VideoGamer: Mass Effect PC Review

Some BioWare fans viewed EA's recent purchase of the studio with concern and cynicism. Mass Effect and any subsequent games in the series would now be ported to every platform under the sun as quickly as possible and with scant consideration for quality. That is, as hardened gamers say, the EA way. Now that VideGamer have ploughed our way through the game for a second time on PC they can safely say that there was nothing to worry about.

BioWare could probably have released a PC version identical to the 360 game and got away with it. But it hasn't. It's done it properly. It has listened to the community - its moans, groans and gripes - and given fans what they've asked for. This is a port, but it's more than a port. BioWare, with a little help from a friend, has made one of the best RPGs ever made even better.

Gameplay - 10
Graphics - 10
Sound - 10
Overall -

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OLD MAN3621d ago

barely has better graphics than 180, too bad.

Ariexv3621d ago

Crysis >>>>>>> anything on consoles. Poor weak pathetic consoles.

fermcr3621d ago

Yep... i am bying this game.

Pre-order... check.

OLD MAN3621d ago

yeah, wii, and all systems last gen, so yeah weak "consoles"