10 PS1 RPGs That Should Be Released on the Playstation Store

In the wake of the Suikoden II news, J. Hugo from Kaboomshark goes looking for more PS1-era RPGs that should see a release on the Playstation Network--specifically ten of them.

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KinjoTakemura1697d ago

I'd like to see dragon quest make it to the ps4, but I know it's unlikely since it's a Nintendo exclusive...


porkChop1697d ago

I'd rather have Dragon Quest VIII completely remade in 1080p for the PS4. Or an HD Remaster for Vita.

silentjay6591697d ago

I actually feel, considering the love for HD remasters these days, that could be highly likely. Lol.

kingdom181697d ago

Nope they don't own it. So its entirely possible for one to be made for the PS4.

KinjoTakemura1697d ago

I think you're right. Maybe I'll post it up on PlayStation Network and see what happens.

tulholdren1697d ago

LOL that is crazy I was just playing Legend of Legaia this morning. MMM the good times of RPG goodness.. I wouldn't mind any or all of those comming to The Store

silentjay6591695d ago

Out of all of these that I listed, I'd like to see Lunar 2 and Tales of Destiny II/Eternia more so...but that's more on personal bias. I remember seeing an ad in a magazine for Eternia years ago and I was like "I wanna' play that."

Even though I didn't list it (because there's a cheap PSP remake/re-release of it), Valkyrie Profile would also be a personal pick of mine.

KinjoTakemura1697d ago (Edited 1697d ago )

RPG's are my heart & soul when it comes to video games. Especially a really good one with puzzles. Dragon Quest, Phantasy Star, Suikoden, Vagrant Story, Vandal Hearts, that's just to name a few. I know Playstation 4 will have some great RPG's, (I'm hoping it starts with Bound By Flame and Shadow Of Mordor) but some of these classics, Dragon Quest, Vagrant Story, Suikoden, Star Ocean, and Phantasy Star in particular, are definitely worth an upgrade.

silentjay6591695d ago

-eagerly awaits Suikoden II's release-