PS4 Remote Play Helps Hospitalized Kid Play inFAMOUS: Second Son 500 Miles from Home – Meet Felix

When they think about Remote Play, one of the most heavily publicized features of the PS4, most people probably limit that idea to the ability to continue playing from the bedroom or from the bathroom, but there’s more to the feature than meets the eye. and it can allow those that are less lucky than most of us to keep up with their gaming hobby even when they don’t have access to their home consoles.

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xHeavYx1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

I know, right? Sony should contact this people and make an add based on their story

Exploit them? I'm pretty sure any Sony fan would love to be part of an ad. They'd probably get freebies too

Eonjay1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

Naw... no need to exploit them, good stories like these advertise themselves.

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PrinceOfAllSaiyans1521d ago (Edited 1521d ago )

This is why the Vita is a beast. If Sony advertised this feature in the West I think sells would go way up. When I get my Vita Slim next month I will probably remote play a lot.

fOrlOnhOpe571521d ago

Nice story. Live a long and healthy life, son.

randomass1711521d ago

Amen to that. Hope the kid makes a full recovery. :)

MasterCornholio1521d ago

Thats so cool.

Hope he gets better soon.

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The story is too old to be commented.