all you like but anything over 18fps the eye perceives as smooth motion. Maybe it runs a lot smoother at that frame rate but it's not something that screams must have to me.

TheGrimReaper00111693d ago

I think it really depends from game to game
Just 2 at the top of my head right now
- The Last Of Us at 30FPS? No problem

- League of Legends at 30FPS? Fucking unplayable!

I play LOL always at 60 fps. Yesterday for some reason, i stuck at 30 fps. It was such a dreadfull experience, I simply quit the game, restarted my pc and rejoined.

Thing is, if the game is running at 60 fps, I really think that's enough.

Also and no offence, but from what retarded wiki page did you get that 18 fps is considered a smooth motion bullshit?!
I'd have to look it up, but I believe it was around 25 fps. Watch a video at 18 and tell me it's smooth without lying

HacSawJimThugin1693d ago

@thegrimreaper0011 none taken. I can remember where I read it but all I did was Google the human eye and fps. I agree that it does depend on the game and anything over 60fps is just a waste.

Milesprowers1693d ago

Why would a 'Stream' filled with compression be an indicator of how smooth 120hz gameplay.

Lower frame rates = Higher input lag

mcgrottys1693d ago


18 fps may look smooth but only if they have proper motion blur (better than the stuff in games), hence why a 24fps movie looks great but a game running at 24fps might not.

I would never want to play a game at 18fps though.

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Deadpool1011693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

To be honest, MS is maybe telling the truth but it makes no difference as the results will ultimately come down to each persons internet connection. If you're still on broadband rather than fibre optic (like a large portion of the population) then I doubt it will work as well as they claim. Then again the same can be said for stream gaming I guess, a slow connection will result in less responsive gameplay.

OrangePowerz1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

There is an easy rule. You don't develop for the lowest denominator. Even if it would work the amount of users that could take advantage of it is lower than the users that can't take advantage of it and that in return would result in a lot less sales.

As for the streaming of games, slower connections can be offset easier since it is easier to sync everything up and the data for controller inputs is rather small, but there would be some sort of controller lag with slower connections. The bigger issue is with the video quality as a lower connection will result in a picture with more fragments and macroblocking.

randomass1711693d ago

Microsoft kind of HAS to be telling the truth with the way they are hyping this up. I think Microsoft knows full well that this cannot be all smoke and mirrors or it's just going to tarnish their already fragile image as a game publisher.

Visiblemarc1693d ago

Maybe...but if so, team up with a big dev and blow the world's socks off. Stop telling us how awesome it is and expect people to wait patiently. People believe what they see, way more than what they hear. I agree with many here, that this is really poor PR.

I feel like MS as an overlord is probably harming the Xbox division by trying to micro manage them. This seems the only explanation for the odd messaging from a company that should know better.