178 Days Since Release, DICE Confirms Battlefield 4 Still Broken

It has been 178 days since Battlefield 4 was first released. Today, DICE confirms that the title is still not operating as intended, though fixes are being implemented.

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KinjoTakemura1698d ago

Would you ever expect to get a fully functional game from EA? LOL

troylazlow1698d ago

Plant Vs Zombies Garden Warfare is amazing and so far we have received 2 FREE DLC packs! and all for a $30 price tag. EA did good there... but your right it is a short list

DarthZoolu1698d ago

Battlefield had been my favorite multiplayer game since BF2 on PC, and after spending $110 on a game that is so broken. I play every style but my favorite is sniping and you can't snipe like a god with the lag etc... When you are 500+ meters away and people are rubber band men you are taken out of the game. Some franchises die and some are killed either way I'm not buying BF5

Trunkz Jr1698d ago

EA did not make it, they put their name on it.
DICE is to blame for the coding, yes EA Rushed them for launch - but it's up to DICE to fix, which has taken WAAAAAY too long.

zeee1698d ago

Two words... [email protected]$k Dice! They have no excuse for being so sloppy. 6 months and the game it's still broken?

randomass1711698d ago

Absolutely not. Part of why I'm worried for both Mirror's Edge 2 and Battlefront is because of how they rushed one of their biggest franchise's newest installment. :/

Farsendor11697d ago

doubt ill buy bf5 if i do it will be after reviews and user opinions and even then ill still be a skeptic

LAWSON721697d ago

EA has released fully functional games many times. It just seems BF always seems broken

randomass1711696d ago

The question is whether the reason is EA or DICE. Or both rushing the product.

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Conzul1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )

BF3 was the last EA game I bought/played.
I'm rather proud of my restraint.

Sam Fisher1698d ago

Shit im proud of you.

I dont see them fixing bf4 i just hope they address the issue next installment at this point, its the game thats broken not the service or anything like internet capabilities, at this point its impossible in my view. Just have bf5 fixed

randomass1711698d ago


Good on you for holding off. You definitely aren't missing much. :/

sander97021698d ago

I'm so sad that DICE will be working on Battlefront 3 because that means it will probably be just Battlefield with a star wars skin

HappyWithOneBubble1698d ago

That what happens when you release early. I like Dice but it's sad that EA owns them. BF5 will be out next year and I feel it will be rushed too.

Tru_Blu1698d ago

Supposedly they are going the COD route and having 2 studios pumping out BF's every year. I hope that is just a rumor but I get the feeling EA saw BF3 make a ton of money and are going into all out milk mode now.

Sam Fisher1698d ago

No they tried it with medal of honor, and it bombed, i recall that they pulled back the yearly application

Fiestabrian1698d ago

You are quite wrong, they are doing a loop of battlefield, titanfall, and battlefront.

micx1696d ago

Actually, Activision has 3 studios doing CoDs

tobactrac21698d ago

Some are trying to get support for longer Battlefield development cycles here:

You know, even if EA doesn't respond to any of this and just goes ahead with their annual release plans, at least they'll know that we hate them for it haha

jairusmonillas1698d ago

But it's still better than COD..

Funantic11698d ago

COD:Ghosts is way better than BF4 for sure. BF4 is too slow, boring, ang bug infested.

jordan84451698d ago

Slow and boring... translation, I suck.

NarooN1698d ago

I've played both on PS4. Even with its numerous hit-detection issues and rubber-banding, BF4 is a much better game than Ghosts is. BF4 doesn't have anywhere NEAR as much BS in it as Ghosts' multiplayer has. No contest.

DarthZoolu1698d ago

Normally I think BF is miles ahead of COD but COD Ghosts works and BF4 doesn't so COD Wins this time.

Fiestabrian1698d ago

Either bf4 is slow and boring or you are utter shit at the game, ill go with the later of the two. Ive gotten games with upwards of 60 kills, the matches are always different and you have a wide array of weapons at your disposal. Cod is just sad, its had more than enough time, it needs to retire its sad existence.

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TekoIie1698d ago (Edited 1698d ago )


.... They have played their game relatively smoothly since release. Cant say the same for Battlefield 4.

SirBradders1698d ago

Anything is better than cod I'd rather play ET than cod.

MajorLazer1698d ago

Both CoD and BF are awful..

Mini0510_131694d ago

LOL sucks to be you then. Two biggest shooters from end of last year is out.
Does titanfall suck too? LMAO

MajorLazer1694d ago

Why would it suck for me? There are sooo many different genres out there to experience that I consider myself lucky not to just play a oversaturated genre (FPS)

randomass1711698d ago

I don't see why people are saying Battlefield is better than CoD. They are both military shooters, one is just faster than the other. And Ghosts was not fundamentally broken the way BF4 was. I think people just say they like Battlefield as a means to spite the CoD franchise because hating that series is the cool thing. I don't personally care either way, I've played both and neither are exactly spectacular.

micx1696d ago

It's all about jumping on the CoD hatetrain.

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