The Oculus Rift and Nintendo’s Role in Virtual Reality

"With the premise of virtual reality slowly making its way into the minds of modern gamers, many have wondered which of the big three console manufacturers would be first to release a consumer product utilizing the technology. Sony, of course, demonstrated their intention to eventually release a virtual reality headset to consumers at GDC this year; however, this headset could be years away. Many have wondered whether Nintendo should be the first to pioneer virtual reality on consoles, just as it did with motion control on the Wii. A few people even suggested that it should have been Nintendo, not Facebook, that should have purchased Oculus Rift. Before anyone gets too excited, I strongly urge Nintendo to move with the utmost caution when approaching virtual reality. The Oculus Rift is no Wii and Nintendo should not jump the gun on virtual reality with a considerable investment until it is proven to be marketable and affordable" -- Nintendo Enthusiast.

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wonderfulmonkeyman1692d ago (Edited 1691d ago )

All I can say is, I don't think the general gaming public is really interested in wearing head-sets quite yet, as a majority rule.

We've become so used to our TV's displaying all of the action, and being able to sit and relax with the majority of our games, that the thought of switching over to devices like the Oculus Rift, which is a vastly different beast compared to normal gaming, is a turn-off for a vast majority of the market.
The weight of such a thing constantly on our heads, however slight, would be noticeable, for one thing, and for another, TV's naturally offer a much wider FOV when it's big enough.
There's also the issue of gamers not liking to have to move around much.
I mean, I've heard dozens of complaints about something as simple as looking down at the second screen of the Wii U's gamepad, let alone lifting it up close enough to not need to move your head to look at it.
If that's too much head movement for people, how would many of them think when they have to swivel their heads every which way in games just to play as these games were intended?
They wouldn't want to do that for every single game, methinks...

The VR head-sets, also, are more suited for first-person experiences than third person, so unless third-person games die out entirely or first person modes suddenly become important points of play for the majority of games going forward, VR Headsets simply won't have a firm and comfortable place in gaming for the mass majority.

At best, VR Headsets are a side-consideration for very specific games and experiences, and would likely be put to better use in the fields of medicine and training programs.

For example, one recent report was of a cancer victim, confined to her home, being granted her final wish of going outside once more via the tech of the Oculus Rift.

Another, would be considering the risk-free application of such a device when training people for using potentially dangerous machines, like when training to use a heavy construction crane.

Gaming isn't the firm and final place for VR headsets at the moment.
They're niche devices for very specific instances in gaming, but little more, and I doubt we'll get beyond that point any year soon.

As such, I don't believe that Nintendo is going to be pushing for it.
I'll be genuinely surprised if they do, given their experience with the inability of the Virtual Boy to catch on with the gaming community.
Though I do acknowledge that the tech in VR has improved vastly since that long-ago failure, I doubt that it would make a difference.

Similarly, I don't see Project Morpheus making any sort of real splash in gaming, just like the OR.
It'll be cool for a few specific games, but on the whole, I don't feel that the gaming community wants such a thing as a normal part of their gaming experience quite yet, and likely won't for many a year to come, for the majority of their gaming sessions.

eworthington01691d ago

I could see a lot of bumping and tripping. You have to swivel quite a bit im sure. So the best way one would do so is to stand. Turning over and over. Leading to dizziness, loss of bodily functions because it seems so real... "this cant be happening" and finally death caused by tripping over your harry potter scene it.
That is why vr isnt for me.

paleselan1691d ago

" As such, I don't believe that Nintendo is going to be pushing for it. "

That's what the article was pretty much saying ;P

wonderfulmonkeyman1691d ago

I'm aware, I was just explaining the reasoning behind why I came to the same conclusion.

N4g_null1691d ago

You are right nintendo will not push wearable again. Just look at the Google glass backlash. Oculus rift is for tech guys only. It is not a consumer ready every day product yet from a design point. I still say that vr is the future but maybe not thur wearables.

What is interesting is Nintendo has solved part of the problem of vr right now. The key things are that the solution is cheap and accurate control wise. They have vr controls in their motion control suite. This is why the wii worked. It was vr without the geek tech and expense of brute force engineering that equals Unaffordable gear.

they also have the sdk and gameplay engines to actually use a vr display solution.

I'm thinking the vr think will have to be something tv manufacturers tackle with uhd tvs. Gaming consoles Have to be affordable.

The lack of console like games is causing the gimmicks that attract gamers to become more pc like. Pc sales are horribly down right now. Now is not a good time for anyone to put out expensive head gear for the masses.

If sony does want to do this it needs to be tied to their 4k tvs.

If ms does this it need to be tied to their next os.

Nintendo needs to make motion viewing possible in their handheld. This is in most games that use the gyro on the ds. Yet the new handheld from nintendo needs to be a looking glass solution to vr. The game pad has a lot of this tech but a rear facing cam and an arm cpus would finish out the job easily. the account idea does allow one purchase and playing everything on all nintendo devices afterwards then a wearable solution can be found or another tv manufacturer could offer a solution at a later date.

randomass1711691d ago

VR seems like a really cool idea for true immersion, but a few steps need to be taken for it to become a more widespread and mainstream thing. It needs to be affordable and have many different uses along with its primary function. Being able to store music, watch movies, socialize, all of that has to go in tandem with VR for the public to really take an interest in it.

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eworthington01691d ago

I will never buy an oculus. Its embarrassing. Its impressive. But I wouldnt want to be caught using it.

DoggyBiscuit1691d ago

The Oculus Rift getting a lot of buzz this could be the next big thing

randomass1711691d ago

The potential certainly is there and Facebook has some ideas for VR that I actually really like, but it's the execution that concerns me. The actual product may not live up to the hype at all. We will have to wait and see.

HavokPants1691d ago

if nintendo was aggresive
nintendo: well here is the thing we gave birth to virtual reality and you turned it down SO IF YOU THINK FOR A FUCKING SECOND WE ARE going to give this failure another chance FUCK OFF