Next-Gen RPG Battle: The Witcher 3 vs. Dragon Age

These are arguably the two most anticipated role-playing games of the new generation, so which one gets your vote? Which has the slight edge?

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Bigpappy1692d ago

There is no battle . Just Hoping they are both really good so I could enjoy them both.

If you are grilling, is it chicken vs burger... or both?

joab7771691d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

I was hoping for a lot of the witcher 3 votes so I could say what u did.

To be honest, I couldn't be more excited about a game than the witcher but I have high hopes for dragon age inquisition...and its coming first. Damn that Destiny!!

Whatsupdog1692d ago

Witcher if you like strong story-based RPG's with actual decision-making and consequence with focus on a single main character.

Dragon Age if you enjoy party-based combat and focus on romance and companion relationships, though inquisition seems to also focus more on RPG elements this time around.

Conclusion: I will be playing them both :-)

DVS-Zev1692d ago

I will be buying both.Along with every other RPG this year and beyond.So glad the FPS flood is receding.

MAULxx1691d ago

Well for me there is no battle. I'm buying The Witcher 3.
I'm about fed up with Bioware at this point. They keep progressively getting worse with each new release.
Whether it's Mass Effect or Dragon age, they seem to do a nice job of running a series into the ground after the first game. It's just my preference but ME1 & Dragon Age Origins are the only games of those series I'd ever care to play again. Maybe they will prove me wrong & create a great game with DA Inquisition but I'm not expecting it.

DOMination-1691d ago

Everyone always says that about me1 and don't get me wrong, I do love it but when you have a game with crap combat and where combat takes up 60-70% of the game, I find it strange that people gloss over that but then get pissy because eg. You don't pick up guns every three steps you take in the sequels even though you just sold 99% of them.

Its a complete myth that me1 was more an rpg than the others. It was always an action game with rpg parts but the action part in the first was just not very good.

Anyway I'm looking forward to both games equally. I think both will deliver top experiences

MAULxx1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Full blown energy weapons. No Clips.
You could also crouch as well as take cover.
More robust skills and abilities.
Better story.
Felt more RPGish, more vast, open & expansive.

More streamlined character skills.
Cover based shooting gallery with waist high walls everywhere. I guess they decided not to let you crouch and just put these walls all over so you could be in cover. I prefer just crouching behind something over a sticky cover system.

Most of this is my own personal preference & opinion. They did make some improvements in the series but they streamlined & tightened it too much so it would be more appealing to a wider audience. How do you go from energy weapons to ammo clips? Never understood that. I guess the technology was going backwards or they just wanted to be like other shooters. I'm also getting tired of the whole bioware formula where you have to go assemble your crew every game.

Hopefully your right about them delivering top experiences. It's possible they could surprise me but my expectations are very low.

Npugz71691d ago

I wish you could create your own character in witcher 3!

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