Anime PlayStation 4 MMORPG Onigiri Expands With Two New Stages

Onigiri, an anime style MMORPG for PlayStation 4, is live in Japan. The game also has two new stages Sekigahara and Kaga.

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XtraTrstrL792d ago

lol, probably some 1 man team. The engine is definitely far from next gen though. They need to either upgrade, or just stop.

Godmars290792d ago

Not like its ever going to leave Japan.

Farsendor1792d ago

a few mmorpg on ps4 that already looks better than this.

MeteorPanda792d ago

ff14 is their competitor. just saying

Drithe792d ago

If it's free it's me!!!

AceBlazer13792d ago

It's a damn free to play game -_- it's not competing against anything.

Anyhow I played the game a while back, through the tutorial, and it wasactually pretty fun despite it's look.Too bad the only Japanese I know are the Hiragana and バカ