Piano Tiles - Top 10 Tips, Tricks and Cheats

WP - "Piano Tiles, formerly known as Don't Tap The White Tile, is the most popular game on the App Store by far. It's an extremely simple game with many game modes, each one being more addicting than the last. Your goal in any of the modes is to get the best score possible, share it and brag on it, and do it again."

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colonel1791691d ago

My high score in Arcarde is 404 and 6.978 in Rush Mode.

Skate-AK1690d ago

Tried it a couple times on my girlfriends phone. It's one of those games where you say "just one more time."

jrwolfman1688d ago

509 on arcade. Is there a sight that shows peoples real scores instead of all the cheater scores??