MGS4 Chief (Belgium) 9.7 review


Got another review here... Not sure if it is very reliable though, it's from a belgium gaming magazine called "Chief". It's quite new (this is the 10th issue), but the redaction is made mainly out of people who had another magazine (and gameshow on tv) here before.

Score: 9.7
They don't divide the score in graphics, sound, etc. But they give some 'facts' about the game with the scores, nothing to take serious I think
Metal Gear Solid 4 is...
62% Hideo's perfect closure
20% picking up memories
15% saying goodbye
3% too much incomprehensible bullshit in between for the not-fans

UPDATE: I just got informed that its official. No scans available at this moment. Will update once scans are available.


Make sure you scroll almost all the way down to find the review.

Found them, here are the scans- (copy and paste these links on a different page)

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Qbanboi3462d ago

9.7???? ARE YOU SERIOUS??? Damn i don't want this game anymore, i thought it was better. I'm off to cancel my pre-order.


No, seriously, i think he gave it, that 9.7, because of the "3% too much incomprehensible bullshit in between for the not-fans" ^^ Now, That was funny.

ianp6223462d ago

That means it's a 10 for any fan.

Jamie Foxx3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

kidding,but seriously this game IS for the fans,this is not a casual game!i cant really imagine anyone joining the MGS party this late,if you are...seriously play the games starting from ps1 you got ALOT of twists and turns to catch up on!goodluck

Razmossis3462d ago

Every damn game is getting a 10 these days that you would need to make a different league all together for games that ACTUALLY deserve it.

Id demand that the only people who review MGS4 are people who actually know about MGS, because all these [email protected] reviewers are bringing the game down simply 'cause they suck and dont realise that, while this IS a stand alone game, this IS NOT a stand alone story.

Also this reviewing style is terrible,
hypotheticly speaking if a game came out that was a black screen and you couldnt see anything but the sound was incredible.
You would imagine from this reviewing style it would get 100% bad graphics, but then there wouldnt be any % left for like 60% great sound.

This Review is plain Balls!

juuken3462d ago

...You cannot be serious.
A 9.7 is kick ass!

sonarus3462d ago

But i KNOW MGS4 is a 10. Its not that big a deal but knowing MGS4 is playing 2nd place to GTA4 ticks me off

juuken3462d ago

That's true. GTA should have gotten at least a 9.0.

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fork_the_lad3462d ago

This game deserves 10's

GTA4 does NOT

HighDefinition3462d ago

Is the best OVERALL game right now, for either console.

It`s not as deep as GTA:SA, but it is great.

MGS4 will be better, IMO.

But, right now....GTAIV is definitly one of the best.

BeaArthur3462d ago

coolguy6...and that is what we call an opinion. It may be deserving of 10's, it may not, but it's dumb for you to say that it deserves 10's when you haven't even played it. I think it will be a 10 but I don't know because I, like you, have not played it.

Angelitos3462d ago

They are new, so, I will give them mercy :)

conjurdevil3462d ago

not getting perfect 10's and getting high scores such as 9.5+ is more believable because it proves reviews aren't biased or rigged therefore I appreciate these score more than perfect 10's because that is just too hard to believe for me !! again its just MY outlook!

Serjikal_Strike3462d ago

still a good enough score 4 me!

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