Buy Sticker Packs in PvZ: Garden Warfare With Real Life Money Next Week

MP1st - It looks like PopCap HD will soon be offering Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare players the option to purchase in-game Sticker Packs with real life money.

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Mister_V1666d ago (Edited 1666d ago )

Some stuff does take forever to get on its own. And, I mean, hey, the game offers more-or-less the same amount of content that some other MP-only shooters do, but at only $30-$40. Plus, all the DLC is free. THIS how you do microtransactions, if you're going to do it.

Santana1666d ago

Hopefully more developers follow this route if they are going to include microtransactions of some sort into their game.

micx1666d ago

I'd rather have no microtransactions and paid DLC (but a proper DLC).

lemoncake1666d ago

In this type of game i actually prefer the microtransactions instead of paid for dlc, keeps the game feeling more alive in all new maps, modes and such as everyone has access to it.

bessy671666d ago

I disagree. IMO microtransactions and free DLC is much better in this type of game. Paid DLC just fractures the player base. This way everyone can play with everyone else, and you have the option of speeding up your progression if you choose.

Bigpappy1666d ago

All you need to do is play often and save your in-game currency to buy what you want. I mostly play welcome mode anyway, so I save for and bought packs that don't offer any advantage in that mode. But O some times venture in to the other mode to test out my new abilities and looks.

Very nice game either way

Farsendor11666d ago

im completely against microtransactions and f2p, why would anyone want that crap when they already payed 40-60$ for the game. this is like buying cheat codes which is stupid to begin with.

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Stapleface1666d ago

How about a pc release!! My son is asking about that at least once a week and I can't blame him. Should at least have a release date by now.

tinynuggins1666d ago

Should be 6 to 9 months from the X1 release.

Santana1666d ago

All they've said is Summer/Spring. :|

Stapleface1666d ago

That's my point. They have the release set for Spring 2014, and it's spring. We still have no set release date yet. :(

Skate-AK1666d ago

Doesn't surprised me. It's EA.

Kribwalker1665d ago

They said at launch there wouldn't be any microtransactions but they would look at adding them later. It doesn't affect the game tho, they made it easier to earn coins, I usually get like 27000 after 2 matches of garden and graveyards anyways.