Is Call of Duty the Most Hated Franchise in Gaming History?

If it's easily one of the most popular franchises in the history of the industry, how is it also one of the most roundly despised?

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kalkano1607d ago

Yes. But, I think it has more to do with the ripple-effect it's had on the industry, than the game itself.

XisThatKid1607d ago

Yes, simply because it is the most popular and has grown to the success that its cool to hate it by the sheeple of social network/gaming.

kalkano1606d ago

More like people hate it because every other gaming company is now trying to make the same exact game, leading to the homogenization of the industry. And it has also led to a lot of "dumbing down" of existing franchises, and lower quality "yearly titles".

You can't blame everything on Call of Duty, but they played their part.

TXIDarkAvenger1607d ago

Probably is, however I disagree with the hate it gets. It's a fun shooter that anyone can pick up which makes it so enjoyable.