Importance of Video Game Music In The 90s

The 90s was an extremely important period in gaming. In this era the industry saw Mario change from a pixel sprite to a fully-rendered 3D plumber, the transition from cartridges to CD, and much more. Surely technological advancements like analog controllers, rumble packs and memory cards can't be the only important steps forward for the world of gaming. What about the music?

Check out this video about the amazing world of gaming music in the 90s and how, over time, it's impacted the industry substantially.

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MeteorPanda1641d ago

Game music in the 1990's taught us latin.

3-4-51641d ago

We didn't realize that Video game music was a ton of different genres all disguised as " fun music for games, but it's actually very brilliant and beautiful music.

* Video Game Music, is the single most underrated thing about Video games.

Sound helps set the memory in place in your mind, it mixes with the visuals to give you that perfect balance of entertainment.

* How many game levels can you think of and picture in your mind just from hearing the music or said level ?

MeteorPanda1640d ago

l loved video game music all my life so your statement kind of doesn't apply to me. I've always known they were beautiful, l remember me an my brother recording ff5 and donkey kong music with a radio recorder, haha

l'm just saying a lot of games, particularly Jrpg's...had a latin choir at some point :P

1641d ago