Dare to Share–To Anyone Who Ever Told You That Video Games Were Bad For You

Twinfinite writes:

"Dare to Share is a community-submitted collaborative effort by gamers that seeks to put forward the stories that show the positive side of video games--the side you won't hear about in mainstream media."

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idlet1667d ago

I'm glad stories like these are getting out there. Can't wait to see the next ones.

thecastroregime1667d ago

Thanks, you won't believe the enthusiasm I've gotten in response to all this :)

MikeEaton1667d ago

This is a refreshing approach to dealing with the kind of stereotyping that happens in the mainstream media. While it can be frustrating, the usual 'go-to' response of the gaming community has traditionally been to lash out, push back, and basically embody the very image being presented in the first place. Taking a positive and proactive approach is the best long-term course of action.

capitanandi1667d ago

It'd be lovely if that stigma around video games vanished someday. For now though, people in the community willing to share their stories is exactly what we need. Great stuff.

xarexerax1667d ago

I love all of this so much! Wonderful work getting these stories put together and out in the world!

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