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MGS4 Chief (Belgium) 9.7 review


Got another review here... Not sure if it is very reliable though, it's from a belgium gaming magazine called "Chief". It's quite new (this is the 10th issue), but the redaction is made mainly out of people who had another magazine (and gameshow on tv) here before.

Score: 9.7
They don't divide the score in graphics, sound, etc. But they give some 'facts' about the game with the scores, nothing to take serious I think
Metal Gear Solid 4 is...
62% Hideo's perfect closure
20% picking up memories
15% saying goodbye
3% too much incomprehensible bullshit in between for the not-fans

UPDATE: I just got informed that its official. No scans available at this moment. Will update once scans are available. (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots, PS3) 9.7/10

Update Make sure you scroll almost all the way down to find the review.

Found them, here are the scans- (copy and paste these links on a different page)



Credit url: metalgearsolid.org
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sonarus  +   2594d ago
Qbanboi  +   2594d ago
9.7???? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Damn i don't want this game anymore, i thought it was better. I'm off to cancel my pre-order.


No, seriously, i think he gave it, that 9.7, because of the "3% too much incomprehensible bullshit in between for the not-fans" ^^ Now, That was funny.
ianp622  +   2594d ago
That means it's a 10 for any fan.
Jamie Foxx  +   2594d ago
kidding,but seriously this game IS for the fans,this is not a casual game!i cant really imagine anyone joining the MGS party this late,if you are...seriously play the games starting from ps1 you got ALOT of twists and turns to catch up on!goodluck
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Razmossis  +   2593d ago
Where are the 11 out of 10s?
Every damn game is getting a 10 these days that you would need to make a different league all together for games that ACTUALLY deserve it.

Id demand that the only people who review MGS4 are people who actually know about MGS, because all these f@ggy reviewers are bringing the game down simply 'cause they suck and dont realise that, while this IS a stand alone game, this IS NOT a stand alone story.

Also this reviewing style is terrible,
hypotheticly speaking if a game came out that was a black screen and you couldnt see anything but the sound was incredible.
You would imagine from this reviewing style it would get 100% bad graphics, but then there wouldnt be any % left for like 60% great sound.

This Review is plain Balls!
juuken  +   2593d ago
...You cannot be serious.
A 9.7 is kick ass!
sonarus  +   2593d ago
But i KNOW MGS4 is a 10. Its not that big a deal but knowing MGS4 is playing 2nd place to GTA4 ticks me off
juuken  +   2593d ago
That's true. GTA should have gotten at least a 9.0.
fork_the_lad  +   2594d ago
This game deserves 10's

GTA4 does NOT
HighDefinition  +   2594d ago
Is the best OVERALL game right now, for either console.

It`s not as deep as GTA:SA, but it is great.

MGS4 will be better, IMO.

But, right now....GTAIV is definitly one of the best.
BeaArthur  +   2594d ago
coolguy6...and that is what we call an opinion. It may be deserving of 10's, it may not, but it's dumb for you to say that it deserves 10's when you haven't even played it. I think it will be a 10 but I don't know because I, like you, have not played it.
Angelitos  +   2594d ago
They are new, so, I will give them mercy :)
crimsonfox  +   2593d ago
no damn it
no funking mercy
conjurdevil  +   2594d ago
not getting perfect 10's and getting high scores such as 9.5+ is more believable because it proves reviews aren't biased or rigged therefore I appreciate these score more than perfect 10's because that is just too hard to believe for me !! again its just MY outlook!
Serjikal_Strike  +   2594d ago
still a good enough score 4 me!
AlterEgo  +   2594d ago
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name  +   2594d ago
Everytime a reviewer takes off points, the only thing thats wrong with the game always has something to do with non fans not understanding the story. That's so BS
avacadosnorkel  +   2594d ago
point seven?

why not .8?

What's the difference?
Organic_Chemistry  +   2593d ago
I give this review pie (3,14......) out of 5
AngryXbot  +   2594d ago
Hideo Kojima: "MGS4 is a game made for the hardcore"
So if you arent a MGS4 fan and you dont understand jackshiat about MGS...kindly refrain from giving your opinion on this game as it means jacksquad.

If this is your score for the game, here is my score for your magazine:

"noobs and amateurs"
BeaArthur  +   2594d ago
Maybe you should go write for them then, since you are such a gaming bad ass.
poopsack  +   2593d ago
You should review them like this I am not a fan of the reviewers because this is the first review Ive read from them so I give them 4.6/5
AngryXbot  +   2594d ago
"incomprehensible BS"
AKA "we are too stupid to understand MGS at its peak, so we rate down"

Who's fault is it, really...
heyheyhey  +   2594d ago
lol the review says its a perfect 10 for fans

and i am a huge fan....... well gaming doesn't get any better
jkhan  +   2594d ago
9.7 is a pretty good score. This game deserves a perfect 10 in my books. It will be interesting what IGN, 1UP and GameTrailers gives it.
SPECTER  +   2594d ago
SHHHH!!!! Everyone look out the Game of Forever is coming!!!!
vloeistof  +   2594d ago
wow again a good score from de belgen ,but again the iv hate its funny
demolitionX  +   2594d ago
should be 10!!!
ONLY 9.7!!! that's very low! sarcasm!
LenHart  +   2593d ago
true man
some TARDS dont even know about the review they are giving

i am expecting a 10/10 from IGN . please IGN dont disappoint

Gamesradar/G1/Gamepro/IGN /CCC/CVG all will give MGS4 a 10/10 . no doubt there
DarthTigra  +   2593d ago
Ign wont give it a ten they just gave one to GTAIV and most likely wont give one to another game so soon,even though imo Mgs4 deserves it much more then GTAIV because while that game was good and one of the best this gen it in no way once again imo lived up to the hype.
Mr_Kuwabara  +   2594d ago
Good stuff.
canadianpatriot  +   2594d ago
wait till kotaku, x play , gametrailers and ign get there hands on this game.i have a bad feeling there going to rip this game apart
SPECTER  +   2594d ago
you cant trust; Xpay,Gamespot and now gametrailers. but IGN is normally great with reviews other than there too low Uncharted score and there Haze review (that was just sickining(but everysite agrees) I thought it was like an 80%
Ric Flair  +   2594d ago
Whooooooooo !!!!!!
Snake is great
But he aint a 16 time world champion like The Nature Boy Ric Flair

Whoooooooooo !!!!!

Hell i've had more Titles than most of you on here have had women

Whooooooooo !!!!
anh_duong  +   2594d ago
no game deserves a 10 period. there is no such thing as perfection in gaming. even kojima wouldn't say mgs4 deserves a ten.

ever since that dubious pro evo 2008 ign review i won't preorder a game. mgs4 is my only exception to this rule. i preordered this game because kojima will give me a game that will rule.
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SPECTER  +   2594d ago
"evon kojima wouldn't say mgs4 deserves a ten" well duh he said it was a 1/10
and just because a game has a 10/10 does not mean it perfect just that its the highest rating they can give saying its a must buy.
if GTA4 can get it MGS4 should I already traded in GTA because its not as good as the past few and online didnt ever work right till i was done with it.
to me GTA4 is like 7.5-8.5/10
ianp622  +   2594d ago
Not true. Kojima said it himself: "MGS4 is the best, the end."

Yay out-of-context quoting.
anh_duong  +   2593d ago
of course 100% is perfect. why? because you can't score above 100%.

kojima says the game is the best but i don't think he will think the game is perfect. infact kojima wanted to add a lot more of his creative wizardry to game but due to time, budgetry and technological constraints couldn't.

all this 100% this and 100% that reduces the creditibility of game journalism. it reminds me of a review a while back when a games reviewer gave a game 110% (it was a vertical shoot em up for the amiga). so effing stupid.

leave 100% to kids and fanboys please. the more i hear about games getting 100% the more i think of how stupid the notion of perfection is in gaming.

btw: if you read my posts they you will see that i always believed anyone who scores GTA 4 100% as those who got paid out by rockstar.

mgs4 is probably the best game of this generation thus far but is isn't perfect.
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SL1M DADDY  +   2594d ago
I round up on my reviews...

Sorry, but 9.7? If they are going to use the decimal place then just tick with the 100 scale and call it a 97. Perhaps the site would suggest that 100 is perfect and that 95 to 99 is nearly angelic and should be played in even the console of the gods... Not sure but we all know MGS4 is being played "upstairs" in a week or two.
SPECTER  +   2594d ago
yea when us fans have our OMG-gasms,Joygasms,Fangasms,et c.. we will know that it is a 10/10
SL1M DADDY  +   2593d ago
Rims  +   2594d ago
Poor xbots. ONLY ON PS3!

JimmyHACK  +   2594d ago
I'm confused
Kind of like this reviewer.. apparently cause the story is too in depth it's minus .3... at least it looks how their scale works.
princejb134  +   2594d ago
yes should be 10 not 9.7
why did gta4 get a 10 and not mgs4
gta4 is more of a 7.5, had more fun with the previous gta games
Ric Flair  +   2593d ago
Whooooooooo !!!!!!
It's a good job i aint got Liqud's arm sewn onto mine like Ocelot i would Chop your chest so hard " Whooooooo " You would think Metal Gear Rex has just fired a Nuke at you " Whoooooooo "
Blackmoses  +   2593d ago
Another near perfect score?!!!
why haven't I pre-ordered this yet?!!


edit: And the Disagree bug strikes again!!! LoL!!!!
The MGS series is the reason I bought a PS1, PS2, PSP and PS3 you wise ass.

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v1c1ous  +   2593d ago
i would accept 9.7 over a 10 across all boards
THE_JUDGE  +   2593d ago
I don't care what anyones
opinion is but my own! 9.7 ain't too shabby though.
Keowrath  +   2593d ago
Agreed! My opinion is the only one that matters to me. It's nice to see the game get extremely high reviews but for me it's not massively important.

Day one purchase and I'm counting the minutes to release!
hay  +   2593d ago
MGS4 will be great without paying reviewers to look at it through fingers.
Stefanps3  +   2593d ago
????????? What!????????
"3% too much incomprehensible bullshit in between for the not-fans"

What kind of Jerk write a bullshit like that? OMG! Go Play Wii you F!!Retard!!
Nitrowolf2  +   2593d ago
people shouldnt base the game on review.
ya 9.7 is great but if you were expected perfect ten then the only way to get that truly is to try the game your self when it comes out.
and what the he11 3% too much incomprehensible bu11shit
that ret@rded why would you score something from that if its only 3%
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