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Upcoming Call of Duty 2014 Teaser Has Begun

It appears that Sledgehammer Game’s is gearing up to reveal their first ever Call of Duty title for the next gen consoles. (Call of Duty, Call of Duty 2014, PC, PS3, PS4, Sledgehammer Games, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

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colonel179  +   433d ago | Well said
You know a franchise is milked when they use years instead of numbers to refer to the newest one.
supersonicjerry  +   433d ago
well i mean its a squeal and we don't know the official name for it what else would they call it?
ScamperCamper  +   432d ago
There is a decent amount of evidence to suggest it's future or advanced: http://www.callofdutyforeve...

Activision isn't just going to pick something at random. If it's the most innovative release to date, then it has to be something completely new. In that sense, it's not going to be known as "COD 2014" or something weak like that. They have to really build a new branch for COD and picking the right name for it is important. They screw this up, the franchise is in big trouble. I think we all agree on that.
randomass171  +   432d ago
The CoD franchise is somewhat archaic and its modern incarnation is barely even a decade old with a bunch of games under its belt. Activision, as you said, cannot afford to mess one of them up so they constantly play it safe.
supersonicjerry  +   432d ago
@ScamperCamper exactly but nobody knows officially what the next cod is going to be called all of us are making assumptions that it will be modern warfare 4 and its a big chance that it will be that but no official word until they release the trailer.
mark3214uk  +   432d ago
we all slag them off,saying that all the games are the same ect but we still buy them :/
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ZombieKiller  +   432d ago
Lol @ your 5 disagrees. Those are the guys that already preordered the game without letting them finish the title.

I just don't understand the logic of the series. I hear so many people say the last game was trash so I'm waiting for the next one.....uh.....what?

Screw me once shame on you, screw me twice shame on me. Screw me every year and it's time to find a new game.

@ScamperCamper "Activision isn't just going to pick something at random."

Lol so Snoop Doggs voice saying "ya dig" over the sat com isn't a perfect example of that? These games are getting more careless as the hit the shelves. Each year they get worse with more shit for the kiddies to make mommy n daddy break out the wallets. Generic shooter for 2014 confirmed. I understand it's a different studio, but it's all under the same overhead, with the same rules, and the same engine.
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k3rn3ll  +   432d ago
See that's the thong you answered ur question in tryout statement. If you've bought 5 games outta the series and only one of em you didnt like, that's a better ratio then most series have
CarlosX360  +   432d ago
Yeah, but that's how YOU feel, kid. Problem with a new "sub-series" is that they have to start all over again. Look at Ghosts; use your head.

Ghosts was a failure not just because of how absurd the game's code was; it failed because there wasn't enough marketing heat to the game - it's back to square one. So, Modern Warfare 4 makes MORE sense than a new sub-series...

I don't think franchise fatigue is the factor to the decline of "Call of Duty." It's still relevant, and will be until players stop giving two crap about it.

It's going to be MW4, live with it. If they go with a new sub-series, I call stupid. Back to square one again... which they can't afford to do with Destiny around the corner.
curtis92  +   432d ago
get off it... it's hugely successful. And, believe it or not, a lot of fun -- unless you're a close minded "everything has to be 100% new and original all the time, always" kind of person.

Sometimes if something isn't broke it doesn't need to be fixed. Take that as milking all you want, but it works. Stop being so sour.
colonel179  +   432d ago
It has to be a balance though, and most of the time, having a yearly game comes more as milking than "hugely successful".

I even say that for sport games, should be only updates (as DLC) and release a NEW game every 2 to 3 years. How much can you do in a year to innovate a franchise?

At least Activision announced that the cycle between development for COD is three years, the same as Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed, so even if they are yearly, they can do something much better when developing them.
Joey_Leone  +   432d ago
@ScamperCamper The franchise is already in trouble.
maddskull  +   432d ago
i dont know but i feel cod will get better now because the devs have 3 years to make the game although i dont like sledgehammer games i am waiting for treyarch they are the best devs that made cod and with the extended time i think they might innovate and add new features
PSFanboy007   433d ago | Trolling | show | Replies(7)
crusf  +   433d ago
If this CoD somehow manages to surprise everyone with awesome graphics a new engine and a fantastic story. You people will still hate on it. Why? Because its popular and we humans HATE whatever is popular Amazing how a few MP deaths can lead one to regret a 60 dollar purchase and disregard all effort put on development of the game. Worth noting IW had to develop for 6 different platforms at the span of 1 year. You tell me that's not an impressive feat.
colonel179  +   433d ago
Not necessarily! Remember that COD became successful after the reveal of COD 4. Even after they showed Killzone 4 which was much more impressive in all fronts. However, COD 4 had a very innovative multiplayer (at the time).

If the new one manages to impress like COD 4 did, people will be excited for sure.
HacSawJimThugin  +   432d ago
COD needs a drastic change like a third person perspective to get me interested. I doubt that that will ever happen but they need something along those lines. TitanFall is my go to shooter for MP First person outside of Halo of course. With that being said I like them to prove me wrong and actually make something compelling to play.
BattleAxe  +   432d ago
I don't think people actually 'hate' the CoD series, so much as they're just bored to death of it. I used to play CoD:4, CoD:WaW, and MW2 like crazy, and I loved these games.

The problem is that it's the same thing over and over again with little tweaks here and there with the newer CoD games, especially ever since Black Ops came out. Not to mention, that Call of Duty is more run and gun than it ever has been in the past. It's not really a military shooter these days, so much as it is a Quake or Unreal Tournament game with military skins.
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voice_of_ reason  +   433d ago
"Worth noting IW had to develop for 6 different platforms at the span of 1 year. You tell me that's not an impressive feat."

It's not impressive at all, actually.

And if the game is truly amazing then gamers will recognize it.

Before Modern Warfare hit the scene COD was the same ol' WWII shooter. Everyone was tired of it... no one was hating on it because it was 'popular', it was just the same thing as the years before. Then IW made an awesome graphics engine, changed the multiplayer, and changed the setting to 'modern'. Ironically they have fallen back into the same pattern as before when COD was the same ol' WWII shooter... but this time, they aren't even trying anymore. It's quite sad.
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crusf  +   433d ago
Not Impressive? Have you ever worked on a game before? You know how hard it is to make textures,code, sound design and voice over work? Some developers are allowed years to craft there finished product.Why? Because they know it's not as easy as it seems to make a game.
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Master-H  +   433d ago
Wut ? before Modern Warfare only COD3 sucked, and it was 3arc's game, COd1 and Cod2 made by the original IW team were pure gold, especially CoD2, CoD essentially became the new Medal of Honor in terms of quality at that time. CoD really went downhill once VInce and zembella left around the time MW2 released
NarooN  +   432d ago

Dude, CoD3 was great. It was pretty much a better version of CoD2, which itself was underwhelming. And you somehow forgot that CoD1: United Offensive was developed by Treyarch, and was considered by many to be much superior to both the original CoD1 AND CoD2.

WaW was the last decent CoD game, it's just been pure downhill ever since MW2.
Skizelli  +   432d ago

I'd say Black Ops was the last good COD game (single and multi), but that's just me. My top 3 would have to be COD4 > BO > WaW. It's a shame that all of these sequels put a blemish on the perfection that was COD4. It seems most people that are still into the franchise only care about the multiplayer. That's probably because none of their campaigns have come close to COD4's. It was a great game all around.
bondsmx  +   433d ago
One year isn't correct.. They were on 2 year cycles. And now, 3 year cycles with SHG making this years game.
NarooN  +   433d ago
You're giving them way too much credit. Ghosts was just an abysmal game all-around, there wasn't anything remotely impressive about it, besides the fish A.I.

Six different platforms, you're acting like they actually only developed the game in a year? Six different platforms isn't as crazy as you're making it out to be. Create all the game's assets once, then scale them down as necessary to fit on the target platforms, whether that's removing certain post-processing effects or lowering texture resolutions and native internal rendering resolutions, etc. The only thing that was different besides that was the native code, so that's x86 for PC, X1, and PS4, and PowerPC for 360, PS3, and Wii U.

Not incredibly difficult, especially considering the engine is the same as it's been for ages now, and they've had experience in all these different architectures for years now. Not to mention it was more than just IW -- they had help from Neversoft and Sledgehammer IIRC.

If the games were truly great, gamers would recognize them. The CoD hate isn't unwarranted or based solely in hipsterism bandwagon-jumping as so many like to claim. People are sick of the blatant laziness that goes into the games year after year, and the effect it's had on the industry as a whole (people trying and failing miserably to copy CoD's success, other devs adopting Activision's sleazy DLC methodologies, etc.) It's definitely justified.

As for the story, just lol. The vast majority of people don't give a rat's ass about CoD's campaign modes, and the statistics prove it. Only around 40% of people even start up the first level, about 10% of people finish it, and only about 1~2% of people even beat the game. Source = Activision themselves, google it. It's all about the multiplayer, and yes, that is the point where they refuse to really innovate nor fix the numerous netcode issues and gameplay balance problems that have been rampant in the series for YEARS now.

So yeah, tons of people have very good reasons to not just mindlessly accept CoD as a "good series" nowadays.
crusf  +   432d ago
"Create all the game's assets once, then scale them down as necessary to fit on the target platforms" You realize how long it takes to make those assets? You think all IW does is click a bottom and POOF a new Call of Duty. It's much more complicated than that."considering the engine is the same as it's been for ages now" Wrong again before assuming what un educated trolls imply read this http://en.wikipedia.org/wik... and go to the list at the bottom. You tell me the team is not significantly improving there engine and its the same every year.
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NarooN  +   432d ago
Nice job putting words into my mouth. I never said making the assets was incredibly easy, but you yourself lied when you claimed they do the games in "a year". Not to mention it's been demonstrated by end-users over the internet how they re-use assets anyway. Stop trying to martyr these guys so hard, lol.

The engine itself is the same. Yes, it has been incrementally updated over time, but that doesn't make it an entirely new engine. They get more than enough time to make these games, there's no excuse for the subpar quality of them.

And no, they are no "significantly" improving anything in the engine. It took them 'til 2012 to have HDR in their engine, and you're sitting here trying to defend them? Half-Life 2: Lost Coast showed that off way back in 2005! Get real, you and all the fanboys who are throwing out the disagrees are blind to the truth. I bet you guys are just angry because you keep buying these shitty games, so you're trying to justify your terrible purchases by justifying the lazy development of these games.
Skizelli  +   432d ago

Why spend all that time making new assets when you can just regurgitate old ones? http://youtu.be/5E82ZkHTiVU

You're giving them too much credit.
darren_poolies  +   433d ago
*Two years
k3rn3ll  +   432d ago
I agree with everything you said but IW had two years same as treyarch. Now each has three
Vladplaya  +   432d ago
Trust me, it will not amaze anyone other than Call of Duty fans... and it doesn't take much to amaze that type of people.
BattleReach  +   433d ago
What? That 'coming soon' page is already up for 3 months! No need to make an article about it.
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goldwyncq  +   433d ago
Improved fish AI ftw!
Meltic  +   433d ago
I hope the new cod is only ps4,x1 and PC exclusive. Let the last gen rest. Its new gen now
Unreal01  +   433d ago
Didn't they confirm it'll be developed for next gen as the primary platforms? I really hope so, I think they'll surprise a lot of people with this game.
Meltic  +   433d ago
Seems like sony wont let the ps3 go and the Publishers. I Think thats wrong. Its next gen time now and let the ps3 and Xbox 360 go. So we can see more better games. Cant wait too see what ps4 can do later
XtraTrstrL  +   433d ago
It'd matter to me if the PS4 version of Ghosts was a decent game atleast. I'm not really interested in letting them rob me again though. Ghosts on PS4 is a piece of sh*t, it frame skips and jutters nonstop. The COD engine in general is a glitchy sack of crap, they still haven't removed the infinite screen shake that happens when you sit still at random spots, and you have to move around until the screen stops shaking, that's been in COD for so long, fix your f*cking collision detection boxes or whatever it is that's causing that dumb shit. All that f*ckin money they make off people and they can't take care of what should be minor issues, instead they last for nearly a decade with the crappy unevolving engine.

Then on top of it, they force advertise all over the place in Ghosts. Now I have 10 custom slots, but only 6 are usable, the last 4 I am forced to scroll through, but have green down arrows by them, meaning they need to be bought in the store to be used first. Here's an idea, how about not having it be a part of my f*ckin menus then, since I don't actually own these slots, camos, guns, characters or customizations. I hate Activision and Infinity Ward/Treyarch, cuz the devs have to take the blame too, when they've been around long enough to make so many iterations and re-sign with the publisher that many times, they are also the problem.

I'm also worried about the Destiny game, simply because Bungie decided to sign with Activision for it.
randomass171  +   432d ago
I doubt they will do that until another two years go by. The Xbox 360 and PS3 versions need to sell significantly less for that to happen.
MultiConsoleGamer  +   433d ago
Anyone else finding it hard to care about this?
Conzul  +   433d ago
I don't care right along with you.
zero_gamer  +   433d ago
A lot of people care enough to click on this.
DigitalRaptor  +   432d ago
I cannot conceive any thoughts as to how this game manages to get hype every single year.
AceBlazer13  +   432d ago
Here's my take on it, from whaI see everyone either likes or liked CoD. Everyone had that CoD phase so year in year out peoplehave that slight ray of hope expecting this to be the one to make them like it again .As someone who's been in to the series since the beginning the only ones I hated were MW3 and Ghost was pretty meh, Black ops 2 was passable but still not as goodas my favourite, Blops 1 . So the good CoDs outweigh the bad for me if treyarch's CoD fails i'll drop the series entirely and Sledgehammer is gonna have to be really good for me to even think about watching the game let alone buy it.
randomass171  +   432d ago
People care enough to click and comment it seems. :P
Brix90  +   432d ago
If you don't care why are you wasting time here commenting on a game you dont care about?
nitrogav  +   433d ago
If it WOWS me like the first modern warfare did maybe just maybe I might buy it . Never bought anymore after that one . All pretty much looked and played the same after that in my opinion .
quenomamen  +   433d ago
Another year another Doodie game.
Rivitur  +   432d ago
Gold fish companion... fish AI + pet
Shadonic  +   432d ago
Baracuda DLC
ironfist92  +   433d ago
And so begins another cycle of "COD looks crap, imma buy it, I bought it, it sucks, but next one should be good"
bondsmx  +   433d ago
Hahahahah. ^^^ me, exactly, for the last 5/6 years or so. "Ugh, looks identical to the last cod game, ehhh, I'll get it". Get it... " plays identical to the last cod game, hopefully next year is better... Come May and reveal, repeat. Haha

But... I'm really hoping this year they break that cycle, doubt they will. But I know I'll be a sheep and buy it. Especially if there isn't a bf game this oct to buy.
Summons75  +   433d ago
It can wow all it wants with graphics but the fact is the gameplay will still be stale, broken and unbalanced and the story is going to feel like it was written by three year olds with no concept of plot, character, or character archetype.

Gameplay > graphics and cod is awful because of bad gameplay
HUMDANGUR  +   433d ago
all these cod drones REALLY need to expand their gaming horizons !
CJDUNCAN  +   433d ago
I liked the movement, sound design, and open maps of Ghosts. If they can build on these things and offer more players in matches I'd be a happy camper.
Kavorklestein  +   432d ago
Nobody likes CAMPERS!!!
Lol Sorry I Just had to do a little play on words.
But yeah I liked the StoneHaven Map on Ghosts. (:
Gamer-40  +   433d ago
Disagree friends, but i wait new next-gen CoD.
dillhole  +   432d ago
"They once collaborated with Infinity ward to developed Modern Warfare 3 but this is their very own take on the game development."

Was this written by a 12 year for a school project?
Rivitur  +   432d ago
Why would a 12 year old write an article? They got better things to do like play cod. (Don't look at the other post where i stated it was 10 year olds)
ShadowKingx  +   432d ago
Teased, really?, its not a tease when the damn game comes out every year and nothing changes.
marlinfan10  +   432d ago
that call of duty things been on the sledgehammer website for a while now. i wouldnt exactly call this a teaser
Brix90  +   432d ago
I swear seeing the comments on this site theres more 12 year olds on here than there supposedly is in Cod. I'm always excited to see what they bring to the series and seeing what a new developer can offer. I guess I'm the minority in a site like this.
BossGamerKnowsBest  +   432d ago
Honestly its all about battlefield this generation because it feels like a next gen game unlike call of duty
cell989  +   432d ago
yes!!! regardless of the glitches or bugs(which for the most part have been resolved) BF4 truly feels next gen, its miles ahead of COD:GHOSTs on pretty much everything, from physics to guns to gameplay to GRAPHICS to sound, only thing BF4 is missing is coop.
classic19   432d ago | Off topic | show
spike  +   432d ago
Game Of The Year
Iamnemesis4880  +   432d ago
Please get a game out that is going to be a great on-line game this year BF4 came out the clear winner for me looking forward to this years COD, But if it is like ghosts then that is it for me.
pheature  +   432d ago
man listen i dont really pay any attention to the media hype around the call of duty any more.
once it was great in my opinion but now im paying $40 for the same game over and over and then more money for some extra stuff i.e maps,guns or session pass.
come on if anyone doesnt see what is going on here your mad.
what i think is that it keeps changin companys to generate more money for those companys to keep a float as it is a money cow.

your turn, our turn, there turn, wheres my go?
Shadonic  +   432d ago
I thought the term was cash cow.
cell989  +   432d ago
meh..... like huge mega MEH.....

If it comes with coop campaign or specops maybe Ill get it when its on sale, down the line.

Im tired of the whole zombie/horde/survival coop modes so I can care less for those
Garethvk  +   432d ago
We were told there would be a trailer by the time we have my panels at PHX Comicon and since it is prior to E3 that makes sense. Looking forward to seeing it in June.

Anyone know where Treyarch is? My theory is perhaps they are making one an a true new engine so I.W. can do Ghosts 2. 3 years development for a new engine.
TripleXuLtiMaTe  +   432d ago
Okay this is seriously messed up. I submitted an article on the exact same thing before he even submitted his, and his article is the one that got approved?! He even wrote a really close title to mine! And it made it to the popular page!
Look n4g.com/news/1497770/have-the- call-of-duty-2014-teasers-start ed-kicking-in
TripleXuLtiMaTe  +   432d ago
Sorry I pressed space bar in the middle of the link
n4g.com/news/1497770/have-the -call-of-duty-2014-teasers-star ted-kicking-in/pen
TripleXuLtiMaTe  +   432d ago
Okay the link is adding space bars on its own... Just remove them when you copy it
Hazmat13  +   432d ago
these games are turning into a guilty pleasure for me. it looks like the same plays the same. but the story line is always looks awesome no matter how hollywood it sounds and i still get it.
TBONEJF  +   432d ago
Another boring COD
90Supra  +   432d ago
COD 11 incoming....
purp13m0nk3y  +   432d ago
I stopped playing COD after MW2. I have hopes that we will finally see something new and innovative from what has sadly become the most stale and unimaginative franchise in gaming today.

I am at a loss as to why it manages to sell so well! Commercialism at it's best (worst) I guess.
diesoft  +   432d ago
That's funny, that's exactly when I stopped playing and my thoughts echoed precisely, too. Lol.
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