Sony Is Removing PSN Leaderboard Support For PlayStation Mobile

Citing a lack of usage, Sony has decided to remove some of the few online components PlayStation Mobile supports. Doing so, the company has request all games using the feature be resubmitted without the code. Naturally, this has left some developers a little bit more than annoyed.

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sinncross1642d ago

Bad move... I understand its not being used a lot but what about the devs who are using it?

Also I think Sony should be doing more to court devs to PSMobile like they are with indie devs.

UltimateMaster1640d ago

A resounding Meh was given in the community.
I haven't touched a PSMobile game in a long time.
If anything just make the game as a PS Vita game.
I don't think PSMobile is bad, but it hasn't been the success Sony hoped, games being there are so-and-so with some exceptions being great.
A lot of the time, they are mobile games found on Android or iOS.

Moe-Gunz1642d ago

Still no Samsung support.

randomass1711641d ago

Except for all of the devs and players using it. Show some empathy. :/

tbone5671642d ago

Sucks for developers that had to waste their time adding the feature. Now they gotta remove it.

rainslacker1641d ago

I haven't worked on PSM for a while and forgot they were adding this. I remember it being quite requested during the beta. I'm rather surprised it wasn't highly implemented as it seemed to be a rather easy thing to do.

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