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Submitted by maniacmayhem 581d ago | opinion piece

What We Want From Zelda On Wii U

Zelda is beloved amongst gamers, and for good reason. The series has delivered many defining video game experiences for many players. It’s a series fans hold to a high standard, demanding evolution with each entry, but continue to insist that it not stray too far from what made them fall in love with the franchise in the first place. (Nintendo, Wii U)

wonderfulmonkeyman  +   581d ago
If some of the dungeons are as big as Hyrule Field in OoT, like they hinted a while back, I'd call myself satisfied.
That's a whole lotta dungeon to explore...
OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   581d ago
They did that in Skyward Sword. The dungeon in this new one will be Twilight Princess's Hyrule Field scale.
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deafdani  +   581d ago
They did? I found the dungeons in Skyward Sword to be extremely simple and straightforward, except for the awesome final one, which absolutely blew my mind.

Actually, in most cases, I had way more fun trying to reach the dungeons than playing the dungeon themselves. Seriously, Lanairu Desert, Faron Woods, the paths outside Eldin Volcano, all of these were like intrincate dungeons by themselves.

I wish this new Zelda builds up on that concept, making the outside world as interesting to traverse as the dungeons themselves, or even more. :)
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wonderfulmonkeyman  +   581d ago
Skyward's dungeons were big, but not Hyrule Field big....
randomass171  +   581d ago
As the others have said, it sounds like you're overestimating the Skyward Sword dungeons a little. The world was pretty big though. If they have dungeons as big as OoT's map, that'd be pretty awesome!
3-4-5  +   581d ago
Dungeons are my least favorite thing about Legend of Zelda games, so having HUGE dungeons doesn't get me excited at all, but I'm not any less excited really, it's still LOZ.

I'd rather they put more towns into the game.
eaise  +   581d ago
I'm looking forward to this game! I know Nintendo will not disappoint their fans. Zelda U will be the best Zelda game in recent history! My hope is that it surpasses OoT as the best Zelda game ever
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deafdani  +   581d ago
I think that, objectively speaking, every console Zelda that came out after Ocarina is better than Ocarina itself.

But none of them was as ground breaking as Ocarina, and I think a lot of people are mistaking both of these concepts: quality and innovation.

Don't get me wrong, though. Ocarina has aged remarkably well, it's still a blast to play, especially the 3D remake. However, I feel all subsequent Zeldas are better because they all took the formula introduced on Ocarina and perfected it in various ways. :)
zero_gamer  +   581d ago
I want Nintendo to give it their best and I am hopeful they will. They never once made a bad Zelda least not in my opinion.
Starbucks_Fan  +   581d ago
voice acting?
NightStalker33  +   581d ago
Unless it's in hylian, and Link stays mute, no.
randomass171  +   581d ago
Wait, Hylian is a spoken language that is different from English? That's news to me. I personally would like to see voice acting (provided it's GOOD voice acting) and Link stays mute as well.
Conzul  +   581d ago
I bought a Wii just to play Skyward Sword. Then I finished it and sold it back. Hate Nintendo consoles these days, but will always be a Zelda fan.

Spikes1471  +   581d ago
That's a waste of console.
Parapraxis  +   581d ago
That's a waste of a comment.
Why even post that Conzul?
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-Foxtrot  +   581d ago
We wanna be free
We wanna be free to do what we wanna do
And we wanna get loaded
And we wanna have a good time
That's what we're gonna do
We're gonna have a good time :)
maniacmayhem  +   581d ago
And we wanna get loaded!

jhoward585  +   581d ago
I want Zelda wii U to take up at least two wii U disc space.

2 wii U disc = 50gigs
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OtakuDJK1NG-Rory  +   581d ago
This is Nintendo you are talking here. The master of compressing game size.
jhoward585  +   581d ago
what you fail to realize Nintendo normally used simple textures to make their games in the past.

HD graphics/textures requires more memory disc space. In case you didn't know most games data are huge because textures normally take up 40-50% of memory space in a single game.

Zelda U needs to be on 2 wii U disc if Nintendo want to go with HD visual.
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NightStalker33  +   581d ago
What's wrong with 25gb? Most games on steam are barely over that with massive textures and sounds. CG and in game cinematics hog space (final fantasy), which zelda games have for only a short moment.
jhoward585  +   581d ago
whats wrong with 25gb is its not enough memory disc space for a massive game like Zelda. This is not The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Its has very low poly, short/simple orchestrated background music, simple textures, basic colors, barely any voice acting.

Zelda are Nintendo most ambitious project yet according to Nintendo. It will be in HD.
Though, Zelda U may not require 2 full wii U disc which is about 50gb. But putting Zelda U on one wii U disc is not going to be enough memory space if Nintendo wants Zelda U to look like the Zelda demo we saw back in 2011.
If Nintendo uses two or more things I've stated above than 25gb will be enough.
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randomass171  +   581d ago
Mario 3D World has some pretty big levels (not to mention a LOT of levels) and I think that game is only like 2GB. Crazy, huh? :P
jhoward585  +   581d ago
2gb is impressive for a massive game as such as Mario 3D World. But I'm not surpized because Mario world is a combination of 2-d and 3-d graphics side stroller. Not to mention, Mario world has a lot of short/simple orchestrated background music which doesn't take up a lot of memory.

well, Mario galaxy 1-2 are 4 gigs. I know because I've burned the game to dvd disc using Isoburn.

My point is, as long as Nintendo stick to using the same game making methods they've used in older titles Zelda U game build shouldn't go over 25gb.
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colonel179  +   581d ago
"We love Zelda’s music, its characters, and its worlds, but I hope Nintendo doesn’t consider itself beholden to those traditions. It’s a difficult line to walk – delivering something new while retaining beloved elements –"

Nintendo did this with Super Mario Galaxy. They reinvented 3D Mario. They had new, impressive music and changes elements that made Mario fresh again. They can do that with Zelda, and I think a lot of people actually expect it.

I think that Nintendo are holding themselves because of nostalgia. When Super Mario 64 was made, they had to do something completely different because they were moving to 3D and the game had to do new things, there was no other choice about it. They retained things that made Mario, Mario, but they came up with the Stars and new music, etc.

The same thing happened with Zelda: Ocarina of Time. They reinvented the franchise because there were moving to 3D.

I want them to reinvent the franchise. Do what they did with Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2. Let go of the usual things and go crazy with the design and music. It should be completely different game, but retaining the most important things to still be recognizable as Zelda. Just like how Mario 64 and Zelda 64 were.

Most importantly, and it was in the article, REMOVE the handholding!
lionelglitchy  +   581d ago
And like Zelda OoT and Majora's Mask.
Both completely different but also sort of similar
randomass171  +   581d ago
Isn't that incredible? Majora used the exact same engine and assets from OoT but was a totally different game with a totally different storyline. Absolutely brilliant design work.
eworthington0  +   581d ago
I agree. I do believe it is ectremely difficult to do that. Changing and remaining deal. From what ive seen growing up with zelda, nintendo has tried to change it up a bit every time. Especially with wind waker, which was not well recieved by long time fans from the art direction alone. Later it was accepted. Same with skyward sword and the controls, fans hated that. I loved the game and a lot of critics did too. Fans eventually came around, just like they did with windwaker.
I just dont know what they could possibly do to the franchise to make it a same kind of different sort of fresh kinda familiar new thing. I love every one, I am very excited for whatever is to come.
colonel179  +   581d ago
For instance they could make a more thrilling story. Have twist and surprises, and a faster pace. They can do it like Dark Souls which have a connected wold and you just go and explore everything as you see fit. The 'hub' could be hyrule field maybe. Another thing, is that Hyrule should be a complete city, totally explorable. Actually, Zelda SHOULD look like Dark Souls. The environments, armors, etc are a perfect fit for Zelda Universe.

You could have Ganondorf destroy Hyrule or the Hyrule Castle. Make the world look like it's in complete ruin or crisis because of Ganondorf. Have extremely big bosses (but original and not too obvious to defeat.

The game could be more cinematic like Assassin's Creed.

They could add many more magic powers, and have them be more impressive.

They could add a level up system to upgrade the items

The point is that they can do TONS of new things with Zelda. The game has tons of potential especially if they make an interesting story other than Zelda is kidnapped, as if it was a Mario game.
eworthington0  +   580d ago
I always thought being able to level up would be awesome in zelda.
eworthington0  +   580d ago
Well, I see what you are saying. But I dont thjnk it even needs potential. It is what it is and has been forever. Zelda is highly regarded as one of, if not the best franchise of all time. I agree with you mostly. Times are changing game development is growing like nuts. They could expand and add some more depth. More like extensive arpg. I dont want it to be like skyrim though.
DoggyBiscuit  +   581d ago
All I want from ZeldaU is a epic game
Ulf  +   581d ago
What I want from Zelda on Wii U is that Miyamoto-san designs it, and that he doesn't listen to "what we want from Zelda on Wii U" peanut-gallery design articles.

Too many game companies have listened to too many crappy ideas from internet fans over the last 5-10 years. I have faith that Miyamoto knows how to bring on the Zelda, and that he shouldn't be constrained by anything, ANYTHING from other games or that fans claim "this is what we need, or else" fan-design expectation articles.

Zelda is great BECAUSE it doesn't have some of the ideas from other games. It doesn't NEED those ideas, and, in fact, the chemistry from many of the ideas presented above just doesn't go well with Zelda.

Truly open world Zelda? Voice acting? WTF? Do we really want the Zelda team burning time making GTA, when there are WAY more important things in a Zelda game than having believable, yet non-interesting characters everywhere? We call THAT game "Skyrim", folks, and its good if you're looking to play some Elder Scrolls, but it is NOT Zelda, nor should Zelda look to become it.

When you blend black and white you get GRAY. Gray doesn't contrast well, and typically ends up boring. It's also easy to miss in crowd of other grays. I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't understand that analogy.
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cyclindk  +   581d ago
Better get something out before this console gets canned..

My most memorable Zelda experience to date apart from the original and SNES versions, are Wind Waker and Twilight Princess.

Waker I liked because of the ship and sailing and different islands and treasure and all that jazz. I liked the style as well. I see no reason they can't pull a Treyarch/Infinity Ward deal, do Zelda ala Waker and then another Twilight type or Skyward Sword (I never played any after twilight).
Solid_Penguin-64  +   581d ago
Can't wait, going to be Pro controller for me ;D
Toxic-zombie  +   581d ago
I own a wii u and 8 games that I have thoroughly enjoyed, however with the struggling sales I fear that if they don't announce Zelda at E3 it will look like they ( nintendo) don't care for the console anymore. It already looks that way with the smash bros release date announcement.
bass4g  +   581d ago
This is actually one of the few lists that I mostly agree with. Most of the time these lists offer up a load of suggestions that just don't fit with zelda.

What I want (feel free to disagree, everyone has their own idea of what constitutes a zelda experience and what would make it better) is for them to combine the approaches they took in skyward sword with taking zelda in new directions, maybe with some MM thrown in. So I want the overworld to be like skyward's in terms of content and style but with a large, connected world, with less hand holding and skyward's emphasis on story.

I want them to keep the swordplay but combine it with the option to play on the gamepad for more traditional but still unique play. This goes with things aonuma has said like zeldau potentially being multiplayer (or at least not be purely single player) and taking advantage of the wiiu while still using the motion control sword (which they said they wanted to do for the next zelda). Essentially you would have two characters (link and zelda?) and each player plays one of them. Link controls like Skyward sword and zelda controls like traditional games but with gamepad specific features (at the very least she has the map). This would play to one of the main strengths of the wiiu, asymmetric gameplay. In SP you'd get to choose between the two.

I want the complex story of MM along with the sidequests from that game. I want some sort of nonlinear dungeons, not necessarily as far as Link between worlds but maybe on the level of darksiders (so side dungeons that you can do in any order and don't affect the story). Finally I want this game to challenge me but I wouldn't mind if there were some form of beginners mode for new players, I just don't want to have to play it to unlock the actual hard difficulty.
MNGamer-N  +   581d ago
RPG style level ups. Zelda RPG
filchron  +   581d ago
fine nintendo fanboys: ill concede with you on the early xbox360 era graphics they showed for the zelda U demo but at least agree with me that what made the old 64 mario and zelda games great was their mature tone and a REAL sense of danger if you didnt complete the task at hand (nintendo seems to have lost that dangerous spirit when they started developing new motion based control schemes/experiences but i like all their consoles). you HAD to save the princess and you HAD to save zelda because Ganon was actually scary!(a little blood was tasteful during the final battle but dont over-do it like gears of wars' stupidly fake looking strawberry jam blood) and in Mario 64 the dire tone of the music in the bowser levels just made the eventual bowser battles that much more intense. If they could appeal to their mature fanbase more in that way, then nintendo hardware would fly off the shelves. imagine if these were the graphics to the mature re-imagining of mario 64 on wii-U hardware(had it been a little more powerful lets say)
chris88755  +   581d ago
I can't wait!!!
wls1012  +   580d ago
if it's bigger than skyrim I'll be happy, and at least 3 big DLC'S

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