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Submitted by Abriael 583d ago | news

Xbox One: Microsoft Claims Cloud Computing Can Provide Power of 3 Xbox Ones, 32 Xbox 360s

Microsoft re-introduced the Xbox One to the Japanese audience today during a series of livestreamed stage events at the Nico Nico Chokaigi 3 festival at the Makuhari Messe in Chiba, near Tokyo.

Considering the results of the Xbox 360 in Japan, Microsoft is facing an uphill battle to sell the console to local gamers, and isn’t afraid to make bold claims to bolster its guns. (Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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The_Infected  +   583d ago | Well said
Claims, claims, claims. When we get hands on we will believe you.
Am-No-Hero  +   583d ago | Well said
thats right

Actions plz .. we don't want any " Claims "
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pedrof93  +   583d ago | Well said
Wasn't 4 times last time ?

Or 10 times at E3 ?
ZodTheRipper  +   583d ago | Funny
It's as many times as you want as long as you have...
Why o why  +   583d ago
Lol. . I know I give a bit of rib over those believers who cling to rhetoric over tangible proof in regards to cc but I doubt even they'll believe ms's claims on this one. It's getting beyond ridiculous. Show n prove or keep it schtum because your fanboys regurgitate this with added bile.

Lofty claims will always be made and each company is guilty. Let's just keep things realistic for the real fans who believe cloud can improve the x1's output in realistic ways .
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MightyNoX  +   583d ago
@Pedro: Your information is outdated. The cloud is now times INFINITY!
thekhurg  +   583d ago

Here we go again with lofty promises. They are all talk this gen.


Yes, it was 10 Xbones at E3.
johndoe11211  +   583d ago
OMG!!! Is microsoft really going to go there again?? What makes them think the Japanese are going to care about all that sales pitch drivel? Good grief microsoft, know when to stop.

Thank you dude. Apparently microsoft isn't even sure about their own bloody technology that was "supposedly" built in to their own system because that number keeps changing faster than pamela anderson changes boyfriends.

Oh man, that has to be the funniest thing I've seen on n4g for weeks LMAO!!!!!
nicksetzer1  +   583d ago | Well said
You guys continually misquote this, (this article title didn't) they are saying there is enough cloud power that per xbox one there are 3 xbox ones worth of cloud capability/throughput. Not that it will make your machine 3x more powerful, especially since "power" is not correlative with pure thoughput. How else would you prefer they describe their allocated server size per device?

"We're ***provisioning*** for developers for every physical Xbox One we build, we're provisioning the ***CPU and storage equivalent*** of three Xbox Ones on the cloud,"

@pedrof always has been 3, I don't know why you guys get so defensive over something you have absolutely no clue about, how about you save the armchair dev head nodding for when we actually know how well the service works. You act as if noone else is investing heavily into this (nvidia, MS, intel, google, AMD and most recently Amazon. Guess major billion dillar corporations wouldn't know as well as you guys though.
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CyborgMonkee  +   583d ago
This is the most hilarious thing I have seen in quite some time.
MysticStrummer  +   583d ago
I wonder why MS always leaves out the most critical part…

"…depending on the user's internet connection…"
minimur12  +   583d ago
Silly Mammo  +   583d ago | Well said
Wondering why they even released the X1 when all I needed was an Xbox 360 and the Cloud.
Silly Mammo  +   583d ago | Funny
Oops! Double post. Hope the Cloud can fix this in the future.
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scotmacb  +   583d ago
They aren't talking to you they are talking to the japnese
Boody-Bandit  +   583d ago | Intelligent
My head literally feels like it's going to explode. MS is ALL over the place as is the media and consumers.

Resolution gate? PFFT, doesn't matter. Game play over graphics any day of the week. Mean while on the PS4 you can get the best of both worlds.

MS gaming division and PR department and their "secret sauce" The clouds, DX12, the servers, resource realignment, etc...

Than it's MS saying a week later it's all about the exclusives and not just resolution, pixels, power, blah, blah, blah.

Than it's back to the secret sauce.

All the while MS only consumers and the media are saying graphics over game play. No wait this secret sauce is real. You MS haters need to deal with it.

spin, lies, rhetoric, rinse and repeat over and over add nausea, and mean while back at the ranch game after game (multiplatform) runs at a higher resolution on the PS4. Every some downloadable games.

Also let us not forget Sony is not going to sit still and not be capable of doing these same so called secret sauce refinements with their hardware (PS4) as well.

No secret sauce can offset more powerful and more capable hardware, period.

Seriously. Stop the hypocrisy. Pick a side and stick to it. I see so many N4G members trying to have it both ways. Either it doesn't matter or it does. But this is all fluff and no substance.

My honest opinion is it truly is all about the games and always has been with me. That's why my email address is [email protected] and it has been for over 16 years (send me an email and I will respond ASAP N4G - brutallyhonest - XBL, PSN, STEAM = BoodyBandit). That is all I'm about, the games. That's all it should be about.

Personally I think MS needs to STFU or at the very least stay on message instead of being all over the place. They have learned nothing thus far and are becoming flat out embarrassing.
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dcbronco  +   583d ago
Its funny that people go on and on about what can't be done. Remember that you base that on what you can't do or don't understand. Multi-billion dollar corporations have people a little smarter than you and the money to get things done. This type of naysaying has occurred with each and every internet advancement. PlayStation fans need to keep in mind that game streaming was considered impossible just two or three years ago.
frostypants  +   583d ago
@dcbronco, yes, these corporations have a ton of money and smart people who often work in PR. Sorry, the phrase "if it sounds too good to be true, it is" still applies to corporations.
xHeavYx  +   583d ago
MS forgets that Japanese people are very smart
truefan1  +   583d ago
This is fantastic news for XB1 owners, they know full well this statement would go viral and they reiterated it one month away from E3. This tells me that they must have figured it out and will be able to make it work. They moved away from cloud talk for months when fans started calling BS, but to make it at this point in time is telling me something.

It will be such a glorious day at E3 if cloud computing, which is already used on a smaller scale for Titanfall and Forza, is shown off and all the skeptical ps4 fans have to eat some more crow. Phil Spencer understands what making that statement means, it might be revealed sooner and better than you think. The funny comments are those fans that act like MSFT hasn't considered things like Internet speeds, loss of connections, and number of Xboxes. Like a multi hundred Billion dollar company is just going to ignore such things.
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devwan  +   583d ago | Funny
XxExacutionerxX  +   583d ago
Ps Fanboys sure love to come over to Microsoft forums and make stupid comments, but will hate amd report you if yoy make any comments against Playstation.
UltimateMaster  +   583d ago
It's 10X better (in E3)
It's 4X better
It's 3X better
It's 1.5X better
A year later..
It's 1.03X better
2 Years later..
Continues to lie...
Giul_Xainx  +   583d ago
When is this cloud finally going to strike its lightning? If anything it reminds me of New Mexico weather. Huge dark clouds could cover the entire sky and make it look like night, but it just floats away without doing a single thing. No rain, no lighting, all looks and no action.

Kind of like their ad campaign.... you see it... and then it doesn't do what it is supposed to do.
DemonChicken  +   583d ago
this kind of says something - the variety!

so yeah, technology isn't stable and more claims & secret sauce but less action =/
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AceBlazer13  +   583d ago
All right so we have the cloud doing x10 Xbones DX12 doing x2 and the cloud now adding another x3. Thats a x26 power increase thanks to the cloud.

You PC guys better watch out, the Xbone is gonna put your hardware you spent $100s on to shame. /s

Back to the realm of reality how can anyone take these cloud claims serious? Even the most faithful of Xbox fanboys have to question it by now.
MorePowerOfGreen  +   583d ago

I think they know what MSFT is saying they're being selectively stupid to attack MSFT's design. Everybody knows the remote processing will give the XB1 the equivalent of being 3 times more capable. Some of the processing will be done by powerful super servers.

LOL DS says bu bu bu not teh graphics! LMAO. Does DS know if the XB! uses remote processing for the taxing stuff that leaves the local hardware with much more resources?(for everything!)

XB1 games are going to be crazy. Much more complex and grand game worlds to say the least.
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Serg  +   583d ago
@truefan, PowerOfGreen and the like

Guys, stop it, just stop it. It's not cute anymore it's just sad.
Oner  +   583d ago
@ nicksetzer1 ~ The only ones that are truly & continually misquoting (or in this essence misinforming) are MS themselves with their selective & specific buzzwordplay that they try to use in the media in an attempt to dupe people.

But people aren't falling for it. Not anymore. The only ones still going for it are the ones that are blind to real world facts. SHOW US. Don't just say it ~ PROVE IT.

And they can't, because the cake is a lie.
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inveni0  +   583d ago
3X processing power, maybe. 3X graphics power? No.
Dee_91  +   583d ago
Right.. I don't see anybody actually saying it can't be done.It probably can, it probably can't.What we want however, is proof.Not a claim.
Mr Pumblechook  +   583d ago
Cloud compute + Direct X + secret sauce = the Xbone will rule!
GameDev1  +   583d ago

And the japanese are saying LOL
Ritsujun  +   583d ago
Do not ever give up, MS~ lol
warczar  +   583d ago

Who gives a shit if they can make it work at E3, everything works in a controlled environment, I want to know if it's going to work at MY house.
fr0sty  +   583d ago
@ XxExacutionerxX

I stopped reading and -bubbled at "ps fanboys".
UltraNova  +   582d ago
The Stupifing Ignorance Force is strong with some people here..
ALLWRONG  +   583d ago | Well said
Funny, when MS talks cloud you guys say "Claims, claims, claims" or "Don't believe it" but when Sony talks cloud it's "great, great, great" and "we believe all of it".

Make up your minds. Cloud can't be "fairy tales" when it comes from MS, but real when it comes from Sony.

You know, Sony bought into cloud after they seen how it was going to benefit it's competitors, like MS.

MS is one of a handful of companies who have been working on cloud gaming since day one. Sony bought into it years later.
GarrusVakarian  +   583d ago | Well said
Sigh, another person that can't differentiate between cloud *compute* and cloud *gaming*. Sony isn't making claims of their cloud making the PS4 more powerful, while MS is. That's the difference.

There's a big difference between streaming games from the cloud (which is happening right now, in the real world), and rendering games in the cloud and claiming the cloud will make your hardware 3 times more powerful. Stop trying to create hypocrisy where none exists.

So yes, it can be "fairy tales" for MS but "real" for Sony, because that's exactly how the two things appear at the moment, in the real world.

'ALLWRONG' indeed.....
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pedrof93  +   583d ago | Well said

Ps now, is runnin and people have experimented it.

X1 so far is all claims. And a tech demo.
Am-No-Hero  +   583d ago
well lets take a look at " Sonys claims " for example , PS Now + VR + and many features .. they really makes it clear and quick ..

So what about " Da Power of Da cloud " !!

PC + 32 FPS !!! really !! thats all !!

i will believe it when MS stop the " claim " thing and show us something ..
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Kayant  +   583d ago
Gaikai and what MS has been claiming are two different things.

Gaikai is computing true but none of that work is done locally on the device it is all streamed. What MS talks about is somewhat real time offloading of computing to the cloud then updated periodically on the local device.

One is game streaming which has lots of real world example working including PS now, Onlive etc. The other as described by MS hasn't really been shown all that much expect from Forza 5 with drivatars.
The_Infected  +   583d ago

"Funny, when MS talks cloud you guys say "Claims, claims, claims" or "Don't believe it" but when Sony talks cloud it's "great, great, great" and "we believe all of it".

From the article:

As a funny note of color, part of the Japanese audience watching online on Nico Nico Doga found the statement pretty amusing, as you can see by the comments overlayed in the picture below. For those unfamiliar with Japanese internet lingo “w” is their equivalent of our “lol.”

Looks like the Japanese audience thinks it's a joke also. Funny you believe anything Microsoft says. I mean they always deliver their claims. /s
OrangePowerz  +   583d ago
Very big difference as your name suggests you are all wrong.

Huge difference between cloud streaming and cloud computing.

Sony bought Gaikai quite a qlwhile ago before MS started talking about cloud computing.

On what cloud gaming has MS worked? And don't start with Drivatar and dedicated servers because that my friend is not cloud gaming.
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torchic  +   583d ago
do you deliberately post nonsense posts just to coincide with your username?
DigitalRaptor  +   583d ago
"You know, Sony bought into cloud after they seen how it was going to benefit it's competitors, like MS."

Sony was working on cloud technology with partners years before Microsoft even announced their foray into cloud with Xbox.

I'm not saying that Sony did it first or anything along those lines, but at least do your research.

Sony has been working with RackSpace for years, and in 2012, they entered a partnership with them as an "enterprise level customer" working on OpenStack private cloud solutions.

Sony had also been working with Gaikai for years, before they decided to put down $380 million on absorbing them.

The difference is here, Sony is not making MAD claims, and filling their marketing with empty hype using these incredibly dishonest buzzwords. They did something of the sort last gen with 4D and 120fps etc, they've learned form their mistakes, but MS NEVER will. They'll always be this arrogant, dishonest and deceitful to their consumers with rubbish like this to sell their feigning console.

And the true difference is, Sony knows what works well at a consumer level, and what doesn't. Microsoft will just force this PR speak down throats for years like they did with Kinect, the fanboys will eat it up, and years later, the benefits still won't be where they said they would be. Definitely not for high-fidelity, high-bandwidth gaming.
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mkis007  +   583d ago
You name leads me to believe you are trying to be funny. Good Show.
JasonKCK  +   583d ago
We been using Azure at work for two years now. That selective N4G memory at work again. Some People here are so quick to dismiss and deny anything Microsoft, they don't realize the Azure is in place and has been working for years. As for PS Now, it's still being tested and isn't available yet outside of beta.

BTW there really is no difference between cloud computing, and cloud streaming. It's all just data transmitted VIA the cloud. The only difference is how Microsoft and Sony are using it.

In a couple years both Sony/MS cloud services will be running at full speed. Right now the only one of the two using it in actual gaming is Microsoft.

What I don't get, is why console gamers argue over something they "all" will end up paying for. Don't be surprised of you end up paying $100 a year for something that will most likely be free on PC.

"October 2008 (PDC LA) Announced the Microsoft Azure Platform. First CTP of Microsoft Azure."

It helps to use a search engine.
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baodeus  +   583d ago
so tell me the differences between cloud computing and cloud streaming, luckas_Japonicus, am-no-hero, kayant? In technical term and in your own words would be appreciated.

you guys sure know the differences between MS cloud and Sony cloud computation, so I want to hear from you expert.

1. how gaikai work in the first place, is the entire game COMPUTE on the cloud and stream over? So if your internet is slow, the entire game is slow than?

2. so if part of the game on MS can also be compute on the cloud, why is that less effective than streaming an entire game? meaning only part of it is slow vs, the entire game is slow like Gaikai if you have internet problems?

3. Can that part of the game that are planned to be computed be on the cloud, can it just started on the cloud from the beginning and stream over to the console which could eliminate the point of going back and forth? You guys don't think this is a possibility? How so?

4. What do MS mean by computing mostly low latency part of the games?

5. Why do you think Onlive didn't work out to well back then, because of the cloud infrastructure and internet connect right? What so different between that and PS Now, when many of you still complain about connection speed, bandwith, and connection stability? What would do you guys think would help minimize those problems? Between MS and Sony, who do you think have the ACTUAL CLOUD INFRASTRUCTURE to solve some of that issues?

6. between MS and Sony, who do you think actually have a really strong cloud infrastructure, as in having actual server center distributed across the globe?

7. Is Sony running Gaikai on their own server center, if so, where are they located and how many of them are distributed globally (it can at least help you to determine your speed of connection and stability of PS now streaming service)? Or Sony just rented servers from others.

8. If Sony only renting (which I believe they are because they don't have the money to expand cloud infrastructure like Amazon, apple, google, and MS does), do you guys have any information about the cloud provider that Sony is renting from (are they huge provider, have lots of servers center, great global distribution, etc...)?

9. How the heck do you guys know exactly what MS are doing with their cloud research and how it works?

10. did you guys read about that ps vita remote play over 500 miles article recent (kids at the hospital)? How it is possible that a PS vita be able to play PS4 game, when its hardware is no where near PS4 capability? It is done through hardware, or cloud technology? If cloud technology really make hardware requirement obsolete as proven in the case with remote play on PS vita, so why MS would be lying about improving xbox performance using cloud? Is MS talking about boosting the power of the xbox physically, or just deffering the work load to the cloud (which ran on billions dollars hardware, of which no ordinary consumer couldn't afford)? As example with recent cloud demonstration on high end pc, which shows that cloud could even help computing heavy duty scene that even a high end pc couldn't handle.

from your posts, i can tell you guys know a lot about cloud computing, so I'm hoping to learn from you guys. If I don't see anything, then perhaps you guys just don't know your stuff that well as you claimed, which i hope that isn't the case right guys? I'm willing to bet that you guys are smart people and know their stuff inside out.

the amount of silent disagree only tells me you guys are just BS, because you can't explain what you claim. If you know your stuff, than you can explain it. Simple as that.
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JasonKCK  +   583d ago
@baodeus the silent disagrees with no explanation really does show a lot. BTW don't sell yourself short, you know more about this than most of the people posting.
Kayant  +   583d ago
"BTW there really is no difference between cloud computing, and cloud streaming. It's all just data transmitted VIA the cloud. The only difference is how Microsoft and Sony are using it" - If there wasn't a difference MS would be showing more than conceptual tech demos by now given the amount of times they have talked about it. And there is a difference one is completely done in the cloud with no computation on the local device expect from decoding the video stream and the controller input being sent back the other is supposed real time offloading of data to be done in the cloud before being sent back. When they show that working in a game on a 2MB connection then we will see.

"In a couple years both Sony/MS cloud services will be running at full speed. Right now the only one of the two using it in actual gaming is Microsoft." - Yes because PS now is fluff /s.... All we have seen from MS is Forza 5 drivatars which is not realtime. TF A.I running on servers is nothing new and done in most MMOs already.
joeorc  +   583d ago
Wtf? @ Allwrong

Bull $hit

After Microsoft' ? Really you are going to sit there and make a claim like that? Lmao

Sony bought into it later after others were working on it?

Do you really think that diatribe you are spewing is even remotely true at all. First of all unlike microsoft and before sony even purchased GaiKai sony has been investing into remote play access gaming like they did with the R&D investment into with palm powered PDA's and the MYLO you would have known about this if you were not so quick to take a jab at sony and try to try to imply they are just playing "follow the leader"
nypifisel  +   583d ago | Well said

They're disagreeing with you because it's an obnoxious list, but I'll try answer all of it if I can be arsed (it's so long)

Gaikai works as such; A server makes ALL calculations, it then sends the picture to the user over the internet, it also receives input from the same user. This is kind of easy cause its no different then streaming a movie. The principle have been used within schools and businesses a lot, then called 'thin clients'.

Meanwhile MS claims on 'off loading' computations to a server is much more problematic; mostly because it has to be synchronous with the local hardware, that means it has to match up with every frame being displayed on your monitor. Now contemplate how fast your computer works. Yes problems arise.

You can't do that because a game is interactive and what you need rendered depends on where the player looks. Sending the picture and storing it in your memory to be displayed locally kinda defeats the purpose of the server interaction to begin with. By low latency 'stuff' MS means things that does not need to be updated every single frame, or every 33ms if I remember correctly. What this would be I'm not really sure cause I'm no graphics programmer. I would assume maybe some background stuff? This would still just sit in your memory though so :S

Money, that's the difference. Sony bought Gaikai cause they developed a way for fast low loss package transfer over the internet, this means bandwidth isn't as big of a problem any more. Latency is always a concern though.

These questions arise cause you fundamentally don't understand the internet. Servers and their availability is not locked to companies as such. 'The internet' is free floating, so is "the cloud" cause it's just ORDINARY SERVERS(!). Azure is no special case. Sony will be renting servers and so will MS. Difference being Sonys project is a reality TODAY.

Cause they aren't secrets. They're being presented at conferences and such.

This just shows how you don't understand the difference. The PSVita only acted like a mobile screen to the PS4 which did all the calculations and sent them to the screen, taking input from the Vita. Just imagine you had a controller and a monitor with a 500 mile long cord. I kinda explained the problems around synchronous computation above.
JasonKCK  +   583d ago
joeorc Sorry bro but Sony is playing catch up on this one. Try not skipping this link I posted above. Here is one for Gaikai

Azure launches 2008
Gaikai launches 2010
troylazlow  +   583d ago
the true power of the cloud...
devwan  +   583d ago
1. Of course, if you have a poor net connection, the cloud is going to do very little for you in terms of remote compute, no matter whose services you look at. If that's the case, you're looking in the wrong place for your entertainment.

2. "only part of it is slow vs, the entire game is slow like Gaikai if you have internet problems?". If you have Internet problems, you're using the wrong services no matter who provides them.

3. "Can that part of the game that are planned to be computed be on the cloud, can it just started on the cloud from the beginning and stream over to the console which could eliminate the point of going back and forth? You guys don't think this is a possibility? How so?" You seem to misunderstand. The discussion so far has centred around microsoft having remotely computed in-game content - but not remotely generated frames of game play visuals. They're not rendering the game locally and streaming it to you remotely - is that possible, they haven't said so. No matter what the claims made so far amount to, all that has been seen so far is Forza's drivatars that use statistical data and controller input etc. to generate content that is compiled at a later date - more akin to a bank system doing overnight tallying than anything with near-instantaneous feedback.

4. "What do MS mean by computing mostly low latency part of the games?" - You'll have to be more specific, that question is ambiguous and a little odd. Maybe you should ask Microsoft if you need them to clarify some areas of their services.

5. "Why do you think Onlive didn't work out to well back then, because of the cloud infrastructure and internet connect right?" There are many reasons why onlive didn't work out - spreading their services thinly over a wide array of hardware, lacking newer games and those from certain large publishers, all kinds of reasons beyond that, none of which are really relevant here unless you're looking to make a lame "Sony will fail too" kind of argument, which would be silly.

6. "between MS and Sony, who do you think actually have a really strong cloud infrastructure, as in having actual server center distributed across the globe?" None of us know how much of Azure is open to Xbox, nobody knows how games will be developed to take advantage of it, nobody knows exactly what Sony has in place with its own and it's partners infrastructure. No value in any of us guessing.
devwan  +   583d ago
@ badeus cont...

7. "Is Sony running Gaikai on their own server center" PS Now will be in the US, Japan & Korea and the EU by this time next year. It's not so much a matter of the server centres, but what hardware they have in place running the games to deliver the service... you might have seen stacks of retail ps3s in photos from the past - that's not what it'll be! They have developed new ps3 hardware for this. 8 super-streamlined ps3s on one board mounted in a rack. All kinds of latency-reducing measures developed to bring the service offered as close to the real thing as possible for the user experience. The exact details are not for public consumption, but Leadbetter wrote an article a few months ago detailing some ways it might work to reduce latency "The network interface could be improved with a lower-latency interface, while the controller inputs could be swapped out with faster, hard-wired alternatives to the current wireless Bluetooth option used by the DualShock 3. Potentially, the polling rate of the controller inputs themselves could be increased significantly via a custom version of the PlayStation 3 operating system. A more significant latency saving could be achieved by bypassing the PS3's HDMI output altogether. Scan-out - the process of displaying the current framebuffer on-screen - takes 16.67ms. A PlayStation 3 cloud server could see the frame dispatched to a hardware h.264 video encoder as opposed to the existing console's HDMI output."

8. "If Sony only renting (which I believe they are because they don't have the money to expand cloud infrastructure like Amazon, apple, google, and MS does)". Pure conjecture. Of no value in this discussion.

9. "How the heck do you guys know exactly what MS are doing with their cloud research and how it works?" - How the heck do you guys know exactly what Sony are doing with their cloud research and how it works?

See what I did there? Yeah...

10. "did you guys read about that ps vita remote play over 500 miles article recent (kids at the hospital)? How it is possible that a PS vita be able to play PS4 game, when its hardware is no where near PS4 capability? It is done through hardware, or cloud technology? If cloud technology really make hardware requirement obsolete as proven in the case with remote play on PS vita, so why MS would be lying about improving xbox performance using cloud? Is MS talking about boosting the power of the xbox physically, or just deffering the work load to the cloud (which ran on billions dollars hardware, of which no ordinary consumer couldn't afford)? As example with recent cloud demonstration on high end pc, which shows that cloud could even help computing heavy duty scene that even a high end pc couldn't handle."

You don't seem to have a grip on the difference between the two inherently different services talked about and offered by the two companies for for some reason. The ps4 has dedicated hardware for encoding video. The Vita is capable of decoding this pretty quickly at the other end and then relays the necessary button press details the other way. Gaikai does the magic in between. Do we need to know more? No, it works, that's all there is to it.
devwan  +   583d ago
@baodeus cont...

Of course microsoft could offer streamed games if they wanted to and invested in that, and who knows, it might be the saviour of the platform if they decide to ship their boxes on the cheap and increase the price of a membership for a live-with-streaming service. But so far they have not said they will, only that their services can make the xbox one more powerful by offloading compute tasks to what you refer to "billions of dollars hardware". Streaming whole content from a remote box is much more straight forward than bespoke game-by-game implementations of remotely offloaded compute. Those decisions would have to be made on a game-by-game basis. With how things are going sales-wise, do you see many 3rd parties investing in this technology knowing their product will be destined to live within the confines of the Xbox/microsoft family of hardware? No, it'll be up to first party to make this a reality, same kinds of reasons that Kinect will not see major 3rd party investment beyond the usual dance dance games.

Now it's easy to see how some games such as MMOs could benefit hugely from remote compute, altering the world everyone inhabits unilaterally - but this is nothing new and nothing unique to this platform. It's also not exactly in keeping with what we've been told so far. The area where people (IMO, quite rightly) have a problem with some of the wording from microsoft is when they give the impression that xbox one games you sit and play at home have the potential to be many times more complex and involved than would otherwise be possible without the real-time cloud powered compute as you play. It's not entirely impossible that this could happen, but many people prefer to take a step back and sprinkle a pinch of salt on the claims until they have evidence to the contrary.

"the amount of silent disagree only tells me you guys are just BS, because you can't explain what you claim. If you know your stuff, than you can explain it. Simple as that." Hmmm, maybe your point-by-point questioning wasn't as genuine as I first thought... you're attempting to call people out? Personally I can quite easily see why people would not be bothered replying to such an essay, especially with that sting in the tail... SMH, maybe I shouldn't have bothered!
#1.2.20 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(4) | Report
christian hour  +   583d ago

Gaikai was founded in 2008. Not sure when Azure began its pre-productive life but it launched in 2010, so probably began in concept around 2008 as well. I got all that from the 2 links you posted to wiki pages.

As for who had their services set up first? Doesn't matter, I don't see why people are arguing this point. Cloud Computing in itself is somewhat of a buzz word, its nothing new, it's been in use as a service for a long long time, Sony and Microsoft have both worked with Cloud computing techniques long before Gaikai and Azure. Cloud Computing is just the nice happy consumer friendly buzzword they're using for it now that it is available to consumers in a user-friendly package and can handle millions of users. But it's always been a thing.

It's not some new secret technology someone just came up with in the last decade. Microsofts PR and their crazy misinformed loyalists are the only ones who seem to think it's some new magical technology that can do crazy things.

Streaming video of a game and taking button inputs is extremely feasible.

Increasing computation power of every Xbox One owner with a good internet connection?

You're dreaming...

...maybe in 10 or 20 years we might be so lucky, as of right now, just isn't possible.

It would, in theory, be possible for some billionaires son who hires a tech team to set up a series of servers in their uberMansion to work in tangent with eachother and connected directly with a PC playing custom built games from hired techies... 100% possible, that's definitely one way to do what Microsoft are claiming they can deliver to every Xbox One. In fact that's exactly how they did that tech demo at BUILD.

Anyway, that doesn't mean Microsofts Azure cannot provide a service similar to Playstation Now, their cloud setup is fully capable of pulling off such a service, and I wouldn't be surprised if they announce one very soon to compete with Sonys PlaystationNow service. Of course MS tend to be greedy profit wise so whether they can match pricing plans, will be the real clincher. I couldn't see why not, but at the same time I've seen them overcharge for plenty of things in the past.

*edit* I'm not a Sony fanboy or anything like that, if you need proof just look through my past posts, so please don't even go down that road if you choose to respond to me. I just call it like I see it and don't let bullshit slide, regardless of what company its coming from.
#1.2.21 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(5) | Report
gigoran  +   583d ago
You definitely have the right name. Sony doesn't need an extra service at the expense of the customer to maker their console perform to the best of its abilities. Are you that daft that you don't know the difference between what Sony is offering (which works 100% of what they are claiming) and what MS are claiming?

Sony are offering a service to any customer, not just owners of consoles, to stream games.

MS on the other hand are claiming to offer a boost to the xbone performance at the expense of the customer because the specifications of their console are inferior to the PS4.

The biggest difference is of course that Sony has proof their service does what it says, while MS is all words.
JasonKCK  +   583d ago
christian hour "Gaikai was founded in 2008" key word here is "founded". Gaikai launched two years later. Azure was launched in 2008 and was in development before. You can use logic to determine which started first. (cough Azure cough!) Even MS is playing catch up to others, but in this case, not to Sony.
jebabcock  +   583d ago
Well considering azure is getting its rear kicked by Amazon and Google I wouldn't be touting azure as something too great. Your company using it for work is far more simplistic than live gaming. Sony already makes use of Amazon cloud. Which for those who do live in a hole is the top cloud provider on the market. Basically most analysts(not pachter) claim cloud is a race between amazon and Google in which Google will eventually come out on top... Ms is a distant 3rd and not considered a contender... Do some research... xb1 is once again a Trojan horse to try and drum up visibility for azure...

Azure is the money maker not the xbox division and azure is what ms wants to be successful. Unfortunately neither have claimed the desired market share. Let's keep things in perspective here.
frostypants  +   583d ago
Maybe because Sony has demonstrated their cloud capabilities in the real world. MS has only shown theirs in a controlled demo. Also, Sony is using "the cloud" to stream games. That's a whole lot different than MS trying to use cloud servers as extended processing and getting all that data back to the client in real time to be incorporated with client-side processing over relatively unreliable internet infrastructure.
WickedLester  +   583d ago
How appropriate your username is.
Oner  +   583d ago
You want to talk about making up minds? Hows about this ~ Why is it when MS and diehard XB supporters talk about the Cloud it's always "great, great, great" and "we believe all of it" (to quote you).

But when the Cloud is used in real world application to show how manufacturers compute/tabulate/track consoles sold live (and yes that includes both Sell In/Through) it's unfeasible to them that it's possible to do so?

Answer: It's rhetorical. If the information does not suit the XB supporters view then it's not possible but when they want it to it's possible.
#1.2.27 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report
DigitalRaptor  +   583d ago
@ JasonKCK

Thanks for posting a link disproving nothing I said.

I said Sony was working with Gaikai and RackSpace on cloud gaming solutions BEFORE Microsoft announced their use of Azure for Xbox.

Do you read comments selectively or something?

And extending my point, MS didn't create Azure for gaming. It was for their business enterprise. Xbox is but a pin prick on the MS roadmap. They aren't going to dedicate a huge number of resources to a division that makes a small percentage of revenue. Overall the Xbox division doesn't make profit for MS.
#1.2.28 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(3) | Disagree(2) | Report
Rimeskeem  +   583d ago
That's because they have shown what it is doing and are giving people hands on right now
air1  +   583d ago

Funny... I haven't read one professional answer yet! A lot of disagrees though...

Nypifisil at least gave it a shot but he was very selective and really didn't come across like he knew exactly what he was talking about..

I thought you would have had a bunch of answers, I was looking forward to a good read oh well it is n4g after all....
christian hour  +   583d ago

I do think he reads comments selectively, He read the one part I wrote about Gaikai being founded in 2008 then rushed to reply, without realising his response was completely mute because he went on to say Azure launched in 2008... Even though it launched in 2010. Which I stated right after, in fact here's what I said exactly.

"Gaikai was founded in 2008. Not sure when Azure began its pre-productive life but it launched in 2010, so probably began in concept around 2008 as well. I got all that from the 2 links you posted to wiki pages. "

And his response was... this...

"key word here is "founded". Gaikai launched two years later. Azure was launched in 2008 and was in development before. You can use logic to determine which started first. (cough Azure cough!) Even MS is playing catch up to others, but in this case, not to Sony."

Definitely selective reading because, if you read my full post, I cover briefly, that Cloud Computing has been around for a long time, so arguing who did it first was just ridiculous.

The wiki page you link to JasonKCK says Azure launched in 2010, and not at all when it was founded, but as you can see in my comment, if you'd actually read it, I took an esitimated guess at 2008 also. PS3 had cloud computing back in 2007 sure, it was called Folding@Home and it was in aid of cancer research. Again all this is pointless because, it doesnt matter who did cloud first, anyone can do "cloud", its just a buzz word really, it has been a thing for decades, only recently has it become available to the consumer in a use friendly and accessible way, calling it "The Cloud" is a nice friendly PR way of familiarizing people with the idea of distributed computing over a network.

If you think we're in the age of offloading millions of gamers local computations from their home consoles to a "Cloud" network and to expect complex physic algorithms etc to be pinged, processed and sent back with little to no delay, thats where the bullshit comes in. It's not possible, thinking so is just delusional, if it was working here and now, then it would be viable for any system, be it phone, console, tablet or pc with an internet connection to do the exact same trick, You'd hear PC gamers heralding it from the rooftops, theyd never have to fork out 500+ on the latest GPU or CPU to keep their rigs at its peak because they'd have a cloud network in place that can do all that for them now.

It wouldnt be exlcusive to Xbox One, and its not possible, not today. Maybe some day. Maybe in tn years if we're lucky. I'm gonna say 20 years though to be a bit more optimistic. But its not here. Not today. not tomorrow. Not next year. And not on Xbox One, not what they're promising.

If you cant understand the difference between waht microsoft are promising, and what others are already using cloud networking for, then you need to do your homework, and come back in here when you at least know and understand what you're talking about, and you know when you're been fed a bunch of PR bullcrap.
warczar  +   583d ago
I missed the article where Sony promised me 50 fuckin Playstation 3's inside my Playstation 4. could you give me a link please?
aceitman  +   583d ago
@JasonKCK you tried to put info out there to make it look like Microsoft Azure was launched 1st then Gaikai - ur wrong on ur link , this one you say ms launched in 2008 , wrong that's when they basically Announced the Microsoft Azure Platform in your own link (which u should read )this is when they launched and its in ur link , which states these words February 2010 Microsoft Azure Platform commercially available June 2010 which means they launched. so when u look at gaikai Gaikai was also founded in 2008, and they launched in 2011 stated in the link like this Gaikai's technology officially came out of a public Beta test and launched internationally on February 27, 2011
kenshiro100  +   583d ago
Nope, you're wrong.

Just like your name implies. Sony can back up their words. Microsoft can't.
nypifisel  +   582d ago
You all have to realize that just because it's theoretically possible or even practically possible in some environments it doesn't mean it's practical nor feasible. What ever to be gained with cloud compute might not be economically feasible or as stated even practical to do. Who will pay for all these servers if a game demands it? Third party publishers? Nope.

Going to Mars have been theoretically possible and doable for quite some time, it haven't been done yet though; hmm wonder why? :S


Granted I'm not very well versed in all those areas, but if you'd like a better explanation why it's impracticable or even not doable right now I'll give you a PM
skydragoonity  +   583d ago
Its all about the hardware....
B-radical  +   583d ago
E3 would be best time to show off cloud compute
mkis007  +   583d ago
The best and only thing they can do is set up their opening to show these claims off.

Xbox one center stage, presenter walks up turns it on and syncs it to cloud. Runs a game and proves these 3x claims. Until they so this with total transparency it is just pr crap.
DarXyde  +   583d ago
Actually, the best time to show it off is in consumer homes. Anything can be running on PCs during E3.

On another note, I wish Microsoft hadn't said that. "Can" is different from "can and will". Though we've been using the Cloud, these lofty claims are as of yet unproven.

As I always say, "we'll see". Or not. Whichever.
SilentNegotiator  +   583d ago
At E3, they would just run it from a server in the next room. And probably on a super powerful PC, like their last cloud physics demo.

The best way would be if they released a demo for Xbox One and a million users used it simultaneously.
frostypants  +   583d ago
Yep...but they need to show it off while connecting to an off-site cloud server through E3's standard Wifi (which I'm sure they have). It won't matter though, because what they are claiming is BS.
#1.4.4 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report
BakPAin  +   583d ago
Hard to disagree. How do you claim that,yet its not happening. Consumers wont play waiting game. Especially when there as a more powerful console out for a lower price. OH Yeah and its Japan.
jessupj  +   583d ago
Just stop MS, just stop. You're embarrassing yourself.

You've made your bed (console focused around kinect and t) so just let it go.
-Superman-  +   583d ago
Microsoft said that they working on game to show Xbox One power. Microsoft has put in cloud billions dollars, all their money. If it was fake, then why would you put all your money in clouds when its not working? Wait for E3. Microsoft promised to show that AT E3
stuna1  +   583d ago
They put Billions of dollars into the Xbox 360 and it wasn't working!! So what's your point? Companies spend billions in hopes that at some point it will work! That's what Research and Development is.

Many companies may start R&D in one area and end up in a totally different area because things didn't pan out.
zerog  +   583d ago
They put billions of dollars into cloud servers for the same reason google did, because they're a software company, duh. Had very little to nothing to do with xbox and would have still be done without it.
boing1  +   583d ago
I concur. The real question is though, will it also bend space and time to create new laws of physics to support it?
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   583d ago
More old news for the Sony fans to jump on MS about. No games to play for them, let's just give them stuff that we already have heard MS say, so that they can jump down their throats again.

Wow.. what breaking news. We've heard this already months ago.
Revolver_X_  +   583d ago
Finally, a fanboy who has accepted defeat.
DigitalRaptor  +   583d ago
The "no games" point is still insanely lulzworthy, for a console with about 20 more games in total, and far more in development.
majiebeast  +   583d ago
bububbubut Titanfall uses power of the clowdz for the amazingly smart AI...
imt558  +   583d ago
Oh my God, not again that cloud fairy tale.
randomass171  +   583d ago
With how much they talk about it, I must say it's taking them a while to demo this component. They better be ready to show this off at E3 if they don't want more crappy PR.
donman1  +   583d ago
So Microsoft is now in the cocaine type drug business. Cause you will have to be very high to believe that.
n4rc  +   583d ago
They use a tech demo.. Its a proof of concept

The asteroid demo and the building demo were proof it works... And their claim is accurate.. Its basic math

Now we can argue real world applications or worry about people with crappy internet... But the fact of the matter is their claim is still accurate
Hicken  +   583d ago
They were proof it works on a PC in a controlled environment that's exactly NOTHING like the environment their consumers will have.

"It works!" is what they're saying; they'll leave the fact that it won't work as demonstrated in the very fine print.
n4rc  +   583d ago
And which part of that presentation did they claim it was on Xbox? Oh ya.. They didn't.. But I'm not sure how you figure a cloud infrastructure depends on a PC anyways

But Ms has a PC platform to support as well..

But the first asteroid demo was for Xbox one.. And like I said, basic math validates their claims..

As proof of concept, it works.. That's what tech demos are for..

Everyone keeps trying to claim its bs yet when Sony or nvidia shows similar demos you all go nuts.

People need to give the hate a rest..
#1.14.2 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report
Hicken  +   583d ago
Microsoft has been claiming this for the XB1, as this article and a quick Google search shows everyone. But their demos have all been in highly controlled PC environments that don't at all reflect the user of the XB1.

I'm sure you understood perfectly and just chose not to get it, but I didn't say it depends on a PC in any way. I said the demonstration was on a PC. What it DOES depend on is the connection, including latency to the servers. It also depends on how many servers are required.

Though, if you wanted to go there, the fact that they tried to tout some improvement on two different PCs without divulging the conditions of said hardware is suspicious, at best.

But I'm not gonna get too deep into all that, largely because you'd just ignore it anyway and continue in ignorance. Let me make it simple:

Until Microsoft can show how this will work in real world situations, it doesn't even matter whether the demo was on PC or XB1. And those of us who are not Xbox fanboys seem to know enough about the involved processes. Those of us who didn't know before all this made the intelligent effort to educate ourselves.

Only the fanboys are buying into the BS. The rest of us have a somewhat more realistic impression.
Delsin_Rowe  +   583d ago
You didn't understand he claim is 3x the power of the first Xbox which is Xbox one(not Xbone) and he claim have the of 32 Xbox 360 that have the ring of death :).
eternal1973  +   583d ago
exactly, MS put up or shut up, until this is seen in the real world you can hype the cloud all you want.
You can almost taste the desperation
n4rc  +   583d ago
That's what I'm thinking about all the comments hating on it..

Preemptive strike! Lol.. Nothing desperate about that
IVanSpinal  +   583d ago
The only affected people are the PS fanboys, LOL
madjedi  +   583d ago
We sure are, after all it is bringing us some solid comedic material, the sony guys are laughing, you ms guys i see jumping from one secret sauce to another.

If ms fans aren't affected why so many defensive posts.

It is going to be a long gen for people complaining about sony fanboys. I wonder how many people that talk about fanboys bother to look in a mirror.
gameDevWannaBe  +   583d ago
I wonder what they could do with the power of stfu?
3-4-5  +   583d ago
* The Bigger the Claims, the harder they are setting themselves up for failure and the downfall.

* This would be awesome if it were true, but it's almost certainly NOT TRUE, or even close.

* There is some Loophole or "condition|" that allows them to classify this improvement as "3x XB1", but that doesn't mean it actually is or does.

* Basically people who know more than you, are trying to use that against you to hype you into believe things that aren't really 100% true, but only kind of sort of true.

* Are we going to see games with 3x as much content ?

* Are we going to see 3x the graphics ?

* Are the games going to be 3x more fun to play?

No, No, & No.
Funantic1  +   583d ago
Yeah it's hard to believe this but that's only because it's publically unknown technology. Sony still needs to back up their claims also. I don't believe them either. Both companies have something to prove.
iceman06  +   583d ago
Claims about what...their "cloud" streaming service? Just click any of the articles and you can see's in beta right now.
#1.20.1 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(1) | Report
CryofSilence  +   583d ago
PSNow is in Beta, I believe, so it could already be known to work to selected individuals.
ifistbrowni  +   583d ago
if this is true, i would love to know how much data it uses up. In America, last time i checked, Comcast limits you to 300GB a month (before raising your bill).

I doubt i ever came close to using that much, but sounds like this cloud computing will change that.
geddesmond  +   583d ago
Ah I dont give a crap. Right now games are providing enough power to keep me happy. Anything after this is a bonus.
headblackman  +   583d ago
what are you prepared to do if you do see it? just a question.
XStation  +   583d ago
Just keep hating on Microsoft on every Xbox video, because when the time come you're gonna be left salty.
TAURUS-555  +   583d ago
just one thing...i dont trust in MS
Rickgrimes95  +   583d ago
I can fly and shoot lightning out of my eyes
Wanted Rogue  +   583d ago

I'm not convinced, however here is a demonstration
DaGrim  +   583d ago
everything to try to grab attention, I just see as they little by little destroy what credibility they have left....... pity they strayed so far from what they once were
Veneno  +   583d ago
Huh? They were always lying and manipulative crooks. Difference now is no one believes them.
Bobby Kotex  +   583d ago
It's true on the ship of imagination.
jb227  +   583d ago
I've got an old Batman Tiger Electronics handheld, you think the cloud can knock that up to par with a Vita?
Visiblemarc  +   583d ago
Yeah, it's way past time to stop talking about this. If it can be done, deliver that and we'll all think it's awesome...

...but at this point, the more they say it, the more it seems untrue. It's working against them.

They should sell the machine on the console that it is, and on the coming games line up, rather than get into a specs war with pixie dust for ammunition.

With E3 coming, MS, change the record, get back on track and excite the world with a kickass games lineup, that's the way to compete.
showtimefolks  +   583d ago
Claims MS show/prove stop talking. 7 Million sold with less games should tell you something. Imagine when 1st-2nd party exclusives start rolling out than what?

halo 5 and a new Gears of war? DDR vs GDDR5 let's see which is newer and will be more sufficient in coming years. Ram Alone will make sure PS4 will stay ahead of xbox one for years to come
assdan  +   583d ago
Oh my god! I can't believe MS is trying to make this claim AGAIN! The only time that there is any shred of proof of the xbox one being enhanced by cloud computing is when they show it under more than ideal situations. That demo they did, the cloud the was helping the xbox was in the next room, and they were connected over lan. The only way this will work is when we can transfer the massive amounts of data it takes to process a game over standard internet speeds with nearly no latency. Which isn't easy at all. Cloud computing just doesn't work that well at this point. I don't know why they're trying to pull this again when we know it's false though.
Farsendor1  +   582d ago
cloud compute can do cool things but not make your console 3x powerful
assdan  +   582d ago
I believe it will be able to at some point, just not now.
Blasphemy  +   583d ago
ic3fir3  +   583d ago
Is joke that people believe in PS Now, it's almost the same thing, cloud processing no longer believe?

If it was on the side of Sony speaking the cloud processing, people already believed.
Nice lógic gamers :)
kenshiro100  +   583d ago
Wait until E3

Wait until


You know Microsoft is just fluffing words up when they have nothing to show.
chaos-lockheart  +   583d ago
We all know how this works, we had Onlive, Nvidia Grid, It will just have PC like graphics.
#1.37 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dj3boud  +   583d ago
Microsoft needs to stop talking and start working. These kind of talks are ruining Microsoft's image right now. MS can you brag about the awesome games coming out for your xbox one rather than bragging about the cloud? is that a tall order?

Becauss that what is the competition is doing. step up your game, MS.
sebzhd  +   583d ago
The most important bullshit from M$ with Xone.
Hey AMericans, stop buying the shi. xone and start real console next gen with PS4.

remember xbox and rodbox? Didn't you understand?
use your brain, please, for the future of video games, please.
F4sterTh4nFTL  +   583d ago
My PC is still more powerful.
Kayant  +   583d ago
"It’s relevant to mention that the rep talked about computational power, not graphical fidelity" - Hmmm reminds me of Dan Greenawalt's claims 1080p+their physics engine they are running that wouldn't have be possible without the cloud or the 600% more AI capability with the cloud. These claims are always hard to measure from our perspective especially the one of 1080p+their physics engine because it's not like if you don't go online you won't be getting the underlining physics model.

These things lean too heavy toward PR.
#3 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(16) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
Kayant  +   583d ago
Also the fact we have gone from "infinite"
to 40x greater than X360 with cloud or 10x greater with cloud
to the now 3x the power with cloud.

So am sure anyone can see why this seems too much like PR when there is no clear definition of the power that can be seen and is a similar situation to when different execs where saying different things about DRM.
MysticStrummer  +   583d ago
Yeah and every step of the way, from infinite to 3x, the MS defenders are here to tell the realists what haters they are.

Meanwhile MS is now sitting back and wondering if the number they threw out this time will help XB1 sales.
joeorc  +   583d ago

Lol that kinda is like "well if sony was so good at Motion controls or really backed it why did they wait until after Nintendo to release the motion control system..LO

How come if Microsoft was so far ahead of Sony in this part of the grid Computing why are they not ahead of release over Sony's PS4 + REMOTE ACCESS PLAY?


whats freaking ironic is out of all the motion control systems released last cycle sony's playstation Move was the most accurate, than if you really want to look at projective eco systems Sony's VR system is not getting released? oh' wait Sony has a VR system in place, sure after oc. rift..lmao!

never mind @ siggraph Sony showed off VR a long time ago for gaming purposes....!

I mean in a VR environment you need accurate tracking to handle the manipulation of objects inside the Environment. the very fact that kinect also allows you to track in a 3D depth environment already tell's you something bot companies were looking @ not just motion control by itself when they developed the product.

Sony is not out there "trying to claim" its not just proof of concept stages its in real time application! the point is what Sony and Microsoft are doing with the cloud structure is not the same thing. But what is shown is Sony is right now being able to show results of that investment on the open market.

Until Microsoft can do the same with the claims its going to be a hard sell to some about "if they can even be able to do what they are saying they can"

The fact Microsoft is spending that kinda money to do it, is really a good thing is if they really think they can get it to that point, at this point im sure investors want to know if they indeed can do it!
#3.1.2 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report
Tempest317  +   583d ago
"by the equivalent of three Xbox Ones". The first article ypu linked (the "infinite power" article) states this within the first paragraph. Not saying the massibe amount of articles and different statements arent consfusing, but that article says 3x (from june 2013) and it lines up with wjat theyre saying now. Not that I believe it, but when after you sort out the bullshit, seems like theyre actually staying consistent with the claims, they just use bizzwords like "infinite" and "limitless" to throw us off.
#3.1.3 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
randomass171  +   583d ago
To be fair, if there's one thing Microsoft needs to fix up it's their PR. They seem to truly believe that the cloud will jack up the Xbox One's power. I for one really want to see this in action.
Milesprowers  +   583d ago
So can cloud allow 2160p@120fps gaming?
Abriael  +   583d ago
Someone didn't read "It’s relevant to mention that the rep talked about computational power, not graphical fidelity"
HacSawJimThugin  +   583d ago
I'm sorry but I watched a stream last night (CS Go) and it was running at 120 fps and I was not impressed. The game looked the same as a game running at 60. Disagree all you like but anything over 18fps the eye perceives as smooth motion. Maybe it runs a lot smoother at that frame rate but it's not something that screams must have to me.
TheGrimReaper0011  +   583d ago
I think it really depends from game to game
Just 2 at the top of my head right now
- The Last Of Us at 30FPS? No problem

- League of Legends at 30FPS? Fucking unplayable!

I play LOL always at 60 fps. Yesterday for some reason, i stuck at 30 fps. It was such a dreadfull experience, I simply quit the game, restarted my pc and rejoined.

Thing is, if the game is running at 60 fps, I really think that's enough.

Also and no offence, but from what retarded wiki page did you get that 18 fps is considered a smooth motion bullshit?!
I'd have to look it up, but I believe it was around 25 fps. Watch a video at 18 and tell me it's smooth without lying
HacSawJimThugin  +   583d ago
@thegrimreaper0011 none taken. I can remember where I read it but all I did was Google the human eye and fps. I agree that it does depend on the game and anything over 60fps is just a waste.
Milesprowers  +   583d ago
Why would a 'Stream' filled with compression be an indicator of how smooth 120hz gameplay.

Lower frame rates = Higher input lag
mcgrottys  +   583d ago

18 fps may look smooth but only if they have proper motion blur (better than the stuff in games), hence why a 24fps movie looks great but a game running at 24fps might not.

I would never want to play a game at 18fps though.
Deadpool101  +   583d ago
To be honest, MS is maybe telling the truth but it makes no difference as the results will ultimately come down to each persons internet connection. If you're still on broadband rather than fibre optic (like a large portion of the population) then I doubt it will work as well as they claim. Then again the same can be said for stream gaming I guess, a slow connection will result in less responsive gameplay.
#5 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
OrangePowerz  +   583d ago
There is an easy rule. You don't develop for the lowest denominator. Even if it would work the amount of users that could take advantage of it is lower than the users that can't take advantage of it and that in return would result in a lot less sales.

As for the streaming of games, slower connections can be offset easier since it is easier to sync everything up and the data for controller inputs is rather small, but there would be some sort of controller lag with slower connections. The bigger issue is with the video quality as a lower connection will result in a picture with more fragments and macroblocking.
#5.1 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
randomass171  +   583d ago
Microsoft kind of HAS to be telling the truth with the way they are hyping this up. I think Microsoft knows full well that this cannot be all smoke and mirrors or it's just going to tarnish their already fragile image as a game publisher.
Visiblemarc  +   583d ago
Maybe...but if so, team up with a big dev and blow the world's socks off. Stop telling us how awesome it is and expect people to wait patiently. People believe what they see, way more than what they hear. I agree with many here, that this is really poor PR.

I feel like MS as an overlord is probably harming the Xbox division by trying to micro manage them. This seems the only explanation for the odd messaging from a company that should know better.
Stoppokingme  +   583d ago
This is very poor PR, If I was a head honcho at M$ I would be demanding a please explain from these people.

It's one thing to promote the cloud because there is no doubt that it has potential, but putting actual numbers out there without substantiated proof is a big no no in any field.

If I was Phil Spencer I'd be tearing my hair out. It's not the product that's the problem, it's the clowns they hire to sell it.
midget_gem  +   583d ago
So MS are gonna release xbone in Japan.

KinjoTakemura  +   583d ago

More secret sauce...

"Can I have extra secret sauce on my bull**** burger please?"
T2  +   583d ago
You don't wanna know what's in the secret sauce... On the other hand if you are freely eating a bs burger 🍔 then maybe it's not big deal lol
TRD4L1fe  +   583d ago
I just dont see what they gain from this IF this so happens to not be true
sprinterboy  +   583d ago
I guess ms will not need to make a xbone two then lol
T2  +   583d ago
No way, you know what occurred to me? If cloud powah can make a weaker console more awesome I'm just keeping my 360!!! It's like 30 - 360 s he stated
TheTwelve  +   583d ago
This reminds me of what Microsoft tried to pull in France:

"X1 is the Most Powerful Console"

Microsoft would save lots of money not even getting into Japan. As it is, this will be a moneypit investment just to save face.

The X1 in Japan is like a snowball in hell.
KinjoTakemura  +   583d ago
Especially when all Microsoft does is try to sell "what ifs" and "maybes."
cyclindk  +   583d ago
So easy, just show the bada$$ game demo for a game ACTUALLY releasing displaying what sorts of benefit players can expect. Visual improvements or not, even just amazing AI, or whatever else they want to use it for.

Actions speak louder than BS
parentsbasement  +   583d ago
One company is trying to use the cloud too improve now and future games , the other is using it to play games from the 90's
madjedi  +   583d ago
Yes one company is bluntly telling you that this is a solution to backwards compatibility to older games that isn't possible hardware wise on it's platform.

The other has been hyping a bullshit claim since e3 that it's cloud will make the xbox one x times more powerful than without.

Like sony and other 3rd party dev will stop using any and techniques or services available to make their games better and more stable. Are you for real?
lemoncake  +   583d ago
This is a totally new concept to gamers, this type of system is real it already exists in the it sector, microsoft are just doing very poorly at explaining it to gamers as they dont have any really great examples to show it off.

With something like this seeing and experiancing it is key, haters however are always going to hate.
BattleReach  +   583d ago
It's impressing, but I want the power as hardware, not as invisible cloud sh#t. I want a console that can run games on his own, without internet.
cruzngta  +   583d ago
This is all 'in theory' and not really shown yet to make us the public truly see where this power they claim is. A real- world presentation at a major event like an E3 or something by MS themselves hooking up an XB1 system with the perfect connection and setup to prove this would be what is needed to make people see what they truly are claiming and they would have to have a flawless demo proving this. Not just some sideshow gimmick that could be done with another comparable rig. They really need to stop with these power claims and just promote what they have with great games because all this does is show panic on their part as trying to make people feel they are not inferior hardware wise to Sony's PS4.
KillerByte23  +   583d ago
The Cloud Power is the number 1 reason Sony Fanboys are worried about the Xbox One and Microsoft, When MS released that they released at build demonstrated what the cloud can do for the console.
This video 748 likes to 433 dislikes

The Xbox One cloud is already being used

- Forza 5 Drivatars
- Keeping Titanfall Online
- Keeping all of the game saves
- Keeping the Xbox Live service online
cyclindk  +   583d ago
Just one thing.... Why would they be "worried" about it? If it all somehow worked out and was used to make amazing games unlike anything else we have seen, then people would have more reason to buy the console. What bad thing is it these "fanboys" are going to experience if it comes to pass?
djplonker  +   583d ago
Vr + ps now


Imaginary software boosts

Sony fans are shaking in thier boots... anything microsoft does sony can do aswell!

Overpriced and underpowered plus it's oversized 5 milion "shipped" v 7 million "sold" we have nothing to worry about I wish I could say the same about the xbone!
#17.2 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
EasyOneTwoThree  +   583d ago
Keeping all of the game saves?

-Really? PS3 and PS4 already have this feature

Titanfall Online

#17.3 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(20) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
randomass171  +   583d ago
I'm not worried at all, actually. Even if the cloud did miraculously make the Xbox One more powerful than PS4, the PS4 still has the edge with its successful launch and it has a ton of developers under its belt giving it priority. The cloud can only improve both systems in the long term by making Xbox One more competitive, not necessarily more viable.
ThanatosDMC  +   583d ago
Wow, really? That was it? Try harder next time. Uploading save files like with PS+ and Steam?
KinjoTakemura  +   583d ago

No one is worried about the cloud because everyone knows it's not going to work the way you think it's going to work.

As for your list, servers are doing that work, now if you want to call it a cloud, go right ahead. No one will stop you. Good luck though.
onyoursistersback  +   583d ago
I tryed to enjoy your video, but my internet was kind of slow....
candy_mafia  +   583d ago
I say give MS an opportunity to develop and implement the tech into something tangible (A Game), so that the naysayers will stfu or failing that....

MS will once again embarrass themselves and forever lose all creditability.

Time is once again the master of all ;/
Braid  +   583d ago
Cloud provides rain, while console hardware itself provide the power necessary to run the games. That's all I know and believe.
pandehz  +   583d ago
Im scared to write some sense but here goes:

''During the stage event the Microsoft Japan representative claimed that the Xbox One has roughly eight time the COMPUTATIONAL power of an Xbox 360, but that’s not all, as combining the the local machine with the cloud, the COMPUTATIONAL juice of roughly three Xbox ones units ccould be used.''

''It’s relevant to mention that the representative talked about COMPUTING POWER, NOT GRAPHICAL FIDELITY, but it’s still a definitely bold and intriguing claim. I’m definitely interested in seeing if Redmond’s software giant will manage to back it up in future applications.''

Yet SOMEHOW it becomes a fight about PS VS XO

I wont blame the reader's here as they were pretty misled by the flamebaiting headine which it seems the author intentionally formed even after mentioning that nothing about graphical fidelity were mentioned.

I guess both fanboys didnt get enough material lately.

Not a fanboy of any, just putting it out there
#20 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(13) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Immorals  +   583d ago
This could be good for fixed events (eg. Levolution in bf4).
mcgrottys  +   583d ago
I don't get how hard it is to believe, it's how everyone used a computer back in the 80's and early 90's at work. You would have the company mainframe which each workers workstation was hooked up to. The workstation was your window to the mainframe and any work that couldn't be done on your computer was sent to the servers your company owned and was computed there.

An example would be working at pixar on toystory. People would layout scenes with just rough models of the actors and when they finished the scene it would be sent to the render farm and the final million polygon models, lighting and textures would be used to create the actual scene. It would take hours to days to render the scenes on those servers but it would take months or years on the computers they worked on. Nowadays our Desktops dwarf the servers of the Toy Story 1 days and the power of modern servers is unreal.

The only difference between cloud computing and what I mentioned above is that their is a longer cable, and more powerful computers.

So now what we can do is have your console render the scene made by the server. Sure you'll control the game from your console but all the complex physics will be computed on the server, and the console can still do a lot of calculations to do anything that would look off do to latency.

The scene would be easy to send over the internet because you can strip it of textures,(which is 70% of a games assets) and audio (another 10%). So what you end up streaming between devices can possibly be less than what onlive or Gaikai use.

Also if you look at the whole build 2014 conference on DX12 you can see that they are going to make it easy for computer to computer computations. Look at descriptor tables, sure they make it faster for multithreaded computations but there are other benefits. The descriptor is a file holding the location of textures, shaders and other objects to call. It is a small file (I think they said 64kb), so instead of sending textures and shaders back and forth between xbox and server they both have all of the assets and just send the descriptor files of what is being changed and what files the device needs to call.

People spend to much time arguing nonsense instead of doing some actual research. I wish I could explain things more clearly but then no one would understand what I am talking about, and I already have a wall of text that would only get longer if I wanted to dumb things down and describe them in ways more easy to grasp. But I'm not a teacher I'm still a student studying computer science. I might be wrong but with what I say but I do not say things without supporting evidence. I try my best to explain my rational but somethings are to big to explain in a single post, especially to people with minimal knowledge on the subject. I'm sure N4G users would get more joy out of doing proper research in Computer Science than reading articles based off Twitter posts from devs. And if you decide to, then at least if you are wrong with one thing pertaining the console wars you will at least have a skill that can be applied in later life.
#20.2 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
SixtyNine  +   583d ago
If there's any Company that can pull off the cloud compute for gaming it's gotta be Microsoft.
pandehz  +   583d ago

They have made a huge push in Cloud Computing.

Xone is a minor asset in the cloud universe.
Budobear  +   583d ago
When did gaming turn into politics? All the promises (empty or otherwise)leaks,about turns, slagging off the opposition, they all sound like a bunch of MP's and no one likes them.
Just stop with the nonsense and show us the games, and leave it at that, please!
gigoran  +   583d ago
so all you need to play the games that use this magical "power" are

1. paid for fast internet connection
2. always being connect to said internet connection
3. paid for subscription to LIVE

So as long as you spend that extra cash (on top of the cash you have already paid for the console and game) and stay connected to the fast internet at all time, you can experience this "power".

And this is supposed to sell MORE consoles? Huh...
marlinfan10  +   583d ago
1) "paid for fast internet."

we don't have a clue what kind of internet we'll need for it. the only reason you're saying that is because you've read it from other people online.

2) most of the games of the future are all gonna require internet connection so whats the difference?

3) you have to pay to play online with playstation also.
Clown_Syndr0me  +   583d ago
I have a major concern about this generation and Im hoping someone with a bit more knowledge than me maybe able to shed some light.

It seems alot ofthis gen does or will rely on online services such as the cloud. If future games rely on this does this mean that in 10-20 years time when servers are shut we wont be able to revisit our classics from this gen? Rendering our then retro consoles useless?

When it wasannounced X1 will not be online only I was happy because I thought it would work like allmy other consoles. Now it seems its all an illusion and online services are mandatory. Its really putting me offbuying games, the thought that they are essentially on a timer and will one day be useless...

Any thoughts? Do I have this right? Ihope not..
u got owned  +   583d ago
Think about it in relation to music. Same thing happened to cds people where very skeptical at first, now nobody remembers cds. Same thing will happen with video games, in the future we wont need consoles to play them just online/cloud sercices.
#24.1 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
Veneno  +   583d ago
Wrong buddy. With mp3s you can make as many copies as you want and play them across as many devices as you want. Can you do that with games? No. Can you even do that with movies? No again. The only way gamers can feel good about this is wh3n the day comes where we can make as many copies as we want and play them across any hardware. Just like music right?
rtherb0t  +   583d ago
Needless to say, Cloud Computing = the future = fact. Go MS!
xpressyoself  +   583d ago
I don't get why so they get made fun of so much for talking about the cloud. Yeah they still have to prove it but how is that different then people going nuts over Sonys VR announcement. They haven't shown or proved shit about that. The fact that so many companies are investing so heavily in the cloud makes me think it's pretty important
Priestwithgun  +   583d ago
The probability that he is referring to Halo xb1 multiplayer is so so high
corroios  +   583d ago
Yes, the future, like 2030 and not in 2014. LOL
KNWS  +   583d ago
Microsoft has the infrastructure to do game physics and rendering by the cloud. The tech demo is prove they are working on it. Microsoft one of most successful software companies in the world, is hardly going to make a claim, they can't do. Sony fans expect everything at launch. Where is the Sony streaming cloud service? Do i expect it never will happen, no, takes times to bring stuff out, and be sure it works for everyone.

The x box 1 is a cloud based gaming machine, the PS4 isn't. I can't wait till this happens and directx12 comes out so we can stop the nonsense put out there by Sony fans, the xb1 is weak.
djplonker  +   583d ago
Where is the Sony streaming cloud service?

The ps now service is in beta and people have seen it being used your the one that Is blindy believing anything they say....

Ms has cloud sony has gikai both can do pretty much the same thing and dx12 is focused on pc gaming and will not boost what the xbone is lacking on hardware still clinging onto secret sauces lol!

Let me put it into perspective just like newcastle fc the xbone can't win


Virtual reality and ps now -2014 & 2015


xbox software upgrade that will probably not close the gap - 2015

Have fun waiting for nothing but dissapointment!
#28.1 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(10) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
marlinfan10  +   583d ago
virtual reality isn't gonna take over gaming. most people complain about the price of the xbox, yet you expect them to buy a ps4, the camera, and VR (which will probably be about the same price as the console). i just don't see it happening.
#28.1.1 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(4) | Report
BX81  +   583d ago

Never pass up a good opportunity to shut up.
Give_me_head_strong  +   583d ago
How do you know MS doesn't have a VR attachment in the works? And you must have already forgotten about the AR patents that they recently bought. You're just assuming that DX12 won't close the gap based on what? Your crystal ball is broke, or the person interpreting it is stupid.
SasukeX16  +   583d ago
Ever heard of PS Now? You do realize there is a closed beta going on right and there's even screenshots. Do your research so you don't sound ignorant. If anything, the PS4 is the cloud gaming console
joeorc  +   583d ago
oh' holy hell! PSNow is already being used in Beta! right now, you are trying to imply that Microsoft's System is the only system made to take advantage of distributed "Grid Computing" ?

"Microsoft one of most successful software companies in the world, is hardly going to make a claim, they can't do."

Yeah, Kinect was such a Hardcore gamer's go to system enhancement for hardcore games when all three companies had out motion control systems on the retail chain! lol, hey I like Kinect, but its not a usable for hardcore gaming as was move, now with VR+ Kinect yeah i can see it getting more Hardcore releases, but Microsoft could have been more upfront about it instead of saying "yeah kinect on the xbox360" will be a viable hardcore platform for development! which turned out to be well after the 2nd kinect and when you add in VR.

you really are going to sit there and even try to spew such nonsense?

Hey sparky, if microsoft was so d@mn far ahead of Sony in this part of Grid computing how is it Sony is the one showing real world results past the "proof of concspt stages" right now for completed Grid?

You and other's are a real piece of freaking work on this site and , many claim this site is overran with playstation fanboys?

this is getting rather Pathetic now, trying to make the claim only Microsofts system is set up for the Cloud?

come on be truthful now
imt558  +   583d ago
I think that Xbone fans who believe in that cloud fairy tale have ( especially misterx ) disease called "brain cloud". I recommend movie "Joe against volcano" with Tom Hanks

Plot :

Finally, Dr. Ellison (Robert Stack) diagnoses an incurable disease called a "brain cloud" which has no symptoms and will kill Joe within six months.
#28.4 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
KNWS  +   583d ago
Microsoft has had press conferences, meetings, talking to devs, AMD and Nivida and Intel attending talks.

Shown how game physics can be done on the cloud and directx12 how it will work.

Sony makes claims on the web, of similar things coming to openGL but no outline of how it will be done. Sorry i going to believe Microsoft when they demonstrate progress in front of people with more knowledge of this stuff than i.
#29 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(14) | Report | Reply
DoubleM70  +   583d ago
LMAO! People want new Tech, but don't want MS to do it I guess people fell to realize that if one company pushes the envelope it forces the other to do the same. It a win win situation for all gamers.
modesign  +   583d ago
not the cloudz again, the xbone cant output to 1080p but the clouds can give it the power of 3 xbones.
BX81  +   583d ago
#30.1 (Edited 583d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
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