inFAMOUS: Second Son Paper Trail Strongly Hints to Sequel; Here Are All the Prize Jackets

The inFAMOUS: Second Son Paper Trail mission series has come to an end, and you didn’t get Celia’s paper powers, as previously announced by Sucker Punch. You did get four new jackets, one of which included Celia’s mask.

Though, there is a clear reason why there's no power between the rewards, and that reason hints to the very clear possibility of a sequel.

In the meanwhile, you can also see pictures of all the four Paper Trail reward jackets.

Beware that the part of the post that explains the possibility of a sequel includes spoilers, but you'll have to scroll all the way there, so if you just want to see the jackets, you're safe.

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rarity1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

hopefully there's a sequel this game is amazing! i can't stop playing it. (cool jackets btw)

bokharij1693d ago

Meant to agree sorry. Yeah a "second" second son would be nice.

hay1692d ago

And there I was holding the game back for subsequent replay to get the new power early... I always expect too much of them developers...

-Foxtrot1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I hope in the sequel we play as someone else


The evil ending seems more of a logical choice of where to go next. The good ending dosen't seem much happened where the evil ending....well I can defiantly say Delsin would suit being the future villain a new conduit has to stand up to.

The whole "power" obsession he started to have near the beginning showed us Delsin was easily corruptible but his brother steered him on a stable path, despite good or bad choices...but with Reggie gone I think it would make more sense to Delsin to loose grip and go power mad...this is a guy by the way who was a slacker and didn't have much purpose in life, being in the shadow of his respected sheriff brother. So imagine what he would of felt like with actual powers, very POWERFUL powers.

Would be boring to see Delsin end up on the good path when we already had Cole for that. Cole was a guy who got powers, felt like they were a curse but didn't let them control him, he was trained by Kessler (himself) at the end of the day while the one person to keep Delsin on the right track is gone.

I would say the best person to bring down Delsin would be his own brother so if they can pull off Reggie survivng, like as I've said before, he ends up being a conduit with a different variation of Delsin Reggie can absorb whatever he touches, no conduit needed just the power source but he's only allowed so many. Concrete would be one, then Water since he fell into it, after that it could be Glass, Paper, Steel and Wire.

Cole would be another good choice, the world needs a hero again and Cole could come back to save it. Delsin would be the new "beast" to humanity, his powers suit that. Zekes resistance group would then have a focus.

TFJWM1693d ago

If Suckerpunch keeps continues as they have been they will be making the sequel based on which side was completed more so most likely he will be good in the next on

-Foxtrot1693d ago

Thats not the right way to do it though as by now people might just be doing the good story because they THINK it's going to be cannon.

SP should go with what makes the most sense, Delsin becoming evil would seperate it's self from Cole who was our good guy

Shadonic1693d ago

No, evil side of the game was just horribly executed when it comes to how the story develops. Would honestly want it to instead come out on Second Son instead of a whole no game and if there is any choice they should go off of its defiantly the good one. The good choice is honestly the best, going off of the whole pro conduit story it was telling only to have paper trail be a sort of foreshadowing of the evil and destruction that could be done by a conduit. In the second Installment Delsin could be sort of traveling tracking dangerous conduits dealing with the loss of his brother and his new-found sense of responsibility. It could also lead to the outcome of the desolvement of the DUP and the government dealing with rising conduits without depending upon a conduit themselves.

-Foxtrot1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )

" In the second Installment Delsin could be sort of traveling tracking dangerous conduits dealing with the loss of his brother and his new-found sense of responsibility"

So either a hunting mission sequel OR a sequel where Delsin becomes the new "beast" in ways and becomes humanity's next threat while a new conduit during this massive war has to rise up to stop him

Seriously going off the good ending you would have to force a story into it but with the evil ending the story is already set up for a sequel.

We had Cole for the good character with responsibilities...Sucker Punch need to change direction and give us the evil ending option.

His brother was the reason why he was stable in both karma choices, now that he's gone it makes more sense for his rage to consume him and become a powerful figure against humanity, especially after his tribe shuns him

Shadonic1692d ago (Edited 1692d ago )


"So either a hunting mission sequel OR a sequel where Delsin becomes the new "beast" in ways and becomes humanity's next threat while a new conduit during this massive war has to rise up to stop him "

That idea was merely a possibility, an idea for a beginning or goal to jumpstart the story. I honestly believe that the best option would be going with the good ending having Delsin dealing with his loss while still at the shack-house with Betty, this could lead up to the return of Zeke as hes trying to inform you about something big. This something could play into a plethora of different outcomes of the possibility of the Government trying to recreate and control the beast, The possibility that there maybe holding
onto even Cole in hopes of using him to create their own conduits.

Why cant we honestly have an option that can fit both, the evil path your coming up with honestly seems to be a more " give me a new character!! " plee. Hell why not have it to where we implement both options in a sense, we implement your becoming the best story where Delsin travels to say Washington where Zeke has informed him the Government is keeping something big locked up. This could introduce either a climb to the top story for Evil Delsin becoming the new Beast or for good a story where he finds and attempts to stop it.

His brother was the reason why he was stable in both karma choices, now that he's gone it makes more sense for his rage to consume him and become a powerful figure against humanity, especially after his tribe shuns him "

Define stable, because I'm pretty sure that ( spoilers ) Killing bedridden and dieing tribe/ family members because they turned away the mass murderer isn't categorized as stable. A story could be produced that can encompass both good and evil outcomes but were sure as hell not going to be getting the Fist of the north star story you had going. It honestly seems like your scratching the barest of the Minimum when it comes to developing a story. Mines aren't Oscar worthy either but its a lot more than just old protagonist is super evil now and here's your new character.

Lunarassassin1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

You're saying suckerpunch should do the exact opposite of what the players chose?
Good choice man really, at least someone knows what they're talking about. /s

candy_mafia1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I want Delsin to reprise the role and I want him to leave that city and go some place else.

Perhaps he can go on a vacation and something happens there. He could have a whole new set of powers. Imagine he is somewhere near a beach and can use sand or water as powers?

I want Delsin and Fetch to become romantically involved, it would be cool if she could be playable online co-op. That's assuming the game goes MP for a sequel, if any.

-Foxtrot1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Where else can he go, if you go with the good ending then his story is finished <Spoiler> he defeated Augustine, got her power, saved his tribe. The DUP are in shambles and the world is getting it's freedom back, not just humans but conduits aswell.

Delsin and Fetch only really got "into" each other in the evil karma path aswell.

It's not like Cole where at the end of inFAMOUS good or bad endings he had to wait for the Beast to arrive setting up the sequel.

EDIT: Below

Eh....I have 8 people on ignore, you are not one of them

candy_mafia1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I thought you had me on ignore. Hey Foxtrot lulz...

Yup, it's just wishful thinking on my part. I really liked Fetch, would love to see her in her own game. Spin Off maybe IDK :)

EDIT: Above

Oh okies, I have 2 people on ignore, you're not one of them too! ...and thanx I guess lool

TFJWM1693d ago

FYI Delsin and Fetch got "into" each other on the good path as well. I forget the quotes but they spend the night together and when she tries to talk about it he stops her

Shadonic1693d ago

Theres undoubtedly room for a sequel I mean are you even still playing Infamous ? < Spoilers >

sure he saves his clan and takes down the DUP but there's obviously going to be effects to those actions good and bad. Families have been shunned, people killed just for possessing the gene, lives destroyed. NO one is just going to roll over and just be happy that there free especially if they powers. Even with his origional goal its clear that whats happened during the whole thing with his brother affected him that can easily be weaved into a sequel.

DAS6921693d ago

Ok. First of all, A lot of people didn't realize this but Delsin and Fetch are believed to have slept together in Good Karma as well. The morning after Fetch says "Hey I woke up and yoh were gone" and Delsin replies "Yeah well I still gotta make time for the other woman in my life" (Details) and for the record, a world where conduits are free, allows for LOADS more story freedom. Maybe two factions of conduits grow in the time passed and one believes that conduits are the higher race and should rule humans, while the other wants to assimilate and try to live along side humans. Prime conduits fighting prime conduits. Now THAT'S something i'd stand in line for. Not to mention--and this is just wishful thinking--but... Room for multiplayer application??? Just think about it Foxtrot... Tell me that doesn't make room for a more fesible outcome.

Silent_Radiance1692d ago


That's basically X-Men, and I agree. We need to have an X-Men like infamous game already. Enough origin stories, I want to see conduit on conduit action. The action scenes we see in The Avengers would be absolutely fantastic on these consoles and certainly do-able.

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Shadonic1692d ago

There's room for more development indeed and a new place is defiantly possible. I mean having Delsin not have another confrontation somewhere down the line after what happened would be like Spiderman not doing anything anymore after winning his first battle with a super villain.

GusHasGas1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

I want the next game to follow the evil ending, and to feature Delsin becoming a tyrant, taking over Seattle after absorbing the powers of every conduit from Curdan Cay. He allows all conduits to gain even more power than before, encouraging them to kill all non-Conduits and take over the country. Meanwhile, Cole has been alive all along, living in Seattle undercover, with a low profile, managing his chain of electronics stores. He'd seen all that'd happened between Delsin and Augustine, and he didn't step in - he had faith in Delsin, knowing that he could beat her. But now, with no one to overcome the tyranny of Delsin, Cole must reemerge. He gathers an army of conduits who are willing to fight Delsin, and an ongoing war between Conduits begins. (6v6 multiplayer can also be implemented on the side, and it'd be developed by someone other than SP. It would involve you creating your own Conduit character with his/her own power, and picking a side, then fighting the other side alongside your comrades). Also, in the game, at the start, if you chose to play evil, you'd play as Delsin. Choose good, and you'll play as Cole. Characters like Eugene, Celia, Fetch, Zeke, etc. as well as some fresh faces will all be included in the game and will lick sides.

Hopefully this game would have a deeper melee system and much deeper story/plot with a lot more characters. Second Son's story was really weak, unlike 1 and 2's.

cyclindk1693d ago

Totally, it really is the equivalent to a game like God of War, except where the setting and the enemies aren't nearly as interesting... basically just soldiers and stuff. Cityscape... all very pretty, but if all you do is destroy stuff and enemies, I'd at least like to have something interesting to look at.

Of course, Delsin's neon power is endlessly enjoyable to watch in action and in photo mode. Right now photo mode is the only reason I have gone back to it.

-Foxtrot1693d ago

Think it would make more sense if Cole was in a coma and is being locked up by the government, he is the guy which set off the chain of events, the government would want to keep him for whatever reason...experimentation perhaps.

Zeke forming a resistance group might of been because he knows Cole is still alive somewhere

TFJWM1693d ago

I don't think so. There is really no reason for SuckerPunch to bring him back. They said because most people took the good path where he sacs himself that is it. I really doubt they would get more sales if they did bring him back so no reason to go back on their word.

-Foxtrot1693d ago

So I'm guessing you didn't see that question mark shaped lightning bolt at the end of the game

If they didnt plan at all to bring him baco then they wouldn't of put it in the game

Dont be so closed minded....he can come back and no one would mind, he's a likable character

Sevir1693d ago

Fox Trot let it go, Cole is DEAD DEAD DEAD. even the Cole's Legacy stuff with Zeke clearly said it. Cole isant coming back, as likeable as he is, he's dead.

cyclindk1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

They should just clone him, tada Cole is back...

(supposed to be Star Wars scrolling text)

inFAMOUS: Attack of the Coles!

In a city, close close by...


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GamersHeaven1693d ago

And Coles Legacy strongly hints Deslin being the beast.

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